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what sets lc apart?
how about being transparent about any privacy concerns

can we open up the analytics and challenge people to "deanon" posters with the same information you have at your disposal?
kind of like a bug hunt where people would be able to disclose privacy violations

is administration against such radical transparency or is it for a good reason? how bad would an archive really be, barring it had illegal content removed (i.e. text only)? And no, I don't mean showing every poster's ip



The answer to your initial question was answered by

Regarding privacy, the original privacy statement is here https://lainchan.org/privacy.html

I am still working on an updated privacy statement.

What you are asking for isn't what lains have requested as per https://lainchan.org/q/res/11628.html#11628.

Will there be changes to the analytics in the future ?

Probably, will the changes be full transparency of analytics information and no privacy by default ? No of course not.


thank you, so is it safe to assume that the statements made in the original privacy statement still hold true?

i don't see how it's possible to ban based on ip if
>what i can't see is ...
>what exactly you posted while you were here

is still the case



They still hold true regarding the Piwik Analytics installation.

Banning based on IP is provided by vichan / lainchan software and is separate from the analytics installation.