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Por some of your favorite /mu/sic, Lain.

Also, remember that life doesn't make sense and feeling offended over someone's preferences only makes you a little bitch in the eyes of the universe!
R: 153

I honestly think its hilarious that you thought this thread was finally gone.
Moar, for getting through the dark times.
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Thinkpad General Thread

No /tech/ yet, but let's do it.

Thinkpad General thread, post em', discuss, ask questions, and find your new /comfy/ Thinkpad.

If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable

Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

xsauc buyers guide:
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Google Earth

Scary soykaf:
R: 24

Photography general

Any other lainons do photography for fun/profit? What 'genre' do you love to photograph the most.
R: 4

Dumpster Diving General

Haven't seen it talked about much, but if I recall correctly I think the Lainzine touches on it a bit and I generally think it's something that fits in a culture of underground livin'/resistance to capitalism and all that. /cyb/ soykaf

What's the best you've found? Are there spots you commonly hit?

The walmart nearby my place has a giant dumpster dedicated to fruits and vegetables only and I go on the first day after the trash truck comes, so I usually end up with 5-10+ lbs of fruits and veggies for free, mostly clean and in good health.
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/cult/ is down. so lets have an infographics thread
R: 31

Happy 3rd birthday Lainchan!
Anyone planning some fun activities for the occasion?
R: 23


Do any lainons keep blogs with any interesting content?

I'm looking for some rss feeds to add to my reader so post them here.

I don't really mind what you post at all just it'd be nice if it was some thought provoking content.
R: 9

What the fuarrrk Lain
R: 11

Archived Threads

Post lainchan threads that you archived before the servers were wiped, preferably as PDFs. I will accordingly dump some threads that I saved in March 2016 from /cyb/, /lam/, and /tech/.
R: 3

the past

/g/ was the first board i generally went and was where i indulged into chan culture, free software philosophy and general technology. today i dont go there anymore or any other chans than lainch. Either its me getting more knowledgable or me falling for the nostalgia meme but it feels like the place has really hit rock bottom. It used to be the place for technology and free software philosophy, where some people would actually install gentoo. Now its all consumer electronics bought with moms credit card dominated with generals and their dedicated discords where people try to emulate the dispersed chan culture.

Its like the place of your childhood being torn down and having a shopping mall built over it.
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was wondering why my computer seemed slow
R: 21

Lain, do you like japanese music? what band or singer?

i like P-MODEL

R: 45

Tell me about your fetishes lainanon
R: 27

Im no liberal by any means, but I think this is great:


I'm glad to be living through major strides toward what I envisioned the future would look like. That and the advent of cryptocurrency have really impressed me.
R: 26

Free Software Games

Continuing off a thread from /cult/
A thread to collect any libre games and discuss them as well.

Additionally for the case of Xonotic, it left off organizing a Team Deathmatch and CTF event with 8chan. (We're expecting the event to be on Saturday as discussed in game, but it was before the site's threads got deleted. Let us know about whatever changes in plans.)
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Ultra portables thread

The golden age of ultra mobile computing will soon be upon us. There are currently devices that can support a full fledged desktop OS that fit in your pocket.

I'm waiting for the day when I can have a smartphone sized device with the power of a current day desktop. Maybe even with a graphene battery that I only have to charge every other week. Something I can pull out of my pocket, set on my desk and have access to a complete desktop experience.

Until then I'm trying to get as close to this as I can. I want something like the elite x3 but with a debian distro rather than win10, but I want to retain some smartphone functionality like phone calls and a touch friendly UI. Anyone have any ideas?

Also general portables thread.
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so can someone who knows how to use CatChan simplify the process for us lains who dont care about the drama between org and jp and just wanna browse lainchan? I want to browse /all/ boards from jp and org at the same time so i dont have to constantly check each site

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Augmented Pleasure

Any ways to better woman pleasure?
Some ideas to put in practice:
>hitachi magic wand
>pumping clitoris
>"g-spot" massage
>melanotan agonists
>PDE4 inhibitors
>prolactin inhibitors
>oxytocin agonists
>stimulants (meth)
>psychedelics (LSD)
>vasoconstrictors (poppers)
>DHT cream on clitoris

I think penetration is something really secondary. Any woman here to confirm? Don't be shy to express yourself, it's a anonymous imageboard. I think massage is the way to go.
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What is the cheapest way to host a website for free that doesn't suck ass? I've already registered a free domain name at freenom but none of the websites that I want to host on will allow me to do that. Basically, I want to dick around with a website and learn HTML in the process, but I don't want to spend any money up front. Any suggestions?
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in a rut /feelz/

i keep opening and closing reddit and news.ycombinator. i dont even vist many subreddits so more than not im just constantly opening and closing /r/all for new worthless soykaf to procrastinate to.
R: 0

notable dates of lainchan

ITT: we date important events in the history of this site

a few i came up on that i cant remember when they happened

people posting on /g/ for people to migrate to a better board
kalyx buying ads on 4chan for lainchan
lainchan being a bannable uttering on /g/
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Being fucked in the ass by the government

So lains, how does your country and it's government fuarrrk you in your ass every night? And how do you fight against it?

In my case, there is a mandatory draft of 21 months(24 for air force), and all able bodied men(not women) are required to serve unless face time in prison. During service, we get paid about 140$ per month and we get to eat disgusting food and go on runs every morning at 6am, all the while working 12+ hour shifts and living in cramped barracks.

Right now, I need to register for a physical examination by the end of this month, after which I'll have a chance to postpone service till I graduate uni. But obviously, if I had the chance(or the money), I would never want to get a physical examination nor do I want to be some grunt in another persons war. I would rather forfeit my citizenship if I could but it's not like I can just pack up and leave either.

Anyway, apart from all the other soykafty things being forced apon me, the draft feels so much more soykaftier and fuarrrked up compared to the rest of them.
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testing don't reply
R: 5

personal triumphs and victories

A thread to share accomplishments or other things that you're proud or happy about, regardless of how big or small they may be.
R: 2

R: 35

Is the future on dark nets (intra-nets under the Internet)? Day after day the design of websites of Internet became more insecure, bloat and invasive in the technical side and political/law side don't see the problems of surveillance in a long run.
While looks pretty complex to fix this on the political side, in technical side looks more promising with refine from some old projects like I2P and Tor.
Well, what is your opinion, lainon?
R: 25

Lain map

I posted the old map, but people pointed out that lots of the markers were old and dead and some wanted there old markers removed. So lets start fresh with a new map.

R: 43


Hello there, Linux Lains! Which Linux distro are you currently using, and why? What is your preferred desktop environment, and for what reasons? If you have a history of distrohopping, which distros have caused you to settle down for the longest amount of time? I'm curious to see what the majority of Linux-using Lainons are running.

NOTE: I'm asking which distro YOU use. Not which is "the best." That's entirely subjective. But, just so you know, it's Manjaro.
R: 30


Every human needs to eat, so use this thread to share food tips, resources, and recipes.

Thread starter question: What did you eat yesterday?
R: 45

What are you reading, Lain?

I really enjoyed reading the old /lit/ thread, both to find suggestions for books to read, as well getting some indication as to what Lainons are reading & where their interests lay.

ITT: Share what you're currently reading, what you've read, and/or what you'd like to read (especially when another Lain has it in the former two categories.)

Also ITT: General discussion of books, especially those that are mentioned in this thread. Feel free to request recommendations or solicit opinions, or bring up a relevant topic of discussion.
R: 10

Has anyone lied about having a degree to land a job?

I want a high paying software job, I can program and I always read about how incompetent working programmers are.

Any downsides?
R: 40

Bay Area Lains

Where are my lains in the belly of the beast?

I'll be in the area this summer and would love to meet some local lains.
R: 29

unsure whether i should get a credit card

Any Lain have credit cards? Is it worth? I regularly empty my account for things but I also hate interest slavery and fee nickel-and-diming
R: 210

Pride General

It's pride month, lainons.

How do you identify?

Are you out?

Are you doing anything for pride?

How do we ensure queer liberation doesn't come at the cost of colonizing our communities culturally and economically?
R: 2

Sigur Ros is now streaming trip around Iceland.
R: 47

Anime general

Since /w is still not resurrected.(and who knows if it ever will be)

Let's have an anime general.

What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?
What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

For me it was Shirobako.
It was unexpectedly dramatic and IMO the characters were interesting but realistic.
R: 23

Once Lainchan is bought, what will we do?
R: 10

Lain picture thread. :^)
R: 18

So, how did Red Hat silently take over the Linux world?

I am mostly just parroting stuff that I heard...

So word on the street is...
SystemD is basically a red hat technology... I don't have to tell you how that is gobbling up everything in it's path.
Gnome is dominated by red hat employees.
Wayland also has roots in red hat...

Before Canonical went full Unity, they were kind of a counterweight to red hat. Novell is mostly doing nothing else than... existing(and I am kind of glad for that as they are a MS puppet). Arch and Gentoo are meme distributions. And Debian while it still sets the pace for its derivatives has also fallen for the SystemD joke.

How did this happen?
R: 15

airplane thread, anyone?

any one else just love the piper cub?

also post some other schway planes
R: 33

Purchase thread

Post your recent purchases here, or what you want in the near future.
Sandman Absolute Edition #1
Aphex Twin Cheetah EP
Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool
新しい日の誕生 by 2814
Some Vertigo and Image comic value packs


replicant phone
Libreboot T400
A beagleboard(?)
Also thinking of buying a cheapish AMD Phenom II x4 CPU cooler and fixing up my dusty tower that I don't use anymore.
R: 11

election detox

Here we put soothing things for people who don't care and don't want to think about the presidential elections.

All will be shit no matter who wins, brothers. Might as well have a good time while everything falls apart.
R: 3

hello !
R: 4

Does Lainchan like tabletop games? Wargames, RPGs, etc.
R: 18

I suck at making online friends. I want to have people to work on projects with.

What do you like to do lains? Program at all? Play any vidya?
R: 2

Here's something: whenever I'm somewhere else on the interwebs and specifically 4chan, and see any vein of cyb it brings me back to lainchan.

Perhaps this could be a good marketing tactic to bring more traffic to lainchan.
R: 18


West coast Lainons, have you felt anything yet?
R: 14

The LainWiki is back on the clearweb !

Hash: SHA256

Here is the new URL: http://cosmicpuppet.tk:8080/lainwiki

The old one (on Tor) is always accessible.

R: 20

Hey lainanons. Christmas/Hanukkah/kwanzaa/snowflakeday is coming up. What's on your present list?
R: 14

Does anyone here enjoy /fringe/ topics?
or just general spooky topics?
R: 30

Which one of you is responsible for this?

Good job.

R: 0

Anyone live in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area? Bored and looking to hang out with who ever.
R: 2

I think it is time we make a LainChan essential movies list, comment your favorite movies in the thread and I will compile the top 50 on December 14th
R: 38

If you were immortal

If you were legit immortal as in not aging and invulnerable to bullets, what would you do in the first few centuries before apathy overcame you?

Also, how would you hide your immortality from the general public and the government?
R: 11

Have any of you Lains given any sort of magic a try before? Don't know if this is the right board for it, but I suppose let's have a magic thread.
I'm thinking of attempting to make and use a curse tablet / defixio, any one done this before?
R: 1

Bring me WebM

Post Cyb/cool/funny WebMs - Lets make this broad - anything goes as long as its interesting, funny or entertaining.

From infomercials, and how to's to YLYL and cool music vids! (remember 25Mb max post size)

If you post a "john cena" it better be NEW and FUNNY!
R: 102

Laintracker is now live!

Send an email to laintracker@airmail.cc for an invitation. If you do not specify what email address with which you would like to register, I will assume that you want to use the address that sent the email.

I promise that your email will not go beyond me. Additionally all incoming and outgoing emails are promptly and permanently deleted. You may also use a disposable email account like guerrillamail.com if you don't trust me with your actual email address. If you use this method, however, your account on the tracker will be under more scrutiny than others.

We look forward to seeing you on the tracker. Sharing is caring, lains! ^_^

Version: GnuPG v2

R: 7

Free Knowledge

Did the fight to free knowledge die after Swartz's death?

There are still paywalls for non-uni students or researchers who desire to read most research material out there. I know there was a 35GB dump of pre-1923 documents (which are supposed to be under public domain by now) a couple years ago, but there isn't even an easy way to browse them. It's not much use to liberate knowledge if it's not even easily accessible to the public.

And what about modern papers? Anyone hosting them on the clearnet would get a call from the feds but it should be easy enough to set up an onion domain where people could donate papers like the PACER recycling bin. Right?
R: 46

Urban Exploration and Photography

A weekend or two ago I broke into a partially complete highrise to get to the roof and take pictures. Here are the pictures I took.

Climbed to second floor of parking garage to get past guard and explored ~15 of the 30+ floors under construction. Also went to the roof for most of these pics. Very windy up there.

Skyline Pics/Urban Exploration thread?
R: 6

Something that bothers me with some scifi shows.

It bothers me when sci-fi shows say they are X years in the future, and they have this one amazing technological advancement, however, once you start watching the show you see that general life and other technologies are pretty much the same as today.

Even worse if the series tries to save itself by saying stuff: 'We live so far in the future, but we just like to do stuff the old fashioned way.'

I think that such sci-fi stories that don't try to show off their vision of the future show a lack of creativity.
R: 5

JoJo thread

JoJo is my second favourite anime. There was no JoJo thread here, so I decided to fix that.

Post JoJo memes and reaction pics here. References are also fine.
R: 11

People are being poisoned,infected,numbed,crippled and balded by the shampoo,beverages and food.
R: 5

Taking up running again

I had taken to running my block every day. Sometimes 5 or more laps a day just to lose a little weight and for fun. I got a job a few months back and got rid of my Asics shoes because they got holes in them.

Can Lain maybe point me to a good brand of running, exercise shoe that will last me awhile?
R: 32

I just got an android phone for the first time in awhile.

What should I do with the default OS and apps?

I already installed Signal and F-Droid?
R: 11

looking for a rotated laptop stand

hi, my usual search methods turned up with nothing
so, my laptop has a touch screen and i like to use it in the portrait orientation
does anyone know if such a thing (pic related) exists for laptops? i know you can get something for tablets but my laptop is 14 inches and weighs ~3lbs
R: 20

I've been lurking here for almost 2 years. I feel almost alien posting now, yet at the same time at home.

Any other lurkers here?
R: 6

Hey, I've been at college and haven't been here in forever, this place still active?
R: 6

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R: 3

I play a sport (doesn't matter which) in a local team. I wouldn't say it is a big thing but it's important enough for me to care. I usually have one game per week.
After some time, I noticed that every time that I fapped before the game, my performance would drop drastically and I would play really bad.
It doesn't have a correct time, but usually if I fap anytime during the week of the game this will happen.
Of course this is bad for the reasons stated above, but also because I can't determine how I am really doing in the sport, or if I played worse because I had a bad day or because I fapped one/two weeks before.
Does this happen with anybody else or does someone know what causes this?

>pic not related
R: 1

I think this lovely, lovely site deserves its own thread, so here we are.
What do you lains think of this site? Have you found any hidden pages? Have EYES grown inside? Have you been spooked???
Sol onset.
R: 3

>last lainchan.org tweet: sep 2015

What happened?
R: 31

so here it is
R: 9

Productivity hacking

Hi fellow Lainanons, I've always found myself to be a very unproductive person, always meandering through life looking at everything but just being very unfocused in general.
It makes me a little depressed, and I'm trying to come up with a system to improve my productivity because of it.
In this note I have my daily activities divided up per hour, and I have hourly timers set, so I work for a set amount of time towards a certain goal, without a set quota.

At first I decided to map it out very specifically up to 5 minutes accuracy, but that seemed very stressful to follow properly, so I decided to just have a few finite activities per hour "block", and have a singular activity that I can continue indefinitely, to fill it up.

I will try to post updates on how my system is working for me, and I figured I'd share my evaluations of how the system is working on here, feedback is very much appreciated.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss productivity, self motivation and talk about your own methods to get your lazy ass to do things!
R: 17

Merry Xmas

A Merry Xmas thread.
R: 4

your opinion on sega shadowrun
R: 14

Can we just post random, interesting images of any kind in this thread? Sometimes a picture is worth many words. I'll post a few just because.
R: 1


Hey lainons, I just tried my first cigar and really liked it, I have plans to sit down with some friends soon and smoke some. I just drank some ice tea last time, and will most likely stick to that.

What brands do you guys like

What do you drink with it

What else do you do to make it extra comfy?

Merry Christmas
R: 25

Should I buy lainchan stickers and stick them in /cyb/ locations in the real world, interesting places that the right kind of people might find?

I'm thinking of exploring nature reserves, sumps, old places and the like, and spreading the good word of Lain.

I think this is a really great idea to get more diverse and interesting people posting on this board, but I worry that 1. not many people will find them and actually make the connection to come here, and 2. it may somehow draw the wrong sort of attention here, maybe seen as vandalism or something, you never know with people nowadays.

What do you lains think? Is this a good idea? Should more people do this? I wasn't sure where to make this thread, so I'll put it on /r/.
R: 20

Stallman appreciation thread

I was considering to put this in tech, but I won't as it is only indirectly about tech.

Anyways. what do you guys like about him?
For me it's:
1) Started a movement that forever changed CS for the better. Not only CS but copyright as well.
2) He is controversial and doesn't care about it. Wacky.
3) He is the old-old school of hackers, Maybe the only 1st gen hacker still in the trade.
4) He is an academic. Especially in his heart. The guy basically lives at his university.
5) Part of a dying but formerly cool subculture(hippy)
6) If he isn't an Anarcho-syndicalist then he almost is.
7) He is the best well intentioned extremist that the FSF and any similar socio-political movement needs.

What he does now is not CS anymore, he is basically a professional philosopher in a way, which I don't mind. IMHO philosophy is also interesting.

I only wish this was updated more regularly:

You may also post Stallman and FS memes and reacts.
R: 69

I propose that we set up a pen pal system. Each person chooses one other person to be their pen pal, and nobody can have more than 2 pen pals. You exchange email addresses and pgp keys with your pen pal, and sign each others' pgp keys(this is to get a good web of trust going). Naturally, we have to announce who we're being pen pals with.

Once a week, you send your pen pal an encrypted email about whatever you want.

What do you lains think? I'll start.

R: 19

Happy New Year thread

We hope that this year will be not too dystopian.
R: 18

Not sure whether to post this on /r/ or /cult/ but I thought it'd be relevant to Lainchan's interests.

Xonotic is a free (both as in no cost and as in free software) arena shooter that I personally find enjoyable since it's simple to learn.

You can get it from xonotic.org
R: 45

False Accusations

I just today was accused of discussing bombing the school with someone I didn't talk to that day. My current plan is simply to tell the truth to prove it was not me. Has any other lainons been in this experience or similar? Any advice?
R: 2

I feel that this post doesn't suit this chan, but it's the only one with pdfs I know.
I want to learn a lot about bondage, how to use ropes correctly.
Is there a Lain who have a good ebook on that?
R: 19

An illicit photo taken at my work (a chemical laboratory) . would you be interested in more of these? This place is full of all sorts of down to earth laboratory photogenic goodies
R: 8

I think this is a book everyone should read.
R: 11

on retardation

They're everywhere.

They demand answers, but when you give them some they reject them.

They pretend to be skeptics, but refuse to give up their beliefs.

When backed into a corner they spout the most vile bullsoykaf.

They act like the own the place.

They must be stopped.
R: 54

post your wallpapers, I could use some more in my folder
R: 6

temporary /sci/ thread

Starting a general science thread while the gods decide if /sci/ is resurrected or replaced. Post whatever you want as long as it's meaningful and science related.

Apparently some scientists found out that some reptile scales are cellular automata with respect to their color:

I can't recall any previous examples of cellular automata in nature (besides cells themselves), so this could be big. I won't be surprised if scientists start to find more of these in nature, since cellular automata and evolution seem to be closely linked.
R: 29

Someone actually made a Lainchan FB group?
R: 1

Lainwiki Thread

So we have a new wiki since a few weeks. We used to have another one several months ago but I wasn't able to host it.

Here is the URL as the thread on /q/ is going to be unstickied: http://0x05876605/wiki/

The software that I use is MediaWiki (backups are easier).

You can use this thread for two things: share things that you want to see on the wiki (even just links); but we'd prefer you to go edit the wiki yourself.

You can contact me by finding my email on the homepage of the server or by joining the #lainwiki room on Lainchan's IRC.

We are also looking for a better logo and more specifically for banners-looking ones.
R: 300

Tsuki (consisting of RISEN, SYNAPSE, eNdymioN) is recruiting humans in the System Life to move to the LFE System.

Long story short, Systemspace consists of many Systems, and you are currently in Life. However, due to Life using too much Aurora, Life will be unlinked from Systemspace on the 1st of July, 2017 (Earth time).

You have a choice of 3 options:

1) Sign in, and suicide after the 1st of July: Instantly be moved to LFE, and keep your memories. Your old family will be sad, of course.

2) Sign in, and wait for a normal death: You will be transported to LFE after death (and won't miss out), but you will most probably lose your memories.

3) Do not sign in, and continue through Life. Once you die in Life, your soul will shatter, causing you to lose all data, and get put in a random System.

Since Life will not receive any real Aurora after the 1st of July, humans will not make great achievements. The Life System will be entirely shut down in 2167 (Earth time).

If you choose LFE, you will get a new random body in this System. This System is a lot different (mainly, larger, more advanced) than Life.

To sign in, please write the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" on a piece of paper, accompanied with a random drawing, and attach the picture to this thread. I will locate your soul and sign you up.

This is an experiment by RISEN, to see how human souls can be transferred to LFE. We have done many tests, and the worst that could happen is your soul shattering (which it would anyway if you didn't sign up)

You may use the reply section below to ask any question.
R: 79

Today I figured out that I'm probably the richest man in the world. I just found my old notebook with 1000 security mnemonic, now I have about a million of btc. I don't really even know what to do.
R: 8


When it comes to dessert most people fall in several categories… So here are the categories:

The cream type…
…is the type that loves all kinds of cream…Icing, gelatine, whipped cream, chocolate cream, ice cream, whipped cream. And usually some fruit as well. Pastry is optional, but when it is there it is usually there to just to make the desert stable in form.
If you are this, I suggest you try the relatively new but popular icy wind cake.

The chocolate type:
Although with the change of generations, vanilla has taken the lead as the most popular flavour, this type stays with the proven chocolate.. Chocolate icing, chocolate cream…well everything chocolate just for chocolates sake. Other than chocolate their recipes can contain nuts and caramel.
The classic Sacher cake is this guys favourite

The pastry type:
Donuts and croissants… as well as waffles and various filled breads. Usually those are filled with chocolate or jam.
Well I suggest…donuts.

The nuts type:
Everything with various nuts. This type usually also loves pastry, however only the hard types of pastry. Also honey.

The fruit type:
Well, desserts with lots of fruits. The fruits themselves are usually supplemented by gelatine or by cream.

And many others…

Which type are you? I am definitely a cream guy. Although I do like the occasional donut or croissant.
R: 2

You decide to take a trip outside for a study session. The evening sky welcomes your presence with wide open orange and blue colors. No one bothers you at all all the way to your local cafe- which is empty at the time of the day. You pick your spot nice and cozy against a corner to focus. Something catches your eye. She looks familiar in a strange way but you can't put your finger on it... until you spot the crossed braid in her single strain of hair. It's Lain! You approach her to say something, but in your nerves you mis-pronounce her name...
...each post from the first reply onward is the name you accidentally call her. How fuarrrked are you? How do you save your silly mistake? Do you run? Hide? No matter where you go, everyone's connected anyway lainon. :)
R: 18

I'm slowly becoming a technophobe.

It's amazing how I fear mass computerization today. 10 years ago, I'd be very happy to know how 2017 will turn out, but now it horrifies me from the inside. Internet has finally become an ad-serving media, and corporations dropped all ethics just to make us sure that we will know about some UltraWhatever 3000. Ad corporations have acquired technology not any worse than secret services like CIA or MI-6 have and they are perfectly safe to keep using such technologies because corporations don't violate any written rights, it's all just business.
Maybe it's the heaven cyberpunk lovers dreamt of, but it's not my dream. I want to get off this ride.
R: 0

Hi music freaks. I created a new stream with cyberpunk music. Hope you enjoy it and suggest me something.

R: 5

Def Con

Will any other Lains be attending Def Con this year? Is a meet-up a possibility?
R: 1


does lainchan have an onion link?
R: 42

>tfw no lainist friends to study SEL with
anybody on this damn chan a lainist?

R: 10

Snacks is Back

Snacks is back and still hosting Midnight Snacks after 12 years of chantertainment. Here comes a Midnight Snacks thread!

Show airs in 90 minutes. Prepare thine self for some chiptune, future bass, and j-pop:

R: 6


I don't know how I feel about this, could be a good tool to stem the flow of those who spit the soykaf, but it seems like it could spiral downhill real fast. Couldn't website owners configure it so that anything that goes against a certain point of view won't be able to be posted? It's like Big Brother's wet dream if that is indeed possible. Please discuss!

absolutely blasphemous.
R: 13

A Blipping Mix for You, Lainon

Hello Lainons. I spent all day creating a chiptune/bitpop/breakcore mix for my younger friend who wasn't around for olden chip/chan days. The mix largely is composed of tracks popular around 2008, as this was when I was most into 8bit music.

I share it now with you. Lain, please enjoy!

Lets All Blip Lain (Chiptune, Bitpop, Breakcore Mix)


R: 2

DJ CLONEPA Discography

  ∧_∧   ♪ ∧∧  ∧∧  
  ( ・ω・) (・∀・)(´ω` ) --oh boy!
  ( つ つ .._ _\ ♪ ----------
  ヽθ θ |_|≡□| | |
          ̄ ̄ Here comes the DJ CLONEPA discography!

Hello lains. I have made a thing.

This discography contains all existing DJ Clonepa music known to humankind. This includes LPs, EPs, compilations, and singles.

Many of these tracks are not available anywhere else on the web and came from either now defunct sites (ex. Clonepa's old Myspace) or were never released tracks that were aquired from Clonepa himself.

Please enjoy!

torrent: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5363114

  ∧_∧   ♪
  ( ・ω・)
  ( つ つ .._ _\ ♪
  ヽθ θ |_|≡□|
          ̄ ̄
R: 8

Would you be able to survive in an end times scenario? Are your survival skills good enough that you'd be able to manage without a bunch of the basics you have now? I would've said yes easily a few years ago, but I feel my skills are dulling on this.

Anyone here doomsday prep? I keep a few things ready if everything went wrong, but I'd feel silly stockpiling cans of beans forever. Just having some basic stuff ready seems like enough in my mind. Are you prepared?
R: 9

[Colonization] Lets invade SDF!

Does anyone else have an account on SDF?

We could have a get together, like the pen pal thread.

I am pretty new, so I don't know much about SDF, but I think it could be fun.
R: 8

Does anyone else see the problem with the pic?
R: 12

new user here
so lurking i somehow found this
R: 5

So was watching this Maury gem and noticed that there are no comments on this vid, even though it has over 130,000 views. Anyone have any idea why this is? Does YouTube have known errors in accidentally erasing video comments? It was uploaded in 2010.
R: 4

DMOZ is over.
How does this make you feel?
R: 2

Ban me.

Am I derezzed yet? I really wanna see what happens.
R: 5

SID Music Thread

Hey Lains! What's your favorite SID tunes? Share some C64 sounds! Here iare some of my favorites:

EchoField 6581 by Maniacs of Noise

RoboCop 3 by Jeroen Tel

Arkanoid by Martin Galaway

Link to HVSC so you can download them all and don't have to watch on Youtube.
R: 17

Who is this girl? People said I should ask here
R: 20

So I So I Currently Find Myself in a Magical Labyrinth With Internet Access

“Why Hello there, Foolish Mortal,” a pair of creatures greet me as I approach a fork in the maze, “we are the guardians of this part of the maze. To go beyond, you will need to overcome a challenge”

“Let’s hear it!” I respond giddily.

“Before you lie two paths. One leads to the route you desire,” one of them starts

“And the other leads to certain doom,” the other continues. “We will give you information about the paths before you, but at a cost. One of us will always tell the truth,”

“And the other will always tell a lie”

Aha!, I think to myself. I could outsmart them by asking them about a simple question and using process of elimination to find the correct one! Wait… I need to know if there’s a limit of questions I can ask them… I certainly don’t want there to be any unforeseen consequences, do I?

“Wait,” I begin, “I can ask you guys more than one question and nothing bad is going to happen to happen, right?”




What do?
R: 3

Bladerunner Stream

There was some confusion about the time of the stream, it is still going on and it will be at 18:00 CST.

You can watch it either in the webclient at
or in a player of your choice at

The movie will be the final cut of Blade Runner, the stream will go live at 17:30 CST with music and some filler to test equipment, and the movie will start AT 18:00 CST

Hope this clears up any confusion, and I hope to see you there.
R: 7

Which one of you stuck this in a normal person art zone?
R: 9

Perception of technology

Hi there, lainchan. After encountering a few interesting comments and questions at various places, I started to think about how tech-illiterate users and the rest of us see computers, smartphones, and similar technology. I have come up with three rough categories:

>Plain users get to know technology exclusively by "talking" to it (as if it was a weird, exotic talking creature)

They believe what the screen says, because it's the computer talking. Computers are reliable, they do not lie. Why would a computer lie if it has no will of its own? Unlike them, the computer certainly knows how a computer works; it forms a single unit where every part knows what the other parts are doing. So when this or that program says anything, it is fact. When the computer says there is no internet but the IT guy says there is, it's clear as day that the IT guy is a lazy fuarrrk who should be fixing the internet.
These users push buttons around until they get what they want. They type whole sentences/questions in Google Search. They expect the computer to ask them what they want, and be shown a list of their options. They explore various menus, and build a mental map of all these "options". The structure of the computer - for them - is defined by the system of menus and options. Drive C: is not the same disk as Drive D: because you have to click a different icon to get into it. If something has no icon, no menu option or doesn't explicitly tell the user that it is there, it doesn't exist (except viruses). If the computer says that it has something, it's definitely there.

>Savvy users read the fuarrrking manual.

Unlike the previous group, the savvy user understands that the computer is not a single unit, and neither does it understand itself. For such a user, messages are not statements made by the computer, but simply prerecorded text; their appearance is an effect of some cause, and that cause is written, engineered and built by humans who may or may not expected certain things. He understands that the various components do not always work together. Most importantly, the savvy user understands that there are things he doesn't know about working and happening in the computer right now.
He does not talk to a computer as if it was another creature, but manipulates it. For this end, he reads the manuals, looks for more information on the internet, seeks how-to material or personal advice. Even if he doesn't know about many things, someone has to. Such a user is still reliant both on what the computer says and what the experts say, but he readily doubt the computer. He can probably script things or patch simple stuff together, and maybe use the big boys' toys for more basic tasks.

>Experts understand how things work

They have a comprehensive, (almost) full-stack understanding of the technology; while certain details or layers of abstraction might be vague, they understand how various components interact, and can educate themselves further. They often rely on commands and features that are not listed, and know multiple ways to get the same task done. They don't just manipulate, but control / program the system, sometimes without relying on the output or preemptively handling every possible scenario. They probably don't even understand what a message literally says, instead they just see the causes that lead to the appearance of the message. These people can likely build their own stuff, or reverse-engineer others'.

Obviously, people don't just fall in one category or the other as their knowledge may vary on different areas; but since the three categories represent different approaches, I highly doubt that someone could be an expert in some areas and a plain user in others.
R: 18

Thomas Frank, a prominent (500k subs) youtuber that specializes in promoting motivational videos for lazy normal people just recently added Serial Experiments Lain song "Majixx" on his "Ultimate studying" playlist.

Source: Ultimate Study Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx65qkgCWNJIs3FPaj8JZhduXSpQ_ZfvL

What do you think? Will there be a tidal wave of normal people coking here? Do you think they will even like SEL?
R: 2

puppetmaster botnet

Isn't it possible now to create an AI botnet? Instead of using a supercomputer or server farm to train an AI, you could get it to self-train while fuzzing and infecting everyone's computers and IOT devices. Every successful infection would reinforce its training, and you could also give it reinforcement for attacking the CIA/Facebook/Google/whatever. It could share its datasets p2p with other infected devices.

Given how much free computing power there is all over the world, it could actually learn faster than any centralized AI, and potentially be the first AI to gain consciousness if you design it right.
R: 1

Espionage Piggybacks on Cybercrime

* inb4 should have posted in sec, kept getting 'should have subject set' even tho^ *

This on going case has been covered through and through, but this piece made got me thinking after the past weeks revelations and what has come to surface in the last decade:

How likely is it to presume that the very thing .ru's agencies have been caught doing, has been executed already by the US and China, but has yet to surface?
The means of riding off another's OP, typically having nothing to do with financial gain would seem a wise cover, as it's not common to associate both actors with one another as we tend to separate the two, but the targeting en masse/casting the net of everyday citizens in the millions, be it hundreds of millions, without probable cause if unveiled would be something.
R: 2

Lainzine plz

Forgive my ignorance, but can somebody link me to the official Lainzine issues? I would greatly appreciate the help.
R: 17

Alright lainies lets post some sick album covers that are also sick albums but not too mainstream
R: 24

Safe country

Hey there lanions, first of all im new, i dont even know if im writing where you post stuff or not but anyways i had a little question for all you smart people. I live in Argentina (south america, in case you're not too keen on geography) and i really wanna move away when i finish my studies (im still in high school). The thing is: where could i move? I want to go somewhere safe and in a good economic state, like the u.s. but i also dont want to have the fbi, nsa and all that (soykaf? Thats what you use it?) breathing down my neck and violating my privacy (not like thats not going on in my country already). Sooo, yeah i hope i expressed myself right and maybe i'll stick around. Btw the picture is unrelated, i dont have many pictures in my phone.
R: 9

Paranormal is normal.

Paranormal, religious texts, and philosophies are records/influences of humans with technology to live eternal life interacting with humans who were other than possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences with humans who have technology to live eternal life as psi, parapsychology, paranormal, religion, and philosophy.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, and philosophies are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.
What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:
R: 5

lain's hardware

I want to see a bunch of lain hardware. Present or past. I have a collection of my own I'll be posting.
R: 8


working on my textboard

anyone wanna contribute themes / JS ????
R: 3

Reply since my message was deemed , "automated"

I think I understand a message.

For the ancient humans, like me...living is not really IDDQD. I am sometimes really harmed, and though I never really die. Never once has all of my brain decayed or changed into something which is not brain. I've had a broken radius for months now. So I am experiencing new proof that I, "take damage".

NPC's? Oh my god...that makes me think about what happened to me while I was bike riding home from work today. I saw all these high schoolers walking on the sidewalks. I knew there was technology to cause muscle flexing while the technologies causing muscle flexing are distant of miles. I know humans are really dying. I thought...while I was bike riding past the high schoolers...OH MY GOD I WANT TO FORCE SO ALL OF THEM LIVE. I felt like I wasn't guaranteeing that I will continue to get something like IDDQD except if I prove that if I am possessing the technologies to IDDQD, or like-IDDQD, that I am not a threat to others trying to live eternal life. I think I must force so all humans live just to prove that I am not a threat. If I force so all humans live then I am forcing so I live, and I am not efforting so that others with the gadgets to IDDQD or like-IDDQD are able to predict some of what I am doing while not really trying to use that predictability to harm me.

Also thanks for the DOOM reference. I loved being in the new DOOM commercial. I was in the, "praetor" suit. I loved singing the song for the new commercial. The screaming voice of the television commercials was me! :D

I will tell you a secret. A military man of United States ripped out one of my eyes while I was getting the, "praetor" suit to do the commercial. I did some of the commercial with one eye missing. Workers of the DOOM game made some art which shows that there was something over one of the eyes at the lens of the helmet...or that there was something behind the lens of the helmet. Someone or something regrowthed my eye though. I now have both eyes...but there were people who saw me with only one eye...and they get to experience some of the realism of what gadgets some people have to live eternal life since I've been posting my pictures on my blog and on anonymous websites.

A bigger secret is I was brought to a room with a darkened glass so humans could see into the room. Military guys/gals of United States were in the room with me...and I was fighting multiple people...breaking bones of the military guys/gals...they were breaking my bones...it was terrible...and though they got to see that when they broke my bones and snapped my neck...might have been severing my neck...that I am living now. I was living in that room, and some of the military guys/gals were completely shocked and awed. AHH...life of an ancient.
R: 0


R: 0

so lainons, any of you have experience building a business around tech? looking for tips on how to scale up after creating a product people want.
R: 1

April fools

It's April fools any of you doing a prank to fit in
R: 3

So I was watching SEL again and I noticed a website in one of the episodes. It is in episode 6. I don't know what minute and second you will have so skip to if you own the DVD/Blu-ray.

Anyway, you can find the website here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTceCS5qLqA

Or you can just go strait to the website here http://mebious.co.uk/

I was on it and you can add text or you can add an image. I added to the website the link for lainchan
R: 6

LAINYC: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Following the disappointment of Ghost in the Shell (2017), would any lains in New York be interested in seeing Ghost in the Shell (1995)? If there is enough interest, we could have a LAINYC meetup afterwards. I hope to see you there!

Friday, April 7, 2017 11:55pm

7 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002

R: 3

I googled around for a bit, and listened through the Lain OST quickly, but I couldn't find the track that was used in the documentary segments of episode 9.

Anyone got a clue what it is? It's possible I rushed through the OST too quickly.
R: 2

Bounty for Donald Trump's Tax Returns

2600 Hacker magazine has released a bounty for Donald trumps tax return and is offering a $10,000 USD reward for the publication to their site


What are your opinions lainon?
R: 1

so it seems like with this trump investigation heating up and it seeming more and more likely he will get impeached Trump might use war to stay in power indefinitely. What do you do when putin and trump decide to start ww3 to scare everyone into becoming obedient to them? The media is already losing more and more trust with #FAKENEWS the usa seems pretty damn divided.

is our best chance for us to coordinate meshnets and ham radios to connect the people with farmers and pay eachother with cryptocurrencies for food so we can continue to survive while the people in power clamp down with iron fists?

its the end of the world as we know it. do you feel fine?
R: 39

Desktop thread

Old one is gone with /tech/.

You know what to do.
R: 10

PDFs from /zzz/

Post any PDFs you mights have from /zzz/ here. I have a large one with many many PDFs

R: 2

Where's /sec/ tho

Anyone know what's up with Evilzone? They removed the "The end" message.

R: 18

What does /tech/ think about Pico 8?
Its a "virtual 8 bit console", fantasy hardware that carries all the limitations of 8 bit machines but you can only program games in lua1
R: 11

NSA tools leaked affecting up to 65% of wired desktops

Choice quote fta:
>"“This is as big as it gets,” Hickey said. “Nation-state attack tools are now in the hands of anyone who cares to download them…it’s literally a cyberweapon for hacking into computers…people will be using these attacks for years to come.”"

He warned us first.
R: 5

Stallman on the lunduke show

Neat interview, didn't post on lambda because it's not programming related per se.

R: 0

Board Rules

/r/ will function as a general discussion board until further boards are created. The site wide rules still apply. All content must have been appropriate for the former boards. Behave yourself lain.
R: 7

/cyber/punk 2020 campaign - TTTE

Hey guys,

Running a writing/narrative-heavy campaign of 2020, centered around the aftermath of a massive. world-changing corporate hack.

Looking for some players, preferably ones that are heavily interested in and familiar with cyberpunk. (hence why I'm here and not on /tg/)

soykaf's going to be a blast, but we need a few more players before go-time; currently at four and we're hoping for six. Accepting new applications until Tuesday.

invite link:
R: 17

Protecting the Windows

How make the Windows more security for free beyond installing another O.S.?Even by apply the concept defense in depth, the Windows looks pretty hard to keep well defense.
R: 5

As promised I'm storytiming The Private Eye
I'm doing it on 4/co/ because I'm unsure what the admins here think about storytimes.
R: 4

Shall we have a thread on buying discontinued technology?
R: 7


I've used rsync locally for backups forever, but lately i've been thinking its a good idea to put a copy on a remote server.

Would like for it to be in an encrypted container and only do partials to save bandwidth but cant think of a way to do this. Is there a solution?

How do you lains do your backups?
R: 3

/r/ is now for high quality topics which don't have a dedicated board. "Shitposting" is no longer allowed. meta threads pls go to >>>/q/-----------------------------------------
R: 3

I've just read this jacobin article


Its was really sound for me because it touches stuff I been thinking recently and is very concerning to us all

The biggest issue is how do we make the need for a public/social internet the big issue it needs to be?

I have been thinking that the internet has become a basic need like water or electricity and I imagine lets say every six counties, three states there will be a public backbone and a server/cloud for the locals and services like google or facebook will be subscriber based.
R: 3

Free Software Games

I'll recreate my thread from the old /cult/.

This is a thread to collect and discuss Free Software games. Preferably, the games should also have free assets and so be entirely freely available.

It was an issue with the old thread for people to list off many games with barely a sentence accompanying them, if that. With this thread, prefer to spend an entire post detailing a single game and why you find it fun and whatnot; assume the reader is entirely unfamiliar with it; include screenshots.

This is also not a thread for organizing events for games, as that interferes with the primary purpose of introducing new and interesting games to people.

In particular, here are some qualities you may find value in describing:
Is the game easy to install? Is it easy to configure?
Is the game finished? If not, how much is playable currently?
What input types are available?
What genre is the game?
Is the game easy to modify? Would you want to?

It would be better to discuss a small number of games very well than merely create a dumping ground for lists. Try to focus on games you don't believe others would be particularly familiar with already. The games mentioned in these opening images are examples of Free Software games; feel free to discuss them in detail below.
R: 6

1337 haxor music thread
post your favorites

R: 9

Writing your own stories

Do any lainons write do not worry, I know some of you do? How about some tips or just some intro on how to get started, as I am interested in writing myself. I am sure I could just jump off immediately and write what is on my mind, but it might not be great or worth my time. Anyway, I need to get started somewhere so I propose this: writing about someone you saw today, like giving then some random backstory and an interesting future.
R: 14


Hey everyone! Your casual idiot here. Could anyone explain to me how to use irc and get in the lainchan chanel on my phone please? My computer broke a while ago so i just use my phone. Any app i can download to use irc? Sorry for the dumb questions, im just that stupid.
R: 2

Sniper Rouge

What do you think about this song?

R: 10

Lainzine 4

So, before anyone forgets about this little publication it should be posted sometime at http://lainzine.neocities.com . Apparently issue 4 was up then taken down to correct some errors I guess.
Since /lit/ is gone, I've no idea where to find news on this thing so here's a thread about it.
>Anyone with info on lainzine 4 please update us.
R: 1

Death of a """Poomunity"""

in case you missed it...

from at least 10:50 to 12:50 GMT the lainchan.org header links were all redirected to https://lainchan.jp/q/res/3.html#3. you can read it if you want to know more about lainchan.jp.
the aforementioned freenode channel #lainchan.jp has junk, seph and nildicit as ops (former administrators/moderators of lainchan).
R: 1

lain acct's

can we add a simple acct feature user / (pass | certificate)
with one time pass & time dependent account deletion upon non-usage?
R: 14

/drg/ /drg/ /drg/

I miss /drg/, so I figured I'd make a thread. What drugs have you been taking? What drugs would you like to take? What drug-related stories do you have? Let's talk drugs!

I tried 3-AcO-DMT last weekend. It was my first psychedelic. I took way too much, though, and ended up going crazy and crying for a few hours. My first mistake was leaving the house. I thought it'd be cool to bike around town, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by sensory imagery and my own thoughts. My second mistake was doing it alone. I freaked the fuarrrk out because I lost my diary (it fell off my bike...) and freaked out about other soykaf. If I had a friend to calm me down, I could've had a better time. Nevertheless, I remember the entire experience quite fondly. I learned a lot about myself, despite having a "bad trip". I don't regret the experience at all. I plan on trying it again with a smaller dose next weekend. I can't wait.
R: 5

Divided we fall.
Let us all love lain.
R: 9

Appleman personal site

Can we have an appreciation thread for appleman's personal site. I personally like the style and wish he would post more.
R: 5

Simple software thread

What is some (useful) piece of software that is written to be as simple as possible?
I'll cite some:
alternative to xlock:
alternative to xterm:
clipboard from command line:
mouse from keyboard:
image viewer:
R: 24

Who wants to have a /sadgirls/ thread?

Lighters optional but encouraged.
R: 8


Ask questions, share tips and experiences.

This is the best tutorial I've come across for zanzen meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2XUTeoUsM (turn on subtitles for English translation).
R: 36

Wallpaper Thread

R: 14

Living in a Cyberpunk World

My opinion on cyberpunk is based on the main elements of what it is.

The most important is the world surrounding the main character.

The cyberpunk world is not just of bright advertisements made to distract you from the miseries and
hardships of living in an obviously corrupt and barely functioning world. It's about understanding the
constant conflict between powerful organizations and corporations (Yakuza, Misc. Gangs, SONY, Misc. Corps, ETC.) of
their desire to control the world, or at least large parts of it. However, due to their constant conflict
against eachother, they never achieve the entire world. They keep pushing themselves back while believing that
one more strike can bring them down. The hopeless ever ongoing war of becoming the new god over people for profit.
Any extra conflict is created by human error and not by the leaders of said organizations, just by middle men who want
to strive higher but forget they are snuffed out for their incompetency, and thus, the balance remains the same.

Another important element of the cyberpunk story is how the character interacts with the world.
Decker from Blade Runner is responsible for finding robots, Motoko from Ghost in the Shell fights against terrorists,
Case from Neuromancer does hacking jobs to gain his net access, and many other examples show that these characters are
not doing it for the belief of "Doing the right thing" or "Saving the world", it's about self-preservation.
Mike Pondsmith, the creator of Cyberpunk 2020, once said "Cyberpunk isn't about saving the world, it's about saving yourself."
The characters do not care about the ever inflating price of a bowl of noodles, they care about earning enough to buy themselves one.
This is critical to understanding that the corruption in the world is so great, that the self-preservation mentality is all
they have to depend on living. They don't have the energy or hope to fight in a rebellion against the system, because they
know if they did, they'd be overpowered too quickly by the other conflicting organizations. It would be a tight fight
with no window of success and if there was, there'd be barely any survivors.

Elliot from Mr.Robot and Lisbeth from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are perfect examples of the modern cyberpunk. They get by on their
own in the digital corrupt world they are a part of. It's not the way they dress or how fast they type on a keyboard, it's the philosophical
understanding that follows as:
"The world is fuarrrked, I can't depend on anyone except myself now."
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daily reminder that lainchan is now decentralized

this is what you nerds have been asking for isnt it?
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Do you respect or care for tradition? I used to have a disdain for anything remotely associated with traditional, say, roles, religion, and marriage; culture in general really. In the past months though I've changed quite a bit and now am more conservative, socially and politically. I'd like to start a thread on tradition, this can be in computing, religion, culture, anything that has history.

To start with, I want to counter my generation's current view of sex roles being fluid. I seem to have fondness towards the idea of the man being the “breadwinner”, while the woman takes care of the house, cleans, does recreational activities and such. A reason for this could be a sense of pride in taking care of your partner and the responsibility that comes with it. Also, having your partner take care of most house work leaves that worry out of your mind so such isn't a focus at all, leaving work and hopefully intellectual (programming, math, reading, etc) musings abound, and of course a deeper respect towards your loved one.

Sex is something I've actually always have been traditional and old fashion with. I have quite a deep gross feeling towards those who've had a multitude of sexual partners, and especially encounters outside of a relationship as this seems to indicate a purely physical relationship to sex, which I oppose. Sex can be purely physical but that is one layer to it, and a trivial one at that.

I believe my feelings towards women in a traditional manner comes from the fact that I was raised primarily by women, having a lack of father roles in my life. Which I think was a horrible mistake on my mothers part. There's a huge amount of study showing the lack of one parent, or the separation of parents, severely affects children in a negative way.


Here's a great video featuring Camille Paglia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvrxQ4M3EOo

One tradition I think that's really missing from the modern family is a sense of deep respect for your family name and lineage. Your name nowadays is random and you have no respectable history. If I was to start a family, something I'd aim to instill in my children would be to give your family honor.
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How do you deal with loneliness, Lain?
I've been alone for most of my life (no friends or family), so i think it's easier now, while there are periods where i feel miserable about it, it's mostly something i already accepted.

The way i deal with it is with computer science, it gives me some sense of pride to do projects and study, it helps to counter the feeling of misplacement/uselessness.
Also Lainchan, i used to be a member of Evilzone and it was a pretty great community, but it's dead now, Lainchan is one of the places where i feel like i belong a little, so that helps, too.
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Anyone have a link to that SEL suicide cult imageboard?
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Lets have some fun and amusing videos.
YLYL ok but rather something a little more complete if possible.
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I made a thing
I thought perhaps this would be the place to share it

The bottom computer is running Windows XP and has no direct connection to The Wired
The top computer is running Gentoo x32 and has a PCI Wi-Fi card, which is connected

Bottom computer has Pentium 4 2.8GHz (32-bit, no hyperthreading)
Top computer has Pentium 4 630 (3GHz, x86_64, hyperthreading)

The computers are connected together via Ethernet+APIPA
(I also have technically installed dial-up modems in each of them, and connected them together, but I have not gotten this to work as a communication channel as yet.)

I will shortly be running a browser on the Linux-powered one, with X11 over the Ethernet link, via Xming on the XP rig.

I noticed that on a Windows XP installation which has the proper graphics drivers installed (but has never been in contact with Microsoft servers to become defiled with the "updates" that give Win10 the title of "fastest windows yet"), the UI is the absolute smoothest thing ever, and it boots to the desktop in 27 (post-BIOS) seconds—on an IDE hard drive.
(All drivers were loaded via a USB drive; activation was done over the phone from a legitimate sticker on the side of the machine. This box will never ever ever have global net access.)

The poster says "let's all love lain" in the runes from Madoka. Technically it reads "lass uns alle lieben Lain".
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Lains, how do you feel about this kind of people?
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other chans

do you use any other imageboards or forums? how about irc? where do you spend most of your time on the internet?
since leaving 4/8chan i've pretty much just hung out in the lain/uboa/sushi sphere + endchan. i used to participate in some forums for card games and board games, but they sort of died out.
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Lain, what type of headphones do you use when you go outside?
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Memory poorly used

There is only so much information that we as humans can individually remember. This is fine, as the this limit is shockingly high and the human brain is amazing as it is. What my problem is is how much of this is rather wasted. Even if it adds to the very essence of my personality and who I am, there seems to be a lot of junk up there. It doesn't seem important to me to remember the latest Mcsoykaf commercial nor the phone number for a local lawyer, but this information persists in my memory jingles will be the death of us all. While there is also a lot of information from school that is more often than not useful to remember or just good to be knowlegdable about, there is still a good amount of other (what I subjectively term) crap. How do other lainanons feel about this?