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Greetings Applelord
Temporary experimental board suggestion:

5 word per post limit. Image mandatory.

Try for a week?


This is an imageboard.

This is not twitter or a social micro-blogging platform.

Your request doesn't state your reasoning for requesting such a board and the purpose of such a board.

If you want to experiment with something, try making a decent thread in /r/ first, before just asking for a brand new board to mess around with.


throwing this out there, replace /civ/ with a board dedicated to conspiracy theories, the paranormal and paranoia, it fits the theme of the site and the source better and it should be less toxic than a board dedicated to the discussion of politics.

tentative name /nsa/ /cia/ something like that.


Just remove /civ/ from /mega/ and let it rot alone. Nobody will care.


honestly, I would second this


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A board for brewing soykaf? I'm in for this! I'd call it /zone/. Since the Trumpster became the leader of the UdSSA it's clear that "we're in the zone now". ;^) I'd imagine it to serve for more than just a tinfoil collectors gathering. I suggest that's going to be about "weird" stuff in general anagram for "wired", you see :p.


Not a bad idea. I'd go with /spooks/ or /♠/ though.


I like the idea. I think every board shall have its own quirks and unique board set. A board like this would add to overall feel. I like both /zone/ and /wired/ (/weird/) names.


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Calling such a board /odd/ or /glitch/ would be fitting, too. Discussing strange stuff which you have experienced or observed and not quite understood an appeared quite strange to you would be also cool. It doesn't have to reptiloid nazis on the moon. You could discuss irregularities within "the system" or the environment, you're living in. Maybe I'm expecting too much. If there's sufficient demand for such a place, the next question would be how it's going to be moderated. What content falls into the topic and which contributions wouldn't belong (How much "out there" has to be a brought up conspiracy theory, for example)? How are established paranormal boards like /x/ handled?



I don't think there should be a rule for how 'out there' a conspiracy theory could be. If you want to talk about reptile moon Nazis, the time you think you saw a ghost, your favorite 'paranormal' tv show, or just how creepy you find the governments collusion with tech companies. Ultimately I think it should be the users prerogative. If it were run as a test board for a while we could get a feel for what kind of content was successful on the board and tailor the rules to that content. I like the idea that it could also include personal experiences with the odd or the paranormal though.

I was thinking that the board could be more like a 'comfy paranormal radio show' and maybe anything that disrupted the comfy atmosphere like fascist vs commie fights would be against the rules of the board. Hopefully positioning the board as a 'paranormal / conspiracy' oriented board with a comfy atmosphere instead of as a 'political discourse' board where disagreements are encouraged would keep some of the brewing soykaf to a minimum.

I think it'd be a place where lains of different political orientations could gather, the fascists, the commies, and the anarchists hate the government right now. And they all harbor various 'conspiracy theories' about why the government/big corporations suck. None of us trust google or facebook.

> If there's sufficient demand for such a place

The LFE thread, although it has questionable value seems to be doing well, and it would certainly fit a little better on /odd/ than on /feels/, another example might be the meditation thread on /civ/, the 'vault seven'/wikileaks thread or potentially the thread about programming folklore on /lambda/.

I like all the name suggestions so far btw.



New UFO thread in /cult/ /odd/ when?


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>>>/cult/6502 is doing well

>If you want to experiment with something, try making a decent thread in /r/ first, before just asking for a brand new board to mess around with.
Good idea, will try this.


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I was thinking about the deep and dark webs and then I got idea that looks pretty lainchan-ish for me. I don't know vichan very well, but it seems not that hard to implement.

Create board named /null/ (or something like that) which is listed in top menu, but excluded from /mega/, /random/ and main page (recent images and posts). It should be regular board as any other except two things:

1) there should be no catalog page

2) board index pages should be rendered without threads content (don't forget json api!)

So, then you open that board from top menu there will be only a post form. If you create new thread you will be redirected into it and from that point everything will be as usual. But as there is no threads index you must remember thread URL if you want to come back.

Another thing what can be used on that board: you can reference post which is not in current thread and if you lucky enough you will find something interesting.

Negative sides of that board type:

1) mods can view board in "normal way" only through mod panel

2) regular users will be not able to report ad threads created by bots (by the other hand no one will be able to see them)

I don't know how it will go in reality, but in my imagination it is like dark and mysterious basement of lainchan filled with strange things. Lainchan personal deep web. Something like:

- Lainon, believe me, there was a thread on /null/ with records of number station transmissions. Spooky as hell!
- And of course you lost the link to that thread.
- Sad truth...

And suddenly someone posts link to that thread because it really exists and new records are still delivered.