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Lains, there is a real issue that we need to discuss here today.

There are a large number of pedophiles in the #lainchan IRC who are
giving shame to our community. Clearly, they are only interested in
cypherpunk as a means to "safely" indulge in their perversions.

While we were discussing the issue of the morality of bestiality in
the chat today (in short: it is wrong), the pedos began crawling out
of the woodwork and defending indescribably obscene acts, desires, and
prior acts, while several other users began discussing illegal
filesharing networks and websites featuring media depicting child
sexual abuse.

A few of us were surprised, shocked, and horrified by what was going
on. Sadly, there were no mods around. I went to go "blow the whistle"
in #general, hoping to get some kind of moderation going on... and how
am I rewarded...? Some asshat issues me a permanent ban from the

My name is Bob. I have been going to lainchan for several years, and
been part of the IRC since its founding days. I've contributed code to
the site, made plenty of other contributions (inc. financially), and
attended meetups. And it all ends this way. Perma-derezzed for giving
the staff a heads-up about illegal disgusting content on the network.

This is just sad. I hate to see what Lainchan is becoming.

1. Pedophilia, child pornography, child abuse should be derezzed
2. Bestiality, animal pornography, animal abuse should be derezzed
3. It should not be ban-worthy to report this criminal activity to the
4. Thus I should be underezzed
5. Thus Lainchan shall become a better place, free of degenerate filth

I won't namedrop in the OP but I can start posting handles / logs /
etc if requested.

Bump for awareness.


frightening ... is this legit


hook us up with some screencaps blur handles


If I blur the handles and blur the filenames/URLs, there's no incriminating evidence. The users who attempted to DCC send me media files did or not did not anticipate me googling the filenames: regardless, people were attempting to send me illegal files over the network from anonymous VPNs

There were at least 5 or 6 active pedos and animal fuarrrkers chatting in a room that tops 10 users talking per hour.

Remember: the mod response was the ban the guy who reported the illegal content in the lainchan chatroom.


You're anonymous, just post some screens as proof.


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Except that didn't happen. You're a liar b0b. Let's take a look at some logs shall we.

< b0b> HELLO MODS THERE are animal fuarrrkers in #lainchan: Tsutsukakushi , f0x , extravirgin

f0x? An animal fuarrrker? Let's look at the evidence. (lines trimmed for being irrelevant, I can upload full logs if anyone cares).

<f0x> cats are the best
<extravirgin> Purge the Muslims, Feminists, and LGBT.
<extravirgin> f0x: Be a c@t then.
<wex> purge all humans
<rjeli> i hate c*ts
<extravirgin> Dogs, wolves, foxes are the best.
<b0b> extravirgin: puge the furries before LGBT
<extravirgin> Purge them both at the same time, because the degeneracy is interlinked.
<f0x> I don't like furries but purging isn't nice
<b0b> f0x: you are a furry shut your (human) mouth
<b0b> your name is fuarrrking f0x lma0
<f0x> kys
<b0b> you could have picked anything
<extravirgin> Purging purifies.
<b0b> but you picked fox
<wex> furries are degenerate tbh
<f0x> my name is a pure coincidence
<b0b> probably cuz you jerk off to them
<b0b> imagining yourself raping a big scary dog
<b0b> thats fuarrrked up

Oh right. His name is f0x. That's it.

Tsutsukakushi is another story. He's genuinely a pedo. He was tolerated because that's not a crime in and of itself. He was G-lined today because he's very defensive and loves to start arguments about it.

extravirgin has been around for ages and did nothing wrong.

I think you invented the DCCs to stir more of your usual soykaf. You are constantly full of soykaf b0b. Nobody thinks you're funny. We all just think you're sad.

I could go through the rest of the lies in your post (Been on our irc for years kek) but I think this is enough to give people an idea of who's making these complaints.


wow. What do you have to say for yourself b0b?



#general is not for whistle blowing, see #questions or PM.

You are not permaderezzed, it is a 1 day IRC ban only for harassing people based on suspicion alone and for breaking rules in #general.
Specifically the following subpoints of Rule 5 from https://ghostbin.com/paste/8a7f5 .

- Harassment of people based on their viewpoints.
- Arguing with people and then just personally attacking them, when they have a different perspective to you

Actions have consequences, Issuing consequences based on suspicion alone is just witch hunting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzMhU_4m-g).

If you legitimately want to have additional rules proposed for either the image board or the IRC, feel free to attend the AGM (annual general meeting) and discuss it properly as an agenda item.

Regarding points 1 and 2, please raise at AGM if important, current policy on imageboard and IRC is that posting CP results in permanent ban and that
Do not spam or advertise unrelated content.
Do not post child pornography or questionable 2D/3DCG/3DPG sexual depictions of children. This includes "child models".
If you must post it, spoiler any NSFW content and make sure it's relevant to the discussion.

as well as Be smart when posting about potentially illegal activities.

Regarding 3, the action itself isn't ban worthy, though in this case was the way the action was carried out that was inappropriate.

Regarding 4, in 1 days time you will be underezzed.

Regarding 5, Lainchan only becomes a better place, if lainons make it a better place, you included.

Yes lainchan is becoming soykaf, but lainchan will continue becoming soykaf if all people ever do is post soykaf.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


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Haro, b0b

> (in short: it is wrong)

That's what you were saying. There was no consensus of any kind on this subject. Not only that but you failed to bring any proper arguments to the table, it all just boiled to "I don't like it so it's wrong" or "Stop liking what I don't like". Would you want to have a rational discussion about these things sometime? We can have it on some other network/channel.

Sincerely, Tsutsukakushi

PS. Could you fill the attached forms in preparation.


Hello pedo and child abuse image collector.

Yes that's the beginning of the chat, before the pedos were smoked out.


I like how OP hasn't actually shown any proof for the things they've alleged. Nice touch.


Hey, thanks for defending me.
for the people interested:
first my username was 0x52 (hex for first letter of name)
when I joined Telegram I had a random picture of a fox, which I picked as a (temporary) profile picture. People from the Lainchan Telegram group then started calling me Fox, or f0x52. So now I use f0x and f0x52 as handles. I have no sexual attraction to animals or fursuits, and I do not like being called a furry.


Based appleman as usual

>Yes lainchan is becoming soykaf

What did he mean by this?


Because of pointless soykaf drama like this.


The IRC is a goddamn mess and it's spilling over to Lainchan.org