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Any other lainons do photography for fun/profit? What 'genre' do you love to photograph the most.


I do it for profit.
I like experimental mostly, but industry of course don't adopt this kind of thing. But I also like landscape and documentary.

We could do a thread with anons photos... no? That would be interesting. I could take some pictures just to post here (I also already have to test some HDRMerge stuff and Rawtherapee, so...).


Avant-Garde photography? Got any examples?


I can't because people will use reverse image search and deanonymize me... but I could do something exclusive to this thread some time.


I do nature photography and nudes. Both are fun, but I wish I had a MILC or DSLR.


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So I did something fast, more abstract... not really good, but you get it.
Setup was a 600D with Cosina 100mm f/3.5, plus ND filter. The camera was with Magic Lantern firmware, so I set it to auto-bracket. Then I merged with HDRMerge. Then Rawtherapee (with Cinelog-C DCP). Then I got on photoshop to use some ImpulZ luts and the final touches. The classical glitches is from gimp/audacity workflow. I could have done it 100% on open source actually, idk why I didn't (I guess gimp is just boring for dodge/burn effects).
I may do some more elaborated ones.

ps. although probably no one will want to use it, licence is CC0, btw


You have a canon camera? If you have, see the CHDK page for your model. It may unlock RAW photos and auto-bracket. With these two features, plus a tripod, you can do really fuarrrking great images using HDRMerge.
But you could also get an old used canon camera, such as the 550D. Tip: buy only the body. The lens you should buy manual lenses. I recommend Helios 44 + an M42-to-EOS adapter.
If you're on USA, you probably can get this kid for about $300.


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Some other photos. This one I did dual_iso on magic lantern and then processed with Hald CLUTs on rawtherapee.


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and other abstract


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"the old ducts seem old fashioned" - Brazil (1985)


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And something less crazy...
[Takumar 50/1.4]


A small canon powershoot from many years ago, yes. Thanks for the info about CHDK, I'm excited to have the possibility to make images without so many jpg artifacts.
I'm not rich.


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here ya go, some OC,
I kinda wanna see what other people can do with this


Pretty. Reminds me to get into UV and IR sometime.


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I do photography here and there. working on building a lifestyle brand merging tech and designer clothes and building a community of makers and artists so we can make some really schway stuff and make decentralized tech simple for the average user so we can get to web3.0 already.

here's an old pic. do what you like with it


>working on building a lifestyle brand merging tech and designer clothes
sounds terrible. why would you want to do something like that?


to inspire people to get more interested in technology and make money to use on funding the development of open source and decentralized software?


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this one was with hdrmerge+rawtherapee+impulz


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By the way, it's all OC. The license is CC0 if you want to use it...


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