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>"Stop advertising adult services"
How can I achieve this outcome, Lain? I was attempting to make a post regarding economic parasitism in >>>/civ/ and keep getting an "adult services" error. There was nothing even remotely related to "adult services" in the content I was attempting to post.

In addition there is still a lack of basic reporting functionality throughout the website. Is there no simple, basic solution to restoring this? It was working fine before Kalyx left. Works just fine on other imageboards.

Over-reactive filters are preventing users from making quality posts. Please fix.


Yeah, I had trouble with Hit ler, it told me "stop spamming".

I had to go through an entire list of book recommendations one by one until I found the blocked name.

And no, I wasn't recommending Mein Kampf, it was Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream.


Were you using hyphens ?

Please provide additional information.
Reporting functionality works fine here.


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>Using hyphens
There was one or two in the body of the post itself. Also a few hyphens in the URL for the source document that I was attempting to post.

>Reporting system works for some users, not all

The "solution" you implemented previously had no effect.

Also noticing that I can only upload one file at a time on /civ/, whereas on other boards multiple files can be uploaded. This makes it difficult to upload multiple images/source documents without making multiple posts.



I don't know what you are talking about regarding "solution". lainchan / vichan stock reporting system works fine in all the testing I have done. Please provide more detailed information if you need assistance troubleshooting.

The is no board specific configuration for /civ/ that would limit file uploading to a single file per post.


Oh yeah, I run into "comment too short" complaints alllll the time, even though my replies are concise enough and they're not soykafposts.


What is it specifically that triggers the "adult services" message?

If we had a list of derezzed words it would be less frustrating.



If the pattern is revealed, then we go back to having CP spam every hour instead of daily or much less often, but whatever you don't care, you just want what causes your post to be blocked which probably is the following regular expression \b[A-z\d]{5,27}?-.{5,27}\b .


My last post[1] also triggered this warning. I just removed the "https" part of the link to make it work, but it might not be the expected behavior



OP: It might be a good idea to attach a screenshot of the post you wanted to make as it was done in >>12663


You're an asshole.
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