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Happy 3rd birthday Lainchan!
Anyone planning some fun activities for the occasion?


Binge watch SEL for the 5th time.


File: 1492668740414.png (17.72 KB, 200x143, antifa_duty.jpg)

Beating up some nazi scum


Didn't George Orwell say something along those lines?
The text in the pic that is.

Should celebrate 4/20 by getting blazed and fighting fascism while in a bear suit.

The original joke was that it is also Adolf's birthday today if didn't realize.


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Getting high on weed baloons.



I am celebrating Lainchan's 3rd birthday, by providing user experiences to Lainons like the previous image, as well delivering various other fixes and birthday presents (features) to the site.




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I'm going to say happy birthday in this thread:
Happy Birthday!

Might also join >>1153 in watching some SEL.


We should arrange a time and watch it together on a stream.


I'm afraid my internet is in 3rd world mode currently. But I'll be there in spirit.


Happy birthday lainchan.

Dont eat up too much cake fatty.

And smoke one for hitler.


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fuarrrk yeah happy birthday lains!

With any luck we will celebrate many more!


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if you roll dubs, you kys tomorro'. anything else is another dime.


I'd really be up for this. Is anyone able and willing to host this?


Doin thangs


it's a feature.tm


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Happy birthday Lainchan, let's drink to many more !
Shine, shine crazy diamond.


Stay safe buddy, be careful for knives. I hang around in such circles somewhat and I suggest you don't go picking fights just to make your ideology known. What I'm saying is, don't surround yourself in negativity, it will only bring harm.


Happy B'day Lain.
btw smoking weed is degenerate.


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Here's your cake.


Happy Birthday Lainchan!


Happy Birthday Lainchan!

Also how do I remove the balloons?


options on the upper right, scroll down a little, it's special events effects


Happy birthday, lainchan!!!

Life would be a lot more horrible without you.


>lainchan's birthday
>Columbine anniversary
This is a weird day
Also, I intend to sleep all day.


Crashing patriotic rallies dressed like ISIS is counter-productive.


>dressed like ISIS


I've somehow never actually seen serial experiments lain. Is it actually good?


I like it, as most people here. I don't think anyone can answer your question.
Why not watching it and find out?


>lainchan user asks 'is it good'

no, i'll bite. it is. it's a heady show that quickly dives into a well-done exploration of (among other things) identity, connectivity, and communication, with a jungian bent. its focus is on what each of these mean, and how they relate as they intersect with the real and digital world.

it was super prescient when it was made, and is an increasingly exceptionally relevant piece of media now that we've hit Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!

there's a lot more to it, but getting to that would likely involve spoiling some plot elements that are best left as part of the experience of watching the show.

lain is also a super A E S T H E T I C show; it's visually quite beautiful, with a fascinating use of textures, particular for contrast or symbolism. the sound design is great. also, that theme song, mmm.

just watch, it's on laintracker. or, once the streaming is reinstated, tune it.


fyi, irc nonfat-soykaf drinkers discovered it's on youutube



I loved it. It is slow but fast paced at the same time, i'm not sure how to describe it. Mostly slow, at times almost ambient. The plot is pretty abstract but this is what makes it so interesting to keep watching. If you aren't used to anime maybe you won't like it as much. If i watched it 6 years ago i'm sure i wouldn't have finished it.

If you are into the art behind things the show was real pretty. I'm pretty sure it was all (Aside from the intro and maybe some effects) done with hand done cell animation. If you are used to modern CG shows you will find it sweet. Even if there is supposed to be a single flat tone, there are small color differences within that tone. In CG one color really is one color.

That theme song makes me want to be a sad girl in the 90's.