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Where would I go to post a thread about general music sharing? Or for sharing art, writing, etc?

It seems too on-topic for /r/, to artistic for /cult/, and I'm not really sure where else I would put it. I've been wondering where threads like this would go for a while, and figured I should ask. Didn't there used to be an art board or something on here? Am I just missing these threads somewhere?


Sounds like a topic for /cult/ to me. Or /lit/ if it's books, maybe. Or, of course, /r/.

The rule of thumb when you're unsure about where to post, IIRC, is to just post where you think it fits. If it gets moved, you now know that that's not the right place for that sort of content.

But I'm not Admin, so take all that with a grain of salt.


There are existing threads for music sharing in /cult/ and /feels/.

/art/ was merged into /cult/.

Art or book discussion belongs in /cult/ and for book /lit/.

Please post in the existing threads rather making yet another music sharing thread.

I really need to setup cytube / synctube.