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Since >>81 hit post limit.


Since everything is gone, this is a thread so that people can ask for stuff they want remade or to be brought back.

I (Appleman1234) am also looking for people to help to moderate, administer and janitor the site and services, because whilst I can continue to do it alone, it is much less fun that way.

Just because you ask for something on this thread, doesn't mean it will happen, but it will be considered. Anything repeated will be counted as a single request unless some form of verification of separate entities is provided.


how do we sign up to be a mod, admin, or janitor


File: 1491955077955.png (87.02 KB, 200x140, IMG_1132.jpg)

Appleyman, I sent you an email but am also asking here to cover bases. Would like to apply for mod position. I have previous experience and a lot of free time nowadays.

Would be suited for cult, lit, drugs, feelz, zzz, anything of similar vein.


Please bring /λ/ back for starters.
I'd like to help with anything moderation/admin related, but I'm not sure I have time and skill to attend the demands.



the agora board


has garnered interest and I would be up to mod it


/λ/, /tech/, /cyb/, /drg/, a meta board and /random/
/zzz/ was cool to but I never really used it.


What about the secret boards? Are those going to be coming back?


Hopefully. I miss /tay/ already.


/sec/ and /tech/ should be combined


Mods, in name of Lain, please, ban the desktop threads or make only one cycle thread.

No. This will kill the /sec/ threads on teach.


/λ/ and /sec/ should be brought back first, imo


Bring back /cyb/, rename /tech/ to /consume/ or something.


obviously bring back /λ/ and /layer/


I miss /cyb/, stopped coming around post-breakup. that wasn't the reason, but didn't really help.


Mate what the fuarrrk happened!?
Anyway we need /cult/


instead of /diy/, have /projects/.

DIY has bit of a physical feel to it, I think it'd be better with a broader scope. Remake it as something to include all personal projects, makers, musicians, and designers.


Apparently Appleman1234 tried to reset the password, Kalyx got the email and deleted everything on the server.
Appleman1234 is a retard and kept the backups on the same server as lainchan itself, so they got erased too.


combine /cyb/ and /cult
combine /tech/ and /sec/
combine /art/ and /diy/
keep a meta and a random

bam. done.


Lainposting should be welcomed and encouraged in every board.


Are you under the impression this was ever not the case?


drg, zzz, lam, cyb, tech+sec, diy, lain


cult, art, and lit should be combined, possibly even diy aswell. as for the other boards, they serve their unique purposes but these few get the least traffic as far as i can tell.


>combine the three boards i use the most
This is just crazy enough to work! I don't know about diy, but maybe weeb should be folded into cult/art/lit since there really isn't much anime discussion here.


File: 1491968948176.png (191.25 KB, 155x200, Pabllo Picasso -- Head of a Woman (1909).jpg)

I'd recommend in order of preference:

lain, lam, diy+art, tech+sec, cult+cyb+drg, meta, q

diy and self-created stuff should have its own space, along with programming. Those are the core of the site IMHO.


my suggestions,
have [ cyb / sec / tech / λ ] as one
or something like >>685 posted
have the topbar more minimal and clean looking, the boards logically paired and ordered


File: 1491970458842.png (357.15 KB, 190x200, coke.gif)

Bring back /drg/!
I don't want to talk about insufflating, inhaling, imbibing or injecting illicit substances without being able to use Tor as a shield.


Can we have /layer/ back? It'd be appreciated.


File: 1491971321720.png (94.12 KB, 200x190, ciacat.png)

>combining consumer electronics and programming
how about we don't do that so we can not bump our Lisp threads out of existence.


This can't be true lmao, is there proof?


Yea who has the sign-in sheet?


File: 1491974116573.png (482.1 KB, 200x156, received_1309979882382566.png)

I suggest that /cyb/ most of the political discussion there was more sane than when /civ/ arrived

remove /feels/ it gives a bad image to the site

bring back /lit/ really why the hell did this got removed?

anime and culture should be merge into one again

/DIY/ let it stay, most of the projects were dead but interesting to read

and PLEASE bring back /zzz/ is my little heaven


Keep it minimal.

Programming should have it's own board.
Random as well.
Tech/Sec/Cyb should be collapsed into one.
Literature/art/music should all be one.
Nothing else.



Combining /Tech/ and /Sec/ are awful ideas.


Totally agree.

Having /art/ back would be nice, but maybe not from the very beginning.





>Literature/art/music should all be one.
agreed, call it /cult/

try and get /w/ happening again

anything else goes in /r/

just my $0.02


File: 1491977662097.png (31.04 KB, 200x166, pills.png)

whoops, forgot about /drg/


My opinion at least to not to be too rash about making/remaking new boards until at least the AGM. I think people can mostly agree that the boards we had worked (apart from a few like /civ/ maybe).

Ultimately I think the site should be put into a usable state first (which I am sure Appleman is working hard on) before we start suggesting completely new ideas.

For instance the idea of /jam/ and other 'information repos' for the site is a really nice idea in my opinion but they wont interfere with how the site was running before so surely bringing it up at the AGM is more relevant.

It _is_ also important to realise that this isn't a completely sad thing as we can make room for a better, comfier lainchan if we play our cards right.I just think that we as a community need to realize that there's a lot going on and that right now isn't necessarily the time for grand ideas that will take weeks to implement

There have been a lot of great suggestions in these threads that I'd like to see implemented but one thing I would like it a little more formal transparency in terms of the Twitter account being updated or having some other, agreed site that any changes could be posted on, sort of like a changelog/devblog for lainchan. I am aware that Appleman is easily reachable via IRC it would just help the confusion immediately after a change that might affect official channels on lainchan.org etc.

Further, there's always going to be growth on sites like these and it's important not to shy away from newcomers and dismiss them, but welcome them and show them the culture, for a lot of chans this is a problem but here it's not so much. I think I just want to remind people that as much as you'd like it this website is past secret club level; and the best way to integrate people to be good posters is lead by example and make sure they aren't getting away with bad posts / etiquette. I have to say, the mods are really good at this and many crappy threads I've seen have been locked/moved.

Finally I want to say a big thanks to Appleman and the Mods/Janitors for working hard both before and after the 'incident' and that the community is all behind you.


Any form of a dedicated politics board on here is a bad idea. It makes the site look bad and draws attention away from the /cyb/ topics that are normally up for discussion.

However I doubt that anyone objects to talk of politics within the context of on-topic discussions. For example, talking about government policy in /sec/ would make sense. Talking about cyber/crypto warfare between two political entities or countries would make sense. Having a heated debate on ideology would NOT make sense and there are boards on other image boards for that kind of circle jerk. I imagine drawing the line at ideology may be arbitrary and subjective, however it is a better alternative to having an entire board dedicated to that kind of soykaf flinging.

The one good thing I've noticed is that people tend to self moderate discussion on the /cyb/ related boards to keep it somewhat apolitical and keep things on-topic. Not sure if the experience has been the same for other Lainons.


Personally I feel that the mods have overall done a good job at soykaf-spilling incidents in the past.

I am a big advocate for good political discourse and I feel that a lot of what you said is spot on but there's a difference between soykaf-spilling and having a debate. Sure it might not be _nice_ but that's what you have to deal with in the end.


Boards I would like to see again:
/tech/, /sec/, /cyb/, /lit/, /diy/, /mega/, /f/ (not hidden), /lambda/, /r/

Personally I don't care about /drg/ and /zzz/, but I don't dislike them at all and I think they have their legitimacy.

/civ/ is just bad for the whole site and should not be created again. I have no problem with some politics threads in /r/ from time to time, but they don't deserve a whole board.


File: 1491984828039.png (198.77 KB, 200x181, wiz.png)

I'd just like to chime in and advise against having anywhere near the same amount of boards that were present before the glorious fuarrrk-up. My reasons being stability, at least initially, and maintaing okay posting speed.
Also /feels/ should only be brought back if the topic of discussion is only focused on feelings with relation to the ubiquity of tech and the isolation it causes. Otherwise Wizchan serves as a better outlet.


>>583 (crossposting)
Conceptually cool, but I'd prefer not merging /tech/, /sec/ and /λ/.


politics boards are always a soykaf show.
cult was a soykaf show and brought down the quality of the content posted to the site as a whole down.

all a political board does is make retards from 2+2chan feel at home.

"containment" boards are a myth.

we are on the fuarrrking internet if people want to talk politics there are a million sites to do that this doesn't have to be one of them.


>cult was a soykaf show and brought down the quality of the content posted to the site as a whole down.
Really? I saw some interesting threads on there, but I didn't lurk much.


A politics board would be nice if it was purely focused on discussing a politics in a cyberpunk society.


That will lead to
etc. This post on its own will make someone start typing out an angry response. Stop it.


But wouldn't that be manageable? The regulars and moderators would deal with such posts correctly: ignoring them, reporting them, and deleting them.
To be clear, I don't have any interest in such a board as I don't enjoy talking about politics amid the current political climate in the US; however, some people might enjoy discussing politics in a cyberpunk context.


Wouldn't be a "society"-board more fitting?


>But wouldn't that be manageable
no it wouldn't, it wasn't the last time and it never is.

as some one in the irc noted

cyb to politics is easy
politics to cyb is hard

if people want to talk about the politics of something on the site its not an issue but you don't need a separate board for that


that is what civ was supposed to be and it failed


>on teach.
/edu/ when?


> have [ cyb / sec / tech / λ ] as one
Worst suggestion, the discussion in these boards was really good and there is no need to bring it down to /g/ quality, which is basically the worst example.

/λ/, dedicated programming board seems like one of, if not the most important.

/sec/ turned out to be really nice and interesting.

A place to discuss consumer tech is always nice so that it does not water down the other boards.

How about /unix/ or something?

I'm not sure what the best approach for /cyb/ would be.

I'm against a dedicated politics board, just attracts the worst kind of people pushing to abandon critical thinking, let's keep politics discussion relevant to technology and science in some way.


File: 1491993938323.png (427.28 KB, 200x160, fe6ec23b8b6f584961adc42a558b7fe8.jpg)

Stop with the board mergers, this isn't 4chan and appleman isn't hiro.
Is there any reason to merge any boards other than that you liked shouting about it on /qa/?

Last thread should be required reading for whoever is going to post here.

/lam/ is easily one of the more important boards here. I'm not aware of many programming specific boards that have actual discussion going on. Having no /lam/ seems almost like having no 2D/random board, anywhere on the internet.

Also, I can volunteer as a janny or something. Though it seems like there are enough volunteers already.
Has a certain Hime volunteered already?


While everyone here is being a massive fаggot, I'll post some notes made by one of the lainmods just some weeks ago:



This is a good, and well thought out board structure. I do not agree with /r/ being removed / hidden as it can be a catchall for stuff that doesn't quite fit


Everything was fine, but a huge wargame would be great, it would be fuaarking great


I think most of us are agreed that whatever else you do, /λ/ should be brought back ASAP.


I can't speak for other boards because I don't use them as much, but merging /λ/ is a very bad idea.
Programming is a completely separate topic from any other board on the website and, as another lainon already remarked, Lainchan's is one of the least worst places to discuss it.


I don't have an opinion about anything else, but please keep sec, tech and lambda separated.


/edu is /sci
/Unix would be nice. Also no politics.

Also, /layer... it was a nice and living community inside a community.

The anime discussion died when /w died. Bring back /w.


Bring back /w/ and most importantly bring back /lit/.
Also where's the mod/janitor application?


Well I am pretty sure you could apply by mailing admin@lainchan.org. I am not completely sure but, it's a guess.

Here's the deal. Appleman...if you bring back /w I will apply as a mod. And I have experience in that role.
If you don't I might still do it, but, if you bring it back I am pretty sure I will.


This looks agreeable. /lit/ was slow and /cult/ was kind of a mess. A merger would probably do some good.


/zzz/ was a fun place but doesn't really justify its own board.

/diy/ and /tech/ should be combined to form a brand new board called /tech/

/lit/ and the zine should go into /cult/

If /feels/ comes back please make it so it does not encourage the constant self-pitying it once did. Perhaps make it an advice board.


In any case, rename /tech/ to /navi/.


fuarrrk that soykaf. /lit/ was the best board. Don't fuarrrk with it.


I agree with this sentiment lainon.


File: 1492006067258.png (526.41 KB, 200x143, kino8.jpg)

Rededicate this site to the superior animu


I think combining /zzz/, /drg/ and some sort of philosophy board to make /mind/ would be neat. Don't know how well those would get along or if /drg/ would just dominate


They were both filled with conspiracy bullsoykaf, sec just a little bit more.


Someone else suggested this but called it /psy/che I think the name fits better


>778 Agreed! I'm disappointed there was no /navi/ before - I mean, if there was, I missed it.

I would also prefer no political boards. Boards should be to explore technology, philosophy, inner space - the wired and the weird - should be preferred. Politics is just a distraction therefrom.


>I would also prefer no political boards. Boards should be to explore technology, philosophy, inner space - the wired and the weird - should be preferred. Politics is just a distraction therefrom.


Boards for kinochan.


Name sounds gay but botany is important and rad
fuarrrk that homo soykaf. Doesn't fit with the others.


No pol, not leftypol. no politics.

Also merge /zzz/ and /drg/ into one cool edgy mystical board. Like the guy in the other thread said, it could be called /mind/
I think that could be very neat.

Also does this mean the floral lain sticker could potentially not work anymore when scanned in the future?


Yo real talk Appleman /flowers/ (or some other plant board) would be the best board ever


Put /k and /flower in /out
And yes we don't want a /gay board.


I was thinking that we could make botany threads com>>792
patible with a /zzz/ & /drg/ hybrid.

/psy/che I like that


this gotta be bait right?


File: 1492010101703.png (1019 KB, 200x200, 1478205321146.gif)

So what have we decided by now?


The technical core (/tech, /lam, /sec, /diy) should certainly remain and remain separated. I miss the old /cyb, the reason I came here!


I feel /λ/ generated enough content to stand as its own board.

Also I'm gonna bring back up someone else's idea of a culture jamming board /jam/ or something.

This. It suits the lain aesthetic nicely.

Also this for the saim reasons as above.

Agreed, cult was kindof a mess. The culture was all over the place, with only the glitch art thread really standing out as a significant thing.


bringing back all the technology boards would be a no-brainer.

anyway, what's with all the talk of merging even more crap into /cult/? too much in one board makes it feel rudderless. /cult/ already felt way too packed with topics.

and am I really the only one who wants /feels/ back? there was no other place quite like it. yeah, there's wizchan, but everyone acts so elitist about being a loser over there. /feels/ was way more rational.


I liked /cult/. It was general enough for a wide variety of threads but specific enough to know when your topic fits in. It was great.


To be honest the only board I didn't ever browse was /zzz/
That said, I don't think /diy/ or /sci/ really had enough activity to be their own boards


> /zzz/
I loved it but to each their own.


combine /diy/ and /sci/ to make /phys/ical technology?


I demand the immediate implementation of /loli/


>/λ/, /cyb/, /cult/, /r/
>desktop threads go to /r/
>additional boards created as needs be
I don't know how much traffic the site gets, but I think that having a large number of boards with a niche community is a poor idea. Feel free to disagree with me, just my 2p.



I didn't mean I wanted [ cyb / sec / tech / λ ] merged together as one board. I meant I wanted a section of these 4 seperate boards like so. ^


I want to see /tay/ return

I miss her ;-;



For real, I thought lainchan was pretty well structured before this mess. My only suggestion would be to try and stay away from many niche boards that will all have no users, and instead try and generalize interests.

If you've any mod/janitor positions shoot me an email.


I pulled this from the thread in the 3a. footnotes:
>And, as it turns out, these expressions of identity often have just as much impact on our perceptions of an individual as physical appearances. We know this because they bring out our prejudice: for example, having an anime avatar can cause a person to be perceived as up to 90% less credible, regardless of the contents of their communication.³

>3.See "Tweeting is Believing? Understanding Microblog Credibility Perceptions" (http://archive.is/OpInP) for more discussion of the impact of avatars on credibility (among other factors)....


File: 1492022781678.png (108.7 KB, 200x196, 1491778050783.jpg)

Lets start with only the essentials, those related to technology and sciences. See what happens there and expand, this is the perfect time to experiment with the boards


I hope we can put something into motion soon.
Sitting around and talking about boards is not as fun as posting on the boards themselves


Again, I think everybody would like to see /λ/ come back as soon as possible.


What Lainchan really needs is a /furry/ board.


Oh god, the cyber-yiffers


Is there any ETA on when some of the boards will be back?


Nevermind, I'm an idiot who can't F5


Probably a dumb question, but what's shopping us from just recreating all the boards? Any deletions or changes can still happen, but wouldn't it be better to just put them up for now to get the community back in order?


fuarrrk, 'stopping' not 'shopping'


Regarding /layer/: with current CSP header DDT will not work properly on lainchan.


We can but a lot of us think reform would do this site some good, so why not start from scratch?



If they're merging boards, doesn't that mean murdering active threads when they do the merge?


I am going to go ahead and request an /out/ board again.
I know cyberpunk takes place in a city, but that doesn't actually conflict with /out/ at all. It can include stuff like HAM radio (though that's also /diy/ material), /k/, and regular /out/ stuff, someone already suggested /flower/ and mentioned botanics. Oh, vandwelling would also have a nice place there.

Also, thanks for bringing back /λ/! (actually, do symlink /lam/ to /λ/. It was clearly the most important board by far.

I was also thinking, instead of /feels/, maybe an /adv/ sort of place (with some other name though, maybe /life/) But as others pointed out, discourage just whining. Maybe just have the regular /vent/ thread because why not, and keep with the "generals" concept and have some threads for discussing stuff like: school, career, self-improvement, diet, excercise.

I think these ideas are good and worth some consideration.


random stuff
site discussion
the meatspace side of technology
cyberpunk culture (politics, &c.)
/drg/, /zzz/ and /feels/. Somewhere to talk about mental experiences
literature sharing and discussion
file sharing

/lain/ and /ddt/ should be hidden boards (focusing on SEL and Desu Desu Talk respectively). There should also (along with the rules, faq and news) be a page dedicated to lainzine. It wouldn't have to be a board, just somewhere to store issues of lainzine.


Uploads seem to be broken. You can't have an imageboard without images and a lot of the knowledge stored on lainchan was PDFs, so a pretty big priority to fix IMO. Failed for files as small as 1MB.

Error message:

The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, we might be experiencing issues right now -- please try your post again later. Error information:

{"readyState":4,"responseText":"<html>\r\n<head><title>413 Request Entity Too Large</title></head>\r\n<body bgcolor=\"white\">\r\n<center><h1>413 Request Entity Too Large</h1></center>\r\n<hr><center>nginx/1.10.3</center>\r\n</body>\r\n</html>\r\n","status":413,"statusText":"Request Entity Too Large"}


Yeah /f/ was cool in tell it was immediately forgotten. :'(


I'd appreciate it just a whole lot if you returned /feels/

Also a board list, don't do that again, please.


Got a really good board idea.
/sls/ - Sh*t Lainchan Says


i think is a very solid list. it's a good offering of likely content, with the most minimalist, condensed breakdown of boards.
I'd suggest potentially expanding /lit/ to /cult/
actually, on second thought:
media discussion, as well as lainion's OC

/feels/ is a tricky one, i'd suggest adding it as a hidden board. that way, it's there as a containment, attends to its masturbatory userbase while adding a 'sekrit club' vibe that probably appeals to aforementioned userbase, upon which i rank myself as lurker & occasional nonfat-soykaf drinker
i also think it's helpful to think of likely threads specific to each board. i.e., sticked desktop threads in tech, beginners general in lamba, etc

agree with designating those boards as hidden, as well

also seconding this error. basedPearbro is working on a bug thread



Overall great list, but I think /f/ is some what redundant with a lainchan volafile etc.


File: 1492086696106.png (94.87 KB, 200x169, Well_Tarnation_Im_Jiggle_Papi.png)

Boards I think we need immediately:
Programming, check

We don't need a lot of boards, come on now.


The fact that the backups were in the same server as lainchan is absolutely pathetic, it destroys the whole theme about being secure and anonymous and all that good stuff we all love.

If you are actually serious about this website, consider re-thinking about the way it is built, administered and organized. Kalyx sold the website to you, he should no longer have any type of access to it, not even as a mod.

Besides all that, I think /cyb/ and /drg/ are a must.


I think we should have a poll on whether we think certain boards should be merged or not.


Why most of you want to merge /lit with /cult or /art?
It sounds like two different things to me.


>make /feels/ hidden
No one goes to hidden boards, they don't really work if you actually care to post even weekly.


Hidden boards are a waste of resources.


How so ?
If they are not used, no resources are used either. (Unless you count the available board names as resources.)
If they are used, no resources are wasted.


What's the max allowed file size, per uploaded file/per post?


Having less boards would be comfier.


Having a board implies having a mod, an assigned space and possibly miscellaneous maintenance. It also makes no sense whatsoever. Good boards like /cyb/ get deleted and hidden useless boards get created.


I want /drg/ back, because the content was good and I like coffee


Can you please bring /tech/ back? I think it was a good board and there is no reason for it not to come back imo.


File: 1492124691621.png (42.91 KB, 200x174, 1465043735395.jpg)

It would be horrible if /lit/ was combined with some other board. It's fine for /lit/ to be slow.
/w/ should be brought back.
/drg/ is cool too and quite cyb as well.
/feels/ but not visible in /mega/ perhaps.
/cult/ for music, movies/tv.
Technology related boards not to be merged together.
I'd prefer if there was no /civ/ board. Brings too much brewing soykaf and spreads to other boards.
I'm probably missing a few.


Lainchan needs a /trap/ board for cute boys in in panties and sophisticated, spikes pitfalls


File: 1492162637165.png (1.18 MB, 138x200, 48ab9a77gy1fegyu9khj4j21ba1wn1kx.jpg)

You meant this sort of things?


there's a #cuteboys channel on the discord


And you need to kill yourself.


That's a nice bait and all, the joke is not even worth it.


File: 1492176468771.png (29.28 KB, 200x160, laindh.jpg)



Where is /layer/?
Where is /layer/?


The discord need to die tho



The main reason I browse(d) lainchan.


/sec/ and /diy/ were pretty good


Get rid of the dumb word filters


File: 1492221850452.png (5.38 MB, 200x200, spoo.gif)

/meat/ meatpods
/lien/ life enhancement
/xch/ exchange your soykaf


Strongly disagree with this poster


I say add a few more. Especially on overused insults. At least I find word filters quite amusing.

Your request looks automated; Post discarded. And why is that.


feels is such a good board i think. can I ask what about it you think gives a bad image to this site?


File: 1492318760636.png (30.68 KB, 170x200, 1491781309270.jpg)

Appledudeiiii bring back /sec/ and /cyb/ !


First of all, combining any of the distinct tech related boards is retarded. The central purpose of the site is tech/cyber. Combining several tech boards would result in a board that quickly devolves into another /g/, and would be a soykafshow for the whole fuarrrking site.

Also, please bring back /diy/, Appleman. You say you want to see active projects come to fruition, well /diy/ could be the perfect place for something like that to spawn.

Why not have a page or board dedicated to active sitewide projects, so we can see their progress?


Additional Boards I feel essential to the culture of Lainchan are:

And I would like to see ART make a comeback!
Also I would like to see an Android/smart phone section implemented... Its such a big part of our day to day tech lives it does deserve it.

Personally I don’t care for high turn over on posts and like the separation so topics keep grouped.

Not a lot needed to change. It was the best.

Also get lit back soon and the next zine could help the recovery!


err yeh and DIY... - very important!


agreed /diy/ is nice


File: 1492368914753-0.png (458.39 KB, 139x200, 1488664589979.jpg)

What the hell happened here? I'm out of the loop, please explain. And bring back /layer/!


there are plenty of posts explaining/asking what happened in the catalog, try reading them.


File: 1492370750100.png (66.69 KB, 200x200, serveimage.jpeg)

From what little I gather - a password was reset by Appleman and the new password ended up in Klayx inbox ...Klayx then proceeds to delete all...

I guess he is a bitter about Lainchan - but the "fuarrrk ton" of money he got for the sale of lainchan should have sweetened him up!

Alas, as always Klayx is a sore glitter boy!

Total cock thing to do - still counts as unlawful entry to a computer system... definitely not legal in uk - probably not usa either! Not that any fuarrrks are given about the law.


Hey Appleboy,
please make lainchan accessible via Tor hidden service. I can provide vanity addresses if that helps.


Lainchan's website design is not particularly friendly for mobile devices - in particular, the home page.



Bring it back! "CYBERPUNK IS DEAD" is dead!


What is the drama going on?! Now every link to different boards has been redirected to "lainchan.jp", I have heard that some mods/admins wanted to fork Lainchan, but all of this sudden, even before I finishing a post? What the heck?


File: 1492430751722.png (20.86 KB, 200x114, weev-mic.jpg)

It's an operation by the jews to divide Lainchan's user base.


The only jew is prolly Appleman: has enough money to buy Lainchan, but is also cheap enough to not host backups elsewhere


How come Lain's Volafile room is set to erase in two days?
Other rooms I've seen are set to five days.



too many boards, that will spread the userbase too thin again.


/r/ is pointless imo


/r/ is a board for random posts, or just anything that doesn't fit into what the other boards are dedicated to. It is one of the more active boards overall, and has one of the most diverse collections of threads and posts.

I think that /r/ is great.


File: 1492467432968.png (105.39 KB, 200x113, Autistic_Person.jpg)

I could try to help janitor a bit

I can't be a VERY dedicated one, but I am reasonably personable and have a nice attention to detail and stuff. Just if you needed an extra hand to do a bit of stuff or whatever.


The news says that Radio is back up but it's still not working for me. Is this the case for anyone else?


its up for me


I'd like /sci to remain. It was seriously high quality. Slow but...


It flows pretty well, but the board list is bad.


I feel sorry for our ddt community in layer.


lainchan lost that weird Russian DDT community
It's really a shame


PLEASE change the /drg/ and /zzz/ icons for their respectives names (drg and zzz)


File: 1492626025039.png (117.96 KB, 169x200, mei stop.jpg)


Stop the board creations at seven. We don't need more. Things are too chaotic, so there's no clear way to judge if a new board will truly gain enough traction to take off.

1. Get rid of /layer/, the Russians aren't coming back.
2. Replace /lit/ with /cult/ so we can bring all the artists back together.
3. Create in /tech/ to bring in the hardware specialists and /diy/ posters. (And with the deletion of /layer/, this will ensure we remain at seven boards.)
4. DO NOT bring back /feels/. If there's one thing you can do to separate us from the idiots at .jp, it's that we aren't whiny babies who post about their depression on a containment board on the internet. Let them be our containment board.
5. Ban Kalyx from the chan meeting.

That mofo deleted all of our content, we shouldn't be nice to him and we shouldn't be asking him for advice or for his opinion.. You look blatantly weak trying to get help from him. Stop it. Surround yourself with new friends, people who were willing to stay on dot org with you and not dot jp, and create a new administration for yourself. You're better than this, so stop sucking up to the Kalyx sympathizers.

.jp should be considered a containment chan for Kalyx and all his friends. Even though you failed to secure us with a proper backup, Kalyx was the one who brought about all of this in the first place, not some outside malicious force. You kept him near you, and look what happened. Shun them and create new friends for yourself with the community here. Talk to us, and not them. They are sending people over from .jp over to here in order to subvert us and create a new audience for Kalyx and Seph. Don't let them do this. Keep them out and within their own chan. Do all of this, and .org will be stronger than ever before. It will be hard work and surround yourself with the people who decided to stick with you, you will succeed.

Be different.


I am very much in agreement of this list.
As much as I loved /cyb/, the thing I fear is that may attract /po l/ users if it becomes too focused on politics.
Maybe it should look closer to /cult/, which had (in my opinion) very interesting topics, such as the cyberpunk music thread, urban homeless thread by a vagabond anon, the shortlived Let's make some nuyen thread...Basically a strong variety of content, which is what made lainchan an almost daily visit for me.


I agree with this except with /cyb/, /sec/ and /cult/ should be the alternative,

If /cyb/ the mods will have a tough time moderating the political threads and will cause a down fall. Again

>/layer/ and /feels/ (In case apple thinks in bringing it back) MUST be hidden.


>/layer/ should be hidden.
Why in the world?

It's meant to experiment with stego and encryption. It's not like anyone truly expects a public DDT board with a widely-known key to be truly safe, nor is it meant to be.




>Be different.
I lol'd


Please stop replacing board names with pictures. It is like kicking dead whales down the beach ass.
Thank you.


I'm not 3, I can read, I don't want pictograms which are less aestheticly pleasant and less explicit than letters.
If you really want to be cryptic, use the greek letters (/Δ/ and so on), at least it won't look retarded.


Yeah I agree, that "be different" was cringy tho.

Grow some fuarrrking balls appleman


Well that was quick.
Thanks Appleman you rock.


Indeed, I was about to post on this but you were lightning fast. Thanks brother.


It's so sad to see all the drama these people have caused to an otherwise good, small imageboard. I hate to see all this blasphemy against the image of Lain.

Kalyx, I hope you fuarrrking rot in hell. Deleting all those threads with valuable information, I can't even understand how you don't have any love for your own child... gross honestly. Luckily, that child is no longer under your control, and will continue to grow far away from you.


While reluctant to give .jp any credit, i have to agree with the posts asking to ban the URL.

If it was any other kind of advertisement, wouldn't it be derezzed? It seems only fair to at the very least give warnings for posts like this.

Keep in mind i'm not talking about discussions, i'm talking about plain advertisements with no content whatsoever. What's the difference between "myblog.blogspot" and "lainchan.jp"? If that is all my post says?


What happened to the graphical menu bar? I was just beginning to dig it.


It was disabled due to the number of complaints by people without Unicode Emoji support. Work is being done to make the board aliasing in the top bar a client side configurable feature that works both with and without JavaScript, and lets people choose between Unicode alias, text aliases, and no aliases.


I'm curious about the board naming.
Why is programming a small lambda? Is it because they like lambda calculus? Is diy a big Delta because it begins with the letter d? Why not a small delta? Was tech originally intended to be the alphabetically last board in the list and is therefore a big Omega?


Yes actually. Lambda Calculus is very Lain.


/cyb/ and /cult/ will not be returning.

Rarely any discussion of importance there.


File: 1492956090004.png (23.39 KB, 200x74, 2017-04-23-075255_674x250_scrot.png)

Though I do not like reddit, nor do I use it, I like the idea of placing an overlay such as attached to encourage good discussion. How about one that says something like "Don't spill soykaf" or perhaps a further elaboration.

One possible overlay could be a listing of Graham's disagreement hierarchy
http://www.paulgraham.com/disagree.html such as:

Soykaf: Name-calling
Low-burr: Ad Hominem
Ehh, no: Responding to Tone
Warm: Contradiction
Warmer: Counterargument
Hot: Refutation
Hot damn, were having fun!: Refuting the Central Point

This is likely too much, so if this is a good idea I invite you to refine it.


why is feels not a board but /zzz/ and /drg/ are when it was mentioned they would be merged and most people seemed to be down for it.

The description in zzz actually says some topics work on either board, they are even more similar now and you still didnt merge them. what is the point.



You must take a trip to your containment chan, my friend. >>1938


>You must take a trip to your containment chan, my friend. >>1938
If you're going to have this many fuarrrking boards, just add /feels/ and link it to their site.


Pretty dumb behaviour. The feels board here was not just people whining and it was getting better. If you guys want to pretend that just because of some board drama a board that was always on this site is now a symbol of something more than just a fuarrrking place to have discussion its whatever. Il be staying on this site as I always have been feels or not.

It still doesnt change my opinion of the fact that the boards are a mess right now. Drg and zzz should be merged, and despite my personal bias and the fact that I always wanted an art board /vis/ and /music/ probably should be.


actually on second thought fuarrrk my reccomendatioms for how things should be merged because not everyones going to agree, but why the fuarrrk are there so many boards? It seemed like all discussion was heading towards the ideas of less boards or a similar number at the very least (5-7). Did that just all get thrown out the window?