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Just wondering, who are the people who manage Lainchan? Who are the admins and mods? Pic unrelated.



I manage Lainchan.

Providing additional information about other members of staff that isn't by the members of staff themselves is frowned upon, so I won't provide any further information.


That's a good a philosophy, I like that. If they want to say something about themselves, they should say it.


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Hello. I'm Lisp. This is my name, because of kalyx giving it to me, because of my email address.

I've been here exactly since the first anniversary of Lainchan. I actually wrote the rules concerning leaking information about staff members, along with most of the other rules. I don't believe I try to be a personality of sorts here, so I don't post with this capcode often.

I primarily manage the /λ/ and /sec/ boards, but I moderate sitewide.

I enjoy programming, reading nonfiction almost exclusively, and listening to music primarily from independent artists.

I use the IRC regularly, but don't like the tension and whatnot that comes with a general atmosphere, so I primarily use #programming so that I may discuss programming and little else. I've political opinions that differ from the norm here, so I don't like to put a damper on the mood. It's good that we can get along, despite our different opinions, and have great discussions.

I want Lainchan to be the best it can be. I believe this is informative enough to answer your question.


Hail to you, TheSnake. Kashire, the earl of cyb, greets you.

I've been with lainchan since June 2015, I started as a Janitor and Kalyx decided to make me a global mod after a bit of time passed because of how dedicated I was with the community.

While I have been a lot more busy lately with life (I've been trying to get a job and move), a lot of what I do is trying to help deal with rule breakers on the site and troll in IRC. I also try to find time to help fix up bugs with the board. Hopefully soon(tm) I will be able to dedicated more time with lainchan. I {love/hate} the community and enjoy antagonizing you guys in IRC.

My hobbies consist of programming, anime, and vidya. Although, lately, it feels like my hobbies consist of reading about programming, alcoholism, writing lists, and obsessing with budgets.

[extra letters because flooding]


A fine introduction.

Hail, kinsman.
>reading about programming
>obsessing with budgets
We have much in common.


I don't know about the politics thing, but I think you're doing a good job at moderation fam. Just sayin'


I disagree.

The body was too short or empty.


I also disagree, I want to post anime pictures on a fuarrrking imageboard goddamit!


I too, disagree.
Anything that isn't related to a programming language that has no practical use (basically lisp) is locked and lumped into some giant thread.
Might as well make another board called /unemployment/


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I don't mean to error from the topic of this thread, but this seems correct to add, in response.

You don't elaborate.

>I also disagree, I want to post anime pictures on a fuarrrking imageboard goddamit!
The board rules for /λ/ and /sec/ bar any irrelevant content, which simply happens to include most anime. You must understand that your hobby isn't being singled out.
Regardless of your misunderstanding, do you realize that ``Serial Experiments Lain'' is an anime and is, of course, considered relevant on all boards?
Perhaps you could post images of Lain if you find that you don't want to simply avoid attaching images to a discussion that doesn't need any.

It seems that most of the criticisms leveled at me involve this topic. You must understand that relevancy is a very important quality for good discussion. I'd singled this out and pursued it a while back.

>I too, disagree.
>Anything that isn't related to a programming language that has no practical use (basically lisp) is locked and lumped into some giant thread.
I don't understand. There are threads concerning assembler languages, Lisp, Forth, APL, Golang, Java, Julia, Prolog, Perl, Bash, JavaScript, Erlang, Rust, COBOL, C++, Elixir, Scala, Ruby, and other languages, along with threads concerning programming techniques, tools, poetry, help, folklore, games, and, yes, even employment.

Your accusations are simply without merit.

Also, you've reminded me of this thread: >>>/λ/19978

>Might as well make another board called /unemployment/

If you only value that which can make money, you'll probably be horribly disappointed with life. I recommend avoiding that trap.
I program for fun, but I also finding learning in general to be fun.
The image attached to this post is from the work ``Stack Computers: the new wave'' found here: https://users.ece.cmu.edu/~koopman/stack_computers/index.html
Give it a read; you may like it.


I am also a global mod around here, and I might as well make a post here as well.

I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the more active mods around here, but it doesn't seem like people get angry over my deletions too often, which is nice.

I do have a personality, I think, but it annoys me to the point that I don't think I want to talk about it.

I like lots of things, from literary analysis and dancing to physics and computers with half of the stuff that's between them. Obviously, my knowledge isn't particularly deep in most of these topics, but I like to know the basics of how things work so I have a broader range of accessible topics in conversations (and I just like knowing how stuff works).

I'm not on IRC often anymore, since I think they're doing fine without me and I get sidetracked, leading to huge gaps when talking.

I have a feeling like knowing the mods as humans isn't that important on an imageboard of this sort, but having an open discourse like this is nice. I do like you all, people.


hey, I'm a global mod around here, and I work with a couple other lainchan-affiliated projects - most notably the lainzine. I swear lainzine 4 is coming soon, like it has for the past couple months.

I am also the patron moderator of /lit/ and /cult/, but I've mostly been away from lainchan these past few months. Unfortunately, most of my time has been occupied with school work. I thought I'd have some time off for winter break, and I kinda did but I kinda didn't.

I'm always lurking in the IRC - I rarely speak there, but you can send me a message and I'll get back to you eventually. You can also shoot me an email and I'm more likely to reply: junk0@openmailbox.org

I sometimes feel out of place on lainchan because I write more words than code and read more books than man pages, but I'm glad to have been here for the past 3 years. I think lainchan has had a really important role in who I am now. idk if that's good or not but thank you all.


Sorry for responding so late.
I am a mod on...most boards. My main area however is tech.

Lately however I was mostly offline due to college(That's why I only now found this thread). I do however log in every few days and check the reports.

You can find me lurking on IRC every now and then, fantasizing about being an onee-chan and all lainons being my imouto's.

I like science, anime(favourite subgenres are yuri, horror and mystery), computers(I'm a admin type of guy though, unlike most of you here), heavy metal. HEMA fencing with actual medieval swords and JoJo's bizarre adventure, yes it was I who posts like 75% of all the JoJo memes here.

I joined Lainchan in early 2015 and became a mod in november 2015 during those few days when tech was delisted. Other than that I am a noob when it comes to other chans.
Anyways I love this community for it's cozyness and I hope I was able to contribute in one way or the other.


I keep seeing this thread and forgetting to reply to it, whoops.

Hello, I am an admin around here. I started off as /lam/ mod a while back, a few months after the start of lainchan IIRC. I ended up being made an admin after I did some work on vichan, the board software lainchan uses.

I tend not to be a very visible staffer. When I modpost, it is usually as "Anonymous ## Mod", as using an admin capcode can make my opinions seem to carry more weight than a "normal" mod. But that's not the case, we all work together here.

I mostly post on /sci/ and /lam/, and lurk /lit/, /cult/, and /r/. But I do look through the whole site less frequently.