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This is happening in /λ/. Every two seconds or so for the whole page below the reply field, lasts for an instant and it's like a crappy animation.
What happened?


actually it's happening here too, and the page breaks in strange ways. It jumps around randomly, the "animation" sometimes lasts for a while.
Is we hax'd?


it is probably an attemt at new years shenanigans. doesn't happen in w3m.


I was about to complain as well, but now it seems fixed. I got some fireworks now instead of screen flickering.


If you keep a tab open in the background for some time, all of the firework animations will only play as soon as you switch to it. Looks nice, though


What is New Years without fireworks ?

Why were the fireworks sabotaged ?

Who stole the fireworks CSS ?

Save yourselves , trust the duck.