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Hello, it would seem all the boards are gone from the top, what happened? Are you making some major change or something? When will the board list return?


Yeah board-list is borked for me on 2 browsers also


Same for me (don't think it's browser-specific issue, i guess it's mods deliberate decision :/)
Anyway tested only in Gecko-based software


Yes the board list has been cleared.
This is by design.
I don't know when / if the board list will return.


That's a weird design choice. People who are new, or don't remember all the boards will likely have a hard time finding the boards they are interested in.


...That's... not a great idea. Seriously, I don't thinl anyone can memorize the boards. >>12695 is dead on here.


Has there been anything resembling a thought process behind this decision, and if yes, could you briefly describe it?
What are the intended benefits, if any?



Dear God.
Kalyx sold the board to THIS MAN.



Also, with this change, we'll get a flood of people on /q/ (assuming they can find /q/) constantly asking if we have an <x> board, or what the names of the various boards are, thus causing a lot of irritation for everyone.


Before I forget them (also a PSA):
/λ/ /cult/ /tech/ /zzz/ /feels/ /f/ /sec/ /civ/ /mega/ /q/



You forgot a few: /diy/ /lit/ /drg/ /r/ /test/ /sci/ /layer/

There are probably more.


It's kind of exciting, now all boards are special secret boards.


just occured to me that i still had a tab open: http://pastebin.com/JPCxvRy7


Now all the boards are as exclusive and secret as /tay/.
An interesting decision.


> Has there been anything resembling a thought process behind this decision, and if yes, could you briefly describe it?
> What are the intended benefits, if any?

Yes there has been a thought process behind this decision. I could describe it, but even if I did so the description wouldn't do the thought process justice.

That said you asked for a description, so find your description below:

The main reasons for hiding the board list are

* people are complaining that the board list is too long or that their favorite board isn't there

* that they want <insert xyz> board reorganization strategy implemented

* People say they won't browse the site, if it has <boardx> or doesn't have <boardy>.

* People continue to break the rules and post soykaf instead of putting effort in their posts, hiding the board list is one of the many small ways the barrier to entry can be raised.

Other administration staff have suggested just deleting entire boards, but I didn't want to go down that path at this point. (E.g. delete /civ/, Delete all boards except /feels/)

* Everything wants different things, but instead of actually helping to realize them, they just complain and post soykaf

Possible benefits:
* Less posts on lainchan in general
* Less soykaf on lainchan
* Harder barrier to entry for new lainons that just come from 8chan or 4chan and mass post low quality soykaf. (Since I became admin, I focused on reducing barrier to entry and being nice and friendly, but this isn't making lainchan any better, so I will stop being as nice)
* More reason for lainons to think about what they post and where they post.
* More reason for lainons to build character through shared suffering, so that there are less posts that are just fighting with each other.

<insert your favorite> other reason here.


File: 1484501666001.png (79.62 KB, 139x200, 1453685310264.jpg)


I... I'm not sure how I feel about this.


I see the new owner subscribes to the Tom Coates school of forum administration, i.e: if you kill the board it's less work.


File: 1484502889789.png (84.92 KB, 153x200, build_character.jpg)

I hope the "Recent images" and "Latest posts" thing on the main page are removed as well. I can't formulate why, but keeping them around while abolishing the board list seems counter-intuitive. Probably because doing so intensifies one of the consequences of this change, namely that the smaller boards get smaller and the bigger boards get bigger (bigger boards have more posts => they appear in "latest posts" more often => more exposure => more posts, repeat). And obviously people new to the site entering it through the mainpage are funneled exclusively to those bigger boards, meaning they become soykafpost central.

> hiding the board list is one of the many small ways the barrier to entry can be raised.

The issue I have with that is that it raises the barrier to entry for everyone, no matter how well intentioned. Like, I try to be a decent member on this site and hope to produce more or less decent posts. I am repelled by a lack of a board list just as much, if not more, as some random nonfat-soykaf drinker coming from that other chan.

(The other reasons you stated have no meaningful relationship to the presence of a board list in my view. How exactly is the problem of people complaining about board organization or lack of certain boards solved by removing the board list?)

>* More reason for lainons to think about what they post and where they post.

How is not-having-any-idea-what-boards-there-are supposed to make people think about where they post? One would expect the exact opposite to occur. Somebody not knowing about /lit/ would post book things in /cult/, somebody not knowing that /sec/ or /λ/ exist would make a post on either of those topics in /tech/. Or /r/, for that matter.

>* More reason for lainons to build character through shared suffering,

pic related. (to make a not-soykafpost comment, "building character" doesn't exactly mean anything)

Imho, there are better ways and measures one could try to increase the content quality on this site (and raise the entry barrier, which is necessary), but they take questoning the fundamentals of *chans, which is also necessary.

that seems accurate.


Well, that's a bold move. Mostly I worry about the effect on new users. This is a pretty big barrier to entry and wanting to keep people out in order to preserve a community is short-sighted. Without new people we'll slowly die.

Also, perhaps more importantly, don't let the haters get to you. You can't keep everyone happy and so long as you're even remotely successful, there's gonna be haters. We've made it this far and no, lainchan isn't perfect, but that's not an easy task. We've built a good thing here, be proud of that.


> I hope the "Recent images" and "Latest posts" thing on the main page are removed as well.
If it's removed, it makes the only "legitimate" way to get a board listing to visit irc and ask.


Maybe Appleman wants to prove that he can be just as wild as Kalyx. Which isn't neccesarily bad. Just a small joke, no offense to anyone, both were good admins IMHO.


That is the point, no? To take away from people the possibility to know what content is on the site, in order to keep them from brewing soykaf. And of course, it works. I can't throw around soykafty one-liners in boards that I don't know. If I don't know a single board, the problem of me brewing soykaf is solved. Obviously, I can't produce quality content either, but it's not like that's a bad thing, see >>12708 and >>12706 ("less posts on lainchan in general").


This is probably just a temporary measure.



I think "Indefinite" would be a better choice of words here, according to >>12694


How will it be known when a new board is created or merges are done? Will that be announced in /q/?

>* People continue to break the rules and post soykaf instead of putting effort in their posts, hiding the board list is one of the many small ways the barrier to entry can be raised.

This is the only real weighted argument, others can be refuted easily as subjective nonsense.

>Possible benefits:

>* Less posts on lainchan in general

A drop in any post count cannot be objectively considered a good thing. You should probably rephrase that based on the previous argument as "less soykaf-y posts". But this is practically the same as the second listed benefit.


File: 1484507191642.png (80.2 KB, 200x175, YZuD1Ln.jpg)


Makes a good point. Obviously any rise in quantity of posts will lead to rise in the number of both good and bad posts. While many online communities have been changed for the worse by large influxes of users, I think Lainchan by nature is fairly insulated from this sort of event.

I'm the same Lain who responded to a post in /feels awhile back, lamenting about how as a younger person, I feel like I'm on the dying end of imageboards and their style of internet culture.

If, about half a year ago, when I found my way here from a /cyb/ thread on 4chan, there were no board listings, I don't know if I'd of found them. And while that's the intended effect, I can say that I've grown to like Lainchan more than any other imageboard or forum. In my eyes, this is just hastening the end of such communities as this one. Small communities create quality content, true, but what about people like me? People who are foolish enough to think of this place as a sort of home? Shall we close the gates? On one hand, I'm happy to finally be a part of the in-group for once, but I think not listing the boards is too much.

I also agree with other Lainons in this thread in that this will potentially cause more trouble than it prevents. How can you even get mad at people for posting on the wrong board if you can't expect them to know all the boards?

Although I have to say, a part of me agrees with >>12701. Worst case scenario, we just roll with at awhile and see how it goes. Maybe you could update the faq with a question asking "why aren't the boards listed?". That seems reasonable to me.


Since /q/ is mentioned in FAQ, /q/ should have a sticky with all the boards listing. You don't want the barrier to high. I visit a chan, see no boards listing. What do I do? Try /a/, /b/, /c/, /vg/ from top of my head. They aren't there. BTFO back from whence I came instantly.
Add some hints.


File: 1484511993117.png (1020.16 KB, 200x128, tumblr_mozt2r45xO1qhttpto4_1280.jpg)

Most users have javascript enabled. Could you implement a timer of sorts that prevents someone from being able to hit the post button for, say, 10 minutes? You could also have some kind of notice near the comment box about quality posts. Preventing someone from posting for a certain amount of time shouldn't be a problem since you don't need access to the post button as soon as possible. This would give lainons time to reflect on their post. As they say, the medium is the message.

Fellow lainons, do you think this would work for quality control?

And Appleman, could you see that as a good alternative to the removal of board listings? Obviously, you're going to continue with your current strategy, which I hope works. I don't see it as a terrible idea, it could work very well. Growth is not always wanted.

This is just some thought, nothing else.


A post timer will never work unless it's server-side


ok it's been 5 minuets and this is a massive pain in the tits, also rip /lam/ who is going to guess that.


File: 1484517495538.png (206.16 KB, 150x200, C19YINqWEAE5zZE.jpg:large.jpg)

Somehow appleman is doing a worse job running this soykafhole than kalyx did. I didn't even think that was possible.


What? I've barely seen criticism of Appleman, while kalyx was complained about far more, even when he wasn't even here. If you've got specific problems, I really think that it would work better for the community as a whole if you could identify them, so we can discuss and maybe work something out, because I've seen Appleman respond to user requests quite a lot.


>Possible benefits:
>* Less posts on lainchan in general


The decision to delete the board list is unfortunate.

He's probably trying to develop a more isolated community. I think this is a mistake and will lead to stagnation. Slow death.


hmm... well it was mostly leftist politics and wizard-chan level glitterboyry anyways. Occasionally there was a good tech thread but for the most part things have degraded since the US election. Just ended up seeing more and more propaganda from both sides being spammed here.

Can't say I blame you appleman but maybe it's for the best. We all run out of fuarrrks to give at some point.

Good luck my dear Lains.


File: 1484520699438.png (2.29 MB, 200x152, collabo.jpeg)

fuarrrk losing long redacted posts.

*An idea : At least putting the board list in the rules section and updating it if needed to add specific board rules in it, so new people could still find where to post and be ready to deal with the rules being enforced more strictly.

*The first three kind of complaints you listed shouldn't be deal with most of the time imho, it's bagatelle and you will lose your time and temper trying to please everyone, and unless some radical shift occurs (like now or when /all/ was ditched) in the structure, wingers will continue to browse and post anyway. General Threads and Userscripts are for them. A simple CSS drop-down menu could also be a solution if you really feel like listening to this set of complaints

*Unless for a few minority of new nomadic nonfat-soykaf drinkers and loudmouthed turbonerds the userbase feels still the same to me and put effort into their posts. Is the soykafposting really this bad?


thank you, for posting that pastebin.

"The body was too short or empty"


File: 1484523100426.png (1006.63 KB, 178x200, titillating.gif)

I for one think this could be a very positive change.

4chan seemed to lose most of its interesting content around the same time its userbase adopted a "not your sekrit club" mentality and abandoned their willingness to insist on keeping their cultural quirks (visible sage, etc).

I'm looking forward to seeing how the hidden boards will affect the site. Post volume shouldn't decrease too much, as most Lainons should be technically adept enough to add "/mega" to the end of their bookmark.

The biggest downside of the change is that the (probably a) minority of people who still browse individual boards instead of just going to /mega/ will miss out on the goings-on of the other boards more frequently.


This is all a terrible idea.

Hiding links to the boards is a terrible idea.
Hiding latest posts is a terrible idea.

This kills the imageboard.


I understand your motivations for removing the boardlist but, as >>12709 said, this will just result in people posting on the boards they know about, rather than the most appropriate board. Some amount of discoverability is important.

So, how about this: each board has a list of related boards (this is a transitive and symmetric relation).

There is still a barrier to entry, as to find a board, you have to learn about a board in its group (eg, if you find /cult/, that'll point you to /art/, /lit/, etc), but once someone has found a group, they can easily determine which board is most appropriate for whatever they want to post.


Not necessarily. Someone could open the rules page (which is still linked on the front page), read the rule about /q/, realize from that reference that "lainchan.org/q/" is a valid board, find this thread and its links to the rest of the boards, and continue to the site from there.

Most happenstance visitors to the site will not bother to do this, because it requires actual reading.

The visitors that do actually seek out the boards will be more likely to put effort into their posts (instead of just low-effort brewing soykaf) than the average first-time visitor before the boards were hidden.

There's also the bonus that this newcomer will, by definition, have actually read the rules before posting.


I propose a modification. Why not have frames on the left side you can enable by visiting lainchan.org/frames? I have yet to see a Tinyboard/vichan *chan with the frames which are a classic. When you visit a board that board is automatically added to the frames' listing or if you remember them all off the top of your head you can just "enter" them in. It will also list how many boards you have found out of the number actually available. It'd be nice if under options you enabled a "custom board list" setting as well. Just a suggestion, but it seems more sane and adds a bit of a twist for the adventurous. Personally I wonder about the "secret" boards myself and this would be a little incentive for others to find them I think.


Good idea, a nice compromise imo.

If you have no intention of appeasing the larger body of the site, at least entertain this posters idea.


File: 1484528772816.png (494.5 KB, 200x133, 8101519419_8a94671841_b.jpg)

Can you please bring the boardlist back?


Is Appleman actually Alexey "Randy Sandy" Danielovsky?
This sounds like his design philosophy.


Anything that hurts new users is a bad Idea. pls stop. and ffs delete /civ/ wtf are you doing to my (your) website??


The difference here is that my controversial decisions were 98% the right thing to do. My #1 unpopular job was bringing new users into lainchan, this is a baaaaaaad idea.


Ban all fascists and remove Lisp from the moderation staff.


File: 1484529215838.png (85.15 KB, 200x150, 1000x500px-LL-0fda0e90_spongebob-wallet.jpg)

How much to buy lainchan back?


"I literally want to fuarrrking destroy this website i just bought" - appleman

oh wow neat idea bro


File: 1484529493130.png (18.78 KB, 200x199, 1330035151957.jpg)

You're giving 0 arguments, man. Just saying you want something shouldn't be a compelling reason for anyone to do anything.

That said, i agree. This is a good idea but a poorly implemented one, people who are here only to post about political bullsoykaf will come back to the same boards because they have to continue their stupid arguments.

Sadly i don't have anything to contribute nor any helpful idea, appleman's idea is as good as any. It's bad, but at least it's something. Political threads were OK a few months ago (before the election), mostly because they kept to political theory most of the time, instead of "my soykaf > your soykaf". I don't think appleman's strategy will suffice, but something has to be done, might as well go with this.


>Ban all fascists and remove Lisp from the moderation staff.
Yes please.


-making it harder for new users is bad.
-a soykafty barrier to entry is no replacement for good moderation.
-it looks fuarrrking stupid
-you never want LESS posts on lainchan


And. The last thing you need is Lisp whispering in your ear.


Listening to kalyx would be a poor decision. He's valuing quantity over quality. Look at his posts for examples of what he wants to bring more of in. There's likely some middle ground to establish. That or just ignore what's in this thread and move forward.


Quality was my number one thing I think that speaks for itself when I was in charge. and as much as you might hate to hear it, qualtity also mattered. New users matter until the site gets to a sustainable number.


Everyone else needs to worry about quality. My job was to be the only one who cared about numbers by necessity. New users and visibility are wayyyyyyy important not to mention the top bar is super ugly now and has three advertsiements on the right.


Sounds like an interesting experiment.

How would you know the number of users is sustainable?


File: 1484531114943.png (154.43 KB, 68x200, unnamed.png)


please <3



The homepage has a fuarrrking huge duck on it and no recent posts.


File: 1484531495323.png (1.01 MB, 198x200, rit.png)


why did you sell the site to a man who won't even show us his duck?


I'm quite pleased with the fact that kalyx isn't and never will be the lainchan owner. As we can see displayed, he has no patience or imagination. Just a rabid dog looking for power once again.

lisp is a good mod, Appleman is right, and you are all very wrong.


Kalyx is dead on.


Appleman, I've been on your side up until now. But this? This is sheer madness. It's braindead beyond belief, and may end up being the thing that pushes lainchan off a cliff, into the downward spiral, and eventually into club 404. I don't need to explain why this is dumb (kalyx and several others already have), but I feel the need to express my extreme distaste, in the vain hope that it might - just might - help you change your mind.

You're cutting this chan off at the knees, and for what? To lighten your workload? Man, if you feel burned out, I get it, but don't cover us all in gasoline when you strike the match.

In any case, if this goes unfixed (yes, UNFIXED, because it is BROKEN as-is), lainchan will probably die, and the community will scatter to the winds. Maybe not immediately, but it won't be slow, either. And it will be 90% guaranteed. I don't want that to happen.


>Not necessarily. Someone could open the rules page (which is still linked on the front page), read the rule about /q/, realize from that reference that "lainchan.org/q/" is a valid board, find this thread and its links to the rest of the boards, and continue to the site from there.

That is way too much work to use a small imageboard where most the boards where even /cult/ (Which I would say is the 'main' board.) are too slow.

Shouldn't we just delete low quality posts? Or encourage higher quality posts? Doubly so what do you mean by quality, Appleman?


Imagination and patience be damned, he's SMART enough and EXPERIENCED enough to know where this leads, and why it's bad.

Must I really explain it?

All online communities get a drop-off in users over time. People leave, or die, or whatever.

As a community gets smaller, people are more likely to leave, because, "nobody else is there". This is the so-called "death spiral".

Thus, every community needs a constant drip-feed of newbies to offset the leaving users, and/or expand the site. This feed can't be too small, or it won't offset the drop-off, but it can't be too big, or the culture of the incoming newbies dominates the existing culture, usually resulting in a decline in quality (this is the "Eternal September").

This is online communities 101.

What Appleman wants to do is take our already tiny feed of new users (arguably not large enough to even sustain the userbase), and cut it almost entirely. This essentially constitutes murdering the site, although in a particularly slow manner.


Yes, but that would be work. And it seems, based on this thread, that Applehead has developed a crippling fear of doing any...


File: 1484533478461.png (42.88 KB, 144x200, 13495338_907077922769716_2362071523904217520_n.jpg)

Ayy the madness
I was thinking about this. I don't know what to think about the artificial restrictions imposed to """improve""" content quality. These restrictions are insane, and are even more crazy with time. First language enhancers for all bad words, then banning a lot of terms that are part of the imageboard culture so that you can't use them for meta speak (the ban prevents meme spouters but also a lot of serious conversation about internet culture), then this fuarrrking to-the-letter moderation with (rule 5, rule 6, rule 43) lists, then "comment was to short", even though short replies are not really bad ("Thanks a lot lain, I was looking for this!" etc), and now this thing. It's hilarious, the new administration is fencing the site in from the rest of the world to """keep quality content"""", yet, so far, I haven't seen any significant decrease in quality to warrant this. The storm user invasion, THAT was an issue. Recently I've been to most boards and things have been pretty quiet, sometimes a bit too quiet. I gues they'll be really quiet starting from here.
Anyway, back to the point, what I was meaning to say is that these artificial restrictions are only harmful, they restrict us users from posting comfortably, but they do not aid to quality in any way. People will find all sorts of ways to work around these restrictions, while us posters who mean no harm are getting warned and derezzed for stuff that would otherwise be tolerated or even accepted.
Quality decrease is a natural phenomenon as the popularity of a board increases, new people arrive, and we're in the internet, for fuarrrk's sake, yet the administration is building walls to ""protect"" the site from users. This is going to become a ghost town. It's so funny when such desperate measures are taken against non-issues, and end up killing that which the implementors are trying to "protect".
soykaf I got sidetracked again. The content of a site is user created, the only real line of defense is encouraging good content rather than punish everybody equally. Even places like 4ch and 8ch have their comfy little niche boards and even a sporadic good thread in the busy memespouter boards.
Ever since the early lainchan, users have been successful in keeping the memespouters and /g/posters at bay through encouraging healthy discussion and not falling for soykafty bait.
But I know newadmin will not even care about this, I am already acquainted by his "Don't tell me what to do kiddo, I OWN this place!" attitude. Well, I guess he's right, he BOUGHT it after all.
Anyway, I have come to realize, in my recent internet usage, that the bullsoykaf is all over the place, and the best one can do is, corny as it sounds, be the change you want to see. I've realized that people pretty much have differing opinions and at the end one should be tolerant of them and not indulge in their provocations, instead of covering one's ears and eyes and yelling LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.



Say what you will about everything else, but I think the language enhances are fuarrrking great.


Some of them are great, some are crazy, some are plain annoying (fuarrrk is the worst one), but I mean the fact that "bad words are censored", which is really just slightly annoying.


File: 1484533830591.png (83.85 KB, 200x176, ninja turtels anarchism.jpg)

>Ban all fascists
Yes pls, lainchan is an anarchist imageboard


>i can't remember all boards
Just use the archive.is to remember.

The OP did a Hacktosish again.


dude dude dude dude
you sold it to *some guy*
You knew this could happen. Suck it up.


That was important for you, you're no longer the owner and it's very dickish for you to act as if you were. Submit suggestions, but don't expect things to change just because you're spamming a thread. Don't be a child, you decided to sell this place, nobody forced you to.


"Quality posts" was the excuse Tom Coates, Haus and Flyboy gave for permanently closing new memberships at Barbelith, and look how successful they are now.

Appleman, darling, have you ever run a community before? I'm just asking because right now you're evoking that cartoon dog who says "This is fine" while the house is burning. Did you discus this idea of yours with anyone before you went ahead and did it? If you felt you were taking on too much with moderation you could have appointed more mods.

>appleman's idea is as good as any. It's bad, but at least it's something.
No, bad ideas are worse than good ideas. Good ideas are better. No ideas is still better than bad ideas.

It's like you spend years building up a business and clientele, and you sell it to someone who tears down the sign outside, bricks up the front door, and expects people to remember where the fire escape is to get in. And he's got his feet up behind the bar congratulating himself on reducing his own workload.

So, who's going to be donating to keep the site up?


Hacktosish? My body is too short, or empty, so I need to artificially extend it to ask a simple question.


I cannot see whats the point of your post exactly. Just being pedantic for the sake of it?


but my man, thats literally fascism



I agree with kalyx. Taking away the directory of the site is a bad move. Where will we find appropriate boards for suited discussions? People are going to post wrong topics of discussion on boards they don;t belong on simply because they couldn't find the right one.


I like this idea. Join the IRC and ask for what the good boards are and bookmark them.


This is a good point; it may make more discussion on the irc.

I dunno, I'm very skeptical.


>more discussion on the IRC.

RIP lainchan


too much discussion already happens on both irc channels; this was especially the case when there was only one anyway.


I use lainchan too.


File: 1484540089048.png (1.65 KB, 200x12, sdgdffgdhy.png)

Yup, this is going to get nasty I'm afraid. From the irc just now

>pic related


will you
post more screencaps


Join the irc, you'll see more than what I can screencap.


maybe just have the board list once you already access a board, but not from the homepage?


what a piece of soykaf.

We should fork Lainchan's repo and then just start a new site at this point.


i cant access irc for whatever reason.
i don't know why?


Yeah, he's gone bat soykaf crazy in the irc. He's saying we don't want a better lainchan, that he was going to hold a public meeting with us to discuss changes (which he didn't do before erasing the board names) and he almost threatened to kill the site all together but immediately said he wouldn't kill it.


Who's stopping ya?

I agree with appleman, something HAS to be done. Punishment and sekret club mentality does generate a better community. If you came from 4chan it's only natural to expect threads to have 5 replies a second, but most forums and chans, specially the ones geared towards infosec and/or cyberpunk culture don't really have as much movement as you guys seem to expect.

We already have a pretty large community. The thing we lack is quality.


>Who's stopping ya?

I love this website, and I would rather see more attempts at removing poor quality posts than restricting access to the site itself.


File: 1484542070678.png (43.67 KB, 200x98, 1.png)

If he makes petty threats like pic related, then we may not see quality. Honestly, for me, I've seen plenty of great discussions here unlike 4chan.


Pretty sure you misread that. What he meant was that him stopping to spoonfeed 4/8channers (i.e. moderating and reminding people of the rules) would mean killing the site because it would drown in low quality posts. So, what he meant was the exact opposite of what you took from it.


Against my better judgement, the board lists have been re-enabled.

This is a step backward, but the lainons have spoken.


your not going to kill this site are you?


could have waited a couple of days and see what the effects were.


No, he's not. He has listened to the users here, so I think we're good.


File: 1484542367444.png (956.8 KB, 200x168, 1365066439996.gif)

Why doesn't appleman just do whatever the fuarrrk he thinks it's the best for the side and ignore feedback.

One way or the other, someone is gonna be pissed, might as well enjoy the ride and create something legitimate, with a soul. Lainchan is becoming more and more like a 4chan for elitists, /civ/ board is impossible to visit and this wave of brewing soykaf is recent.


God, shut the fuarrrk up if you can't even use the right homophone.
If you see the chat rn the guy genuinely want to make the site better.
What else do you think you could do to improve quality? Did you talk with the mod team about the bored list?
Bring back Snacks!


File: 1484542980808.png (30.99 KB, 144x200, 1.jpg)


I hate having to type with a tablet


thanks appleman


yeah it looks like that to me.
(how is this not long enough


fighting nonfat-soykaf drinkers is a 24/7 job, if the mods are helping you then get some that will.





If most part of the community soykafposts, there's nothing to fight. You don't cure a disease by worrying about the symptoms.


the last time i saw really bad brewing soykaf was on a civ thread, it was quite clear these guys weren't from here


There's an argument going on about the taxation of breathing. You cannot go 3 posts without reading absurd fallacies.


legitimate critisicm from a guy you know cares, delete civ.


wait, wasn't it YOU who brought it back before you sold it? When you broke up /cyb/ into /cult/ and /sec/ (and /civ/)?



I think by "I'm killing the site" he meant "users complain that I'm killing the site", not as a threat

>>>my better judgement
Holy fuarrrk, what makes you think you are always right?

Good call though.


Hey Appleman, don't feel so down.

You're not killing the website. You've done well since you've bought LC imho. You seem to have an honest care towards lainchan, and I can respect you for that. You shouldn't have to spoonfeed 8channers or 4channers. I suggest pointing them to the faq, and If they cannot read the faq, they don't belong on Lainchan and those people are better off elsewhere.

Was that part about buying Lainchan back satirical Kalyx?

Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!



File: 1484546944301.png (65.68 KB, 200x113, squid.jpg)

Quick, make squidchan before appleman removes your special capcode!


File: 1484547410134.png (14.23 KB, 160x200, Capture.png)

which one?


not that guy but the second one is better imo!



>The last thing you need is Lisp whispering in your ear.
Because he is a fuarrrking fascist asshole? Why get him into the mod team in the first place?



I say that because the other voices to balance him out are not active anymore from what they tell me.


.ink way better tbh

Shame they jew you out of so much money for domains :/


yes baby!

blah blah blah long comment. Also .ink


I'm probably one of the mods that agree with Lisp the least when it comes to literally anything to do with politics, but he does a great job on /lam/ and does what I think is pretty good job with dealing with soykafposts. I'm not sure how much I should talk about here, so I'll stay at this.

I really don't see why some people think that Appleman's not doing a good job - he's active and thoughtful about the things he does, and he definitely cares about the site.

Also .ink is easily better.


If you think you're more right than he is, feel free to run your own imageboard


the whole board says he's fuarrrking up and he says "my better judgement", just look at the thread


File: 1484599808619.png (57.07 KB, 200x185, 83qdy5gs6w9y.jpg)

Is Lisp actually a fascist? I mean, other than deleting anime pictures.


nah he's just the dirtiest jew of the mods trying to turn this place into some liberal glitterboy haven.



also I love your soykafty falacies.
You're pretty much saying
>You disagree? fuarrrk off! We don't take criticism here.


there's a difference between criticism for the betterment of the site and criticism because you feel entitled to the site


I think I'm entitled enough to tell somebody that he is not right all the time without resorting to make my own imageboard as a PoC.
But if he thinks I'm escalating priviledges here he can ban me. He probably should if he wants to keep the echo chamber he's so desperately trying to create here


/q/ was made for people to complain.

give appleman a break.


This thread turned into brewing soykaf long ago. I can't see why appleman hasn't deleted it yet.
Kalyx thinks he still owns the site, nonfat-soykaf drinkers want to keep brewing soykaf and everybody thinks they have the answer to fix everything.

This is quite a sad waste of time at this point.


And then there's the ones trying to lick applesauce out of Appleman's applebutt.


You do not grasp the concept of anonimity. This isn't 4chan.


You do not grasp the concept of licking. Just because you are using the internet equivalent of a glory hole does not mean that you are not licking butt.


And then there's me, I only read the last few posts but I think it was funny so the thread is not a -complete- waste of time