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Why did my thread got deleted?


Because it had zero redeeming qualities, I'd assume. This isn't memechan and utter garbage isn't really what goes on here.


>muh community value
Yea, I see how much you guys insider trade about how good lainchan is, but on basis of its content it really isnt that interesting or cool really
Not to mention that the material I posted was kinda smirk worthy and posted in right board

>id assume

Well, I was asking moderators and not pompous insider tradeer
But thanks for your opinion tho


Because threads must have content.


Which thread ?

Of the tagged deletions listed , the reasoning given is Rule 3, Rule 4 and Rule 7

Always argue in good faith and avoid using personal attacks.
You should always elaborate on your opinions rather than just spilling the soykaf.
Do not spam or advertise unrelated content.

Unfunny insults and one liners are generally soykaf by definition.


Because chan is old............................................................