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So this just happened to me on /lit/ after posting. It is normal after navigating back to the board and opening the thread again. Something to investigate whenever you feel bored. ^ _ ^


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Yeah, I hope this isn't intentional, because it's terrible.


This is related to auto-reload.js misbehaving. I am currently fixing it.


Thank's, Appleman1234, doing some good work.


This should be fixed now. You make need to refresh your browser if the old JavaScript is incorrectly cached.


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hi, going to piggyback off of this thread for another stylistic error i encountered, pic related.

had this happen in >>>/feels/10449 when hovering over the last post's reply to previous post having hit END once on chromium


This occurs because the hover post overlaps with the auto updater status bar. How would you like it to be fixed ?

As a workaround you can disable autoupdate whilst hovering over the post reply.


thnx appleman, if the post hovering is done w/ js an easy fix would be to make post hovers go up if near bottom of the current view