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What keywords or behaviour sets off the "go away, spammer" message?
I'm trying to contribute a list of books to a thread and it keeps blocking me.


Hold up a sec, I want to try something.

Well, that's it. If you try and post the name of the little German guy with the moustache you get blocked.

You know, a mystery list of blocked words is something I've come to expect from the stoned idiots at 420chan.


I once got it repeatedly when trying to post a long post with 3 images. It stopped when I posted only the text AND switched browsers; I didn't have the patience to further test it because it already costed me a lot of time for a false positive


the body was too short or empty. when it was not, go away spammer!


you can make a mod or 2 cry with any image of
t rump

or saying
j ew (not even a slur but whatever)
h it ler
n igg er

so, I don't know what kind of books you're posting but if these are in the title they get blocked.


Oh, really? Let's see:

Trumр suсks Hitlеrs cоck while jеws and niggеrs watch.


Lainchan has a bad, bad history with regexp. Put 's' to the end of anything and it's broken. I think the only exception is kicking dead whale beach


The whale thing is a filter? Lol, I thought it was just an odd phrase Lainons used.


>Put 's' to the end of anything and it's broken
That's definitely not what I've seen, and the poster you're responding to actually uses one of the words in singular anyway.

That, just like schway and soykaf are things that have been/are a part of the language enhancers in order to make the language more cyberpunk/colourful. I think it's fun.


It is both. As is soykaf, fuarrk, and other such nonsense.



As far as I know your issue has been resolved.

Based on your request various post rejection filters have been removed, and the ones left in place remain to combat spam.

Posting the remaining filters would defeat the purpose of them being filters. Post reject filters largely exist to mitigate spam or semi automated soykaf posting.


This is so fuarrrking dumb. I didn't come here for unpublished word bans