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Hey folks,
I was wondering... wouldn't be a good idea to create new stickers? There isn't much of a choice right now.

For instance, every lainchan sticker is colored. But we all know that on Thinkpads is general rule that black and white is actually a lot more a e s t h e t i c


Any original content is welcome. I suggest creating a thread in /cult/ to get more feedback.


Created a topic on /cult/ as well.

I guess I could dedicate some time to create something myself, but I'd need an approval from someone who is managing the StickerMule account



This thread is a duplicate of https://lainchan.org/q/res/12974.html or >>>/q/12974.

I am happy to add new stickers to the Stickermule market place if I can guarantee breaking even.

Currently adding a new sticker costs the same amount of one's month server fees due to Stickermule's pricing model.


Is there any reason to prefer StickerMule over RedBubble?


In my experience, stickermule tends to be of higher quality. Redbubble has an ugly white border around all the stickers, the resolution on some stickers i've purcheased is so bad that they look blurry, and they're printed on really thin vinyl compared to stickermule. I'd personally prefer if we stuck (ha) to stickermule but if it's not viable it's not the end of the world.

Does stickermule require you to pay some sort of fee to keep stickers on the marketplace?


No it doesn't require an ongoing fee, just the initial minimum order to get the stickers on the marketplace in the first place.

Other people have expressed the same sentiment regarding sticker quality and providers as you have.

I am happy to put new stickers on the marketplace, I just want to make sure the desire is there, rather than invest in adding 30 (or some lower) new sticker designs that don't break even.

I will also look at other sticker / merchandise platform as mentioned in the earlier thread >>>/q/11822 .


>I just want to make sure the desire is there
Do you think it'd be possible to have something like a little survey, just to be sure of what Lainons would really appreciate?