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Can you contact kalyx and transfer all of the radio music to him? I want kalyx to create a new website to host the boards you are about to delete. Will you put kalyx back on staff because you appleman clearly need his direction. Kalyx finally recovered soykaf.org and I for one want him to be our BDFL. Why did you lock the old IRC channel you lunatic?


Answer to first question.

If kalyx wanted this, he has my contact details and would contact me. I am not about to delete any boards, unless you know something I don't.

Answer to the second question.

Kalyx never left staff, he was just demoted for deleting /civ/ without any notice or prior discussion.

Answer to the third question.

I deprecated the Freenode IRC channel 2.5 years earlier than planned because there were issues regarding moderation policy difference based on the enforcement of old rules and new rules.

Too many people were complaining to me on the new server that they were derezzed on the old server and to unban them.