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does anyone support https://gitla.in? is it part of lainchan? it wont send validation emails so i can complete my registration.



I do. Something might be weird with your provider, as I just tested validation delivery to a throwaway gmail account and it worked. email me at sm@desu.ne.jp or /query me on IRC (username darkengine on freenode/rizon/etc) and I can verify you manually.



Also, it's not part of lainchan officially (why I didn't capcode for these posts). I host it separately and pay for it out of pocket.


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problem solved in my virtual alias maps for postfix. disregard this thread.


Do you remove DMCA'd content? I'm curious because some people are trying to work on a very interesting fork of a project.

**polite sage**


If gitla.in gets a valid DMCA request, as a US citizen operating servers hosted in the US, I am required by law to comply.

I hate deleting other people's content and I think the DMCA is bullsoykaf. But if I get a valid request (sent by the copyright owner, and the content is not protected by free speech laws etc), I have no choice but to delete the content. If that ever happens (hasn't yet), I will inform the user and provide suggestions for where they might host it (IPFS or a self-hosted GitLab instance, for example).


Alright, thank you for your time.