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Why not Markdown on Lainchan?


Right now? it's because vichan, the codebase that lainchan is based on, doesn't support markdown AFAICT. Why hasn't somebody implemented it? Probably because there are relatively few people working on the codebase, which (by the way) is a cesspit, or so I've heard from those who use it.

If it does support markdown, than it's just that nobody's bothered to add support for it.


See https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/issues/67 for the upstream ticket or submit a patch / pull request to
https://github.com/lainchan/lainchan .

I do know markdown and Latex and whilst implementing support for every markup language under the sun is on my to do list, it isn't a major priority at present.

In order to make this work, what is needed to a markup selection box to the post form, and then customise markup
https://github.com/lainchan/lainchan/blob/3408907d7fd295fa461dd4f731554bd027118e30/inc/functions.php#L1912 , to call the existing markdown support in the same file
at https://github.com/lainchan/lainchan/blob/3408907d7fd295fa461dd4f731554bd027118e30/inc/functions.php#L2769

and then do a bunch of other things to deal with the differences between the chan markup format and markdown.

Alternately support for [latex][/latex] and [markup][/markup] blocks could be added using the existing regex engine to do the replacement, along with a custom callback or similar logic to the existing [code] tags.


[markup] This *works* [/markup]