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Why are /sec/, /sci/, /tech/, /λ/, and /diy/ all different boards? Imo it would be better to have them combined into one large board for all those topics in order to not divide the userbase. Same with /lit/ and /cult/, literature should be considered culture and included within that board.
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> Imo it would be better to have them combined into one large board for all those topics in order to not divide the userbase.

we could call this board /cyb/


First off, /sci/ is about science, not tech. /lam/ and /tech/ are both tech boards, but their subject matter is very different. /sec/ is a big enough topic to warrant its own board, and shoving it into /lam/ would just be awkward. /diy/ might fit into /tech/, but even that's debatable.


Personally I found it good to have one board dedicated to cyberpunk, instead of having to fetch the topic across multiple boards wading through unrelated content.


Also Cyb was broader, you could talk about anything on /cyb/ as opposed to having to spread out topics across boards, and then make it so that there's no place to talk about talk about more niche subjects.

Like vidya, tabletop games, etc. Also, compared to /cult/ or /sec/ /cyb/ felt less restrictive in general and content is less forced.

I'm not sure if what I said makes sense but I agree with you >>12717


Hell, looks like Appleman did away with all of them.

Kalyx was calling bullsoykaf on it, too.


yeah theres so little users we could afford to combine them as they pretty much are all linked and people who like one of these things tend to like at least two others.


I disagree, mostly because I like having threads being around for a long time (=>months). Front page of /lit/: 2 posts on 2017-01-16, 3 on 2017-01-12, one on the ninth, 6 on the eighth. That's enough activity in my opinion.
Looking at /tech/, latest posts in the entire front page are all from today & yesterday. It is questionable whether threads around /sec/, /lam/, /diy/ and /sci/ topics could keep themselves alive in such an active environment. Also I feel like discussions around security are more likely to stay on the topic of security if they are located in a board dedicated to security.


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A cyberpunk chan without a cyberpunk board is like a kabuki without makeup, like a day without Doris.


Has "bring back /cyb/" been memefied? I happen to agree with OP on the /lit/-/cult/ split, but this general discussion has been played out so many times ... Personally, I like the fragmentation, since individual boards can maintain the slower pace that lainchan favors while the site as a whole grows. You can just use /mega/ and hide the boards you don't care about (looking at you, /civ/). This might be what >>12717 calls "wading through unrelated content" but a single fast board encourages brewing soykaf, ultimately decreasing the signal-noise ratio.

Also, just since it hasn't yet been said in this thread,
> the whole site is [supposed to be] cyberpunk, we don't need a dedicated board
Phrased another way, if every board lives in the spirit of /cyb/ then it never really died :')


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