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Can we fuarrrking please double or triple the allowed number of characters per post ? This isn't twitter.


Are you regularly hitting the 4000 character limit ?

What did you want it set to and why ? Can you elaborate whether 8000 characters per post or 12000 characters per post would meet your posting requirements ?

How long is a piece of string ? If I bump it this time, and some one asks for it to be bumped again, where does this journey end ?


It's customary to split your post ending and beginning each part with "Continued" or "Cont". Each post should reply to the one before it.


Why do we have in the first place anyway ?


Why does the limit exist, it exists in lainchan because it existed in vichan because it existed since the first commit in tinyboard see https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard/blame/4f8bd4da1f515a10326022f6cc58e3c0c54812aa/inc/config.php

The default value for vichan is 1800, as for why it was set 4000, I believe it was because the default of 1800 was found too restrictive.

In terms of the actual limitation of storage of the body field in the underlying database the actual maximum number of characters that is able to be stored without a schema change is between 16384 and 21845 depending on UTF / text encoding configuration settings.