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Could you please implement HTTPS, and or buy a domain name? I don't want people packet sniffing my password when I login via public wifi.


Lainchan is already using HTTPS, if you don't see it use an extesion that enforce it like Https Everywhere


I will. But no domain name at this time. Maybe a dot tk or something. I think that I will install a self signed certificate this week.


Not Lainchan, LainWiki.

The person is asking the administrator of LainWiki (>>12986) to purchase a domain name and install an SSL certificate.


I cannot buy a domain name (I know its a bit strange regarding the prices but 'personal reasons') at this time.


That's done. You just have to add an exception.


Nevermind. Let's encrypt certificate + .Cocaine.Ninja domain


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thanks lainon and admin