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This thread is to announce the upcoming AGM (annual general meeting) for Lainchan.

I don't believe we had AGMs before , just the Mumble moderator meeting on 2016-08-17.

Currently the AGM is scheduled for 2017-04-23 UTC 00:00 and the dress rehearsal is scheduled for 2017-03-19 UTC 00:00.

Show up on IRC / Mumble / or just browse /q/ or don't your choice.

Yes the AGM is scheduled the weekend after Lainchan's 3rd birthday.

What is happening at the AGM you ask ? There will be an agenda and meeting where various topics mostly about Lainchan will be discussed.

Discussed being the key word, any actual suggested changes from the meeting will not be rolled out until well after the AGM is over.

Why is this different you ask ? The only difference is this is an attempt to specify a fixed time.

Attendance is completely optional, if you don't want to show up, then don't show up.

Why is there a dress rehearsal ? Because practice makes perfect, organizing meetings that span time zones is difficult at the best of times.

If you want to suggest agenda items or suggest that the current suggested times should be changed please use this thread for that.

Do you need to wear a costume ?
No you don't need to wear a costume.

I don't care about the stupid meeting, I just care about the famous Mumble Parties I heard about .....

If you don't care then you don't have to show up.


I will RSVP; whidgle'll be there


agenda item: we should have a discussion on the frequency and effectiveness of these sorts of meetings

question: will the AGM be a public meeting?


qzo will be in attendance.


Yes the AGM will be open to the public, however it won't be a free for all, e.g. it will be moderated and follow an agenda, and people that soykafpost will be quieted on IRC, and muted on Mumble.


oh, another agenda item: we need a policy for creating new boards, as in what circumstances should / can we create a new board? I would preliminarily suggest we can only create a new board verifiably receiving more than n posts / day on average, as well as a proportional number of moderators to the people willing to use it.


Will you be active on all fronts? (IRC, Mumble, /q/)
Sounds very interesting; I'll defiantly be there (IRC)



I'll RVSP c4rdinal maybe on mumble, definitely on IRC.


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rsvp for kalyx

the body was too short.


File: 1487490507434.png (181.13 KB, 200x189, Depressed.png)

>Working during the meeting
Damn you


Why'd you even sell it if you were never going to leave?


the guy probably just wants to be a lainon now.


Definitely not Kalyx, he posted a picture of an NSX instead of a eurodouche'd-out Audi or BMW.


File: 1489510562275.png (900.05 KB, 200x150, eurodouche.bmp)

NSX is life.


Glad to see you kept your title colours!


new poster here, hope I don't look like a fool

what is the official IRC? I thought it was on freenode #lainchan but it says that one is 'deprecated', is there another, correct IRC channel?

also, when I open the watchlist the bottom of it is hidden behind the bar on the bottom of the screen, with the "return" and "go to top" buttons. how do I fix this?


See https://lainchan.org/irc
or just connect lainchan.org on port 6697 with SSL enabled


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thanks a bunch mate, I can connect now.