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Appleman said he is looking at ideas for new boards. So why not have a thread on this?
(Appleman if you think this thread is inappropriate at this stage, feeel free to delete it)

My ideas: /w,/ipfs,/foss and /net(as in network technology and science)


As I said in IRC, It'd be neat to try out a cyb paranormal occultist tenchomancy board. Lainchan already embraces that aspect of the meme, but before there wasn't a specific board for it. So I suggest a paranormal board


imo, the original boards were all sufficient and fine.


There were issues with old boards, however it was kept to not disturb anything. Now that we have a clean slate. We should think outside the box IMO. I mean I don't have anything against keeping some old boards especially /sci and /tech, but since everything's already erased, let's be creative.


I wouldn't call it "paranormal" though since it will attract the wrong audience. I propose a board which is essentially about darker side of existence, called /zone/, where you could bring conspiracies, ufo, gov dealings and all other obscure stuff


We're kinda in a weird spot with this. On the one hand with everything being wiped it seems a good time to make changes. On the other board changes were always very controversial and we don't really have time to argue about it. Also, there's a meeting scheduled where we'll be discussing board changes already and everyone will have time to come and have a say.

I think we should just stick with the core boards for the moment and go ahead with the meeting as planned. The lack of need to move a lot of threads and the mods should mean new boards are easier though.


More /cyb/ focused all around could be cool, that being said I really dug the setup that was present recently.

I think the only board I really liked the idea of but not the execution of wast /cult/, but also that has to do with the content moreso than moderation or anything. (I want more fashion threads)


That's exciting. I saw one once, though it embarrasses me to admit it.


Perhaps if we first create the boards we could use the meeting as a sort of first review of the new boards in action.


I like the /foss and the /ipfs ideas..


I would like to have something like /cyb/ and /x/


Possibly a /ghost/ for paranormal cyb stuff. Keep /cyb/ split into /tech/ and /sec/.


>Keep /cyb/ split into /tech/ and /sec/.
But why? What's the point of segregating all the boards into these tiny subcategories. Both of those topics can be considered cyberpunk, so why split them up. It just dilutes the content that users make.


>Both of those topics can be considered cyberpunk
Both of them have the cyber, but do they have the punk?


That depends on how the definition of punk is stretched, but I really don't think it matters, if the board is /cyb/ then people will post /cyb/ things. It's about creating an atmosphere. Look at sushichan: Its whole point is to be 'comfy' so people tend to respect that, its users are nice to each other.
I get that the point of separating the boards is to create more focused discussion, but I think that having such niche boards makes the discussion too focused and takes away from the cyberpunk theme that the site is supposed to have. Just having a plain characterless /tech/ board isn't very cyberpunk, it's just another tech board on just another imageboard.


/tech/ was an original board, /cyb/ did not split, it was just renamed to /sec/.


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requesting /ago/, the Agora board


lainons post by city to advertise local trading, offer services, housing, bitcoin exchange, warez and file sharing, programming tutoring or contracts, organize distributed computing, ridesharing, political activism, couchsurfing etc

it'd be like a chan craigslist people could build cred and social networks through


Why do you want this board anon?


I wouldn't really want to have a minimal number of boards as having many boards caters to multiple interests and therefore can potentially attract more users.


As I said in the main thread, we ought to have /hobby/ so we can have discussions of hobbies that relate to Lainchan but may not fit within programming or hardware (ie tabletop games, urban exploration, etc)


I support this and /zone/


That's a super cool idea and I'd love to have that kind of community/social outreach thing, but I feel like it could probably be accomplished as a single thread somewhere like /cult/, /diy/ or /cyb/


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lainchan needs a better presence in meatspace, especially if its going to stay alive

insider trading about foss and server systems and programming is fun, but I've been a heavy contributor here a while and people are starting to have the same conversations over and over again, it would be refreshing to actually evangelize the cyb lifestyle into meatspace and would also attract more users

having an Agora board would also encourage and incentiveize lainons to actually use their skills in exchange for other goods and services, and would be a means for for users to actually circumvent reliance on corporate economic infrastructure and possibly result in distributed economic networks

example: right now I actually need consulting on a hardware project, and would be willing to pay bitcoin or some other trade for help in fabrication/consulting, I could meet up with someone on /ago/ and we'd be networked for future projects, could possibly start a business together, the possibilities are endless


those threads get lost fast, and ideally we want higher volumes of requests and gathering, a whole Agora board is ideal


I second and third this idea! This would be Cyb as hell. :D


Please return /layer/.
Longen my body


I don't care that much, I just want /λ/ back.


Yes please! Especially the travel/ couchsurfing aspect sounds interesting.



super cool idea
I would use the soykaf out of this


Could you imagine the amount of work that would be done with this idea?


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I agree it shouldn't be called paranormal. Calling it that would not be cyb enough and could attract retarded flat-earther types. The topics should be technology and cyberpunk themed obviously so the name should correspond with that.

I like this idea but I feel like a whole board for that wouldn't get much traffic. Especially considering the size of our community.



I know people who would use this site more if it did exist, a whole board is necessary for it to be useful


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I think this is a sick idea. Definitely merge /drg/ and /zzz/. Don't axe them.
This guy knows what is up.

I want a word filter for "Kalyx"


/navi is too much of a reference. Not literally everyone has seen SEL here.
I agree with the ideas though.

Also /agora sounds like a great idea.


Well the IB is called Lainchan, it's not that much of a stretch.
Could be another greek letter as well, we'd already have λ and μ anyway.



I agree with /zone/ hopefully it would get a bunch of threads on surveillance and govt. overreach.

I also like the idea of /agora/!


>>152 Agreed. /zone/ would cover phenomena that were in the anime, after all, and then some.

>>84 Could /net/ cover the ground /sec/ did as well, or was /sec/ broader than that?

>>272 Division between /tech/ and /sec/ helped me find threads on a certain topic more easily, though I see some merit in their combination on principle.

>>583 I like a lot of the ideas here too. /navi/ is an appropriate title for the board, and could spur people who don't get the reference to watch a brilliant anime.


>>787 P.S. I miss λ however. I am eager for its triumphant return, or something similar thereto.

>>779 Why stop at Greek?


Has there been discussion to get rid of /zzz/ and /drg/??? Those were my two favorite boards


Here here. It'd be great for me to discuss my quadcopters and drones.


'Psy' is a great candidate to be written in Greek - just sayin'


>Please return /layer/.
I second this. It was an active board, even if it did not seem so to some (it was not shown on /mega/). It was where much of our Russian community resided.


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Well, this is supposed to be a cyberpunk imageboard, right?
The classic high tech in low life, yeah?

In regards to high tech, that gives us Techniques related to hardware/software fuarrrkery, News related to such fuarrrkery, and the Implications of such fuarrrkery.

Low life could mean Politics: discussions concerning the history, present, and future thereof, News: current/future events and their implications, Crime: its methods and possible causations, both in meatspace and cyber.

Life in general leaves room for Site updates and discussion, Psyche discussion, Advice and such, Literature and other forms of leisure.


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Some sorta business or at least cash procurement board could also be of potential use, seeing as I'd imagine a nice chunk of imageboard users in general seem to be in demand for dosh.
Though I suppose it could also fit under some sort of crime board, what with money being the reason for harboring an interest in crime.


I would like to see /cyb/ come back. By far my favourite board


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I propose a new hidden board /lindsay/ lohan. She's a world-class professional meltdown artist and deserves our utmost respect and reverence. She has been an invaluable role model for much of my life and has inspired me to finally stop dragging my feet and pick up my cocaine habit again. Thank you Lindsay. I know you are reading this.


I love whoever you are.


>those threads get lost fast, and ideally we want higher volumes of requests and gathering, a whole Agora board is ideal
The population of this site is small and rather spread out, I don't think you will be getting much even with a dedicated board.


Bring back the **secret** boards!


Maybe the 404 page could be a lainposting board?


At least we have #lindsay on the IRC server.