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Haven't seen it talked about much, but if I recall correctly I think the Lainzine touches on it a bit and I generally think it's something that fits in a culture of underground livin'/resistance to capitalism and all that. /cyb/ soykaf

What's the best you've found? Are there spots you commonly hit?

The walmart nearby my place has a giant dumpster dedicated to fruits and vegetables only and I go on the first day after the trash truck comes, so I usually end up with 5-10+ lbs of fruits and veggies for free, mostly clean and in good health.


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>searching other peoples trash for scraps is now "resisting capitalism"
this is why i don't associate with ancaps anymore.


He's right you know. There's nothing wrong with it if that's what you need to do to survive, or if you find something really cool that's been thrown out. But come one man, picking through garbage is not "underground resistance to capitalism." Grow up.


pretty sure you mean ancoms
I mean, I know some ancaps that would do that for the sake of being edgy, but they wouldn't call it resisting capitalism
Plus, all the good dumpsters are on private property