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Do any lainons keep blogs with any interesting content?

I'm looking for some rss feeds to add to my reader so post them here.

I don't really mind what you post at all just it'd be nice if it was some thought provoking content.


Not my blog but check out http://insanebraintrain.blogspot.com


are you looking for lainion-oc blogs, or is it okay if we also make this a blog share thread?
i'm currently working on being an interesting enough person to be willing to inflict my opinion upon the world. in the meantime, here's some blogs i enjoy:
>wait but why?
eg: http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/03/elon-musk-post-series.html
>social ecologies (lainion recommended; only recently checked out)
>melting asphalt
eg: http://www.meltingasphalt.com/personhood-a-game-for-two-or-more-players/

there are a bunch of others that frequently show up in my social media feeds, i'll update this post when they come to mind.
can also share my RSS reader file upon request; mostly media sources, some of which are purely opinion or are highly editorialised


File: 1492082204578.png (92.75 KB, 200x189, bookmarks.png)

Waitbutwhy is epic. My favorite essay of theirs is this one so far;

Some anon posted this the other day, you check out the websites on the picture if you're interested in reading popular science news.


I was looking for lainon OC blogs but any blogs are fine if they're interesting

Also, if you could share the RSS file that would be nice too



most of these are either politics/news/media analysis, with the occasional ideological bent (ie crimethinc, shadowproof). some tech news. a few podcasts that i enjoy at the bottom.

always looking for new recommendations on a similar vein.

project censored gets a special shoutout for offering wonderful media criticism as well as aggressively combating news as a propaganda arm of the state.

congressional dish gets a special shoutout for breaking down the real consolidation of power via a detailed and comprehensive analysis of what happens in congress; i've learned more about the real consolidation of power in this country from this podcast than almost any other source.

neither of those are blogs, but are worth checking out. other links have their own merit too.

back on subject:

i don't have a blog that's anonymous, but have had a few over the years. i've got vague plans of starting one to go along with this anonymous identity, but no set goals on that front at the moment.

i would be super interested in reading what lainons write. unfortunately, most bloggers aren't anonymous, and most lainons (to my knowledge) err on the side of practicing some opsec. hopefully, there's some folks here that are willing to share.


First post today https://barton.lain.tokyo


You can also check at crash_override's website for links


omg. just browse hackernews.

I have a blog where I posted some videogame reviews. plans are to extend the content to webdev and gameprogramming. haven't posted in a long time since i've been working on an engine replacement.

if people care I can share a link when the new site is done and up.


OP here and at the expense of seeming like a dickhead who made this thread to promote my own blog mine is


I'm posting stuff on topics that I think about and just want to get out there.

Thanks for the file, it's got some cool stuff in it

If you post more on here an rss would be appreciated, it just makes everything a little easier to gather


This is semi-related: Do you guys know any good places to host a blog? Preferably anonymously.



How anonymous do you want to be? Anonymous to visitors, or to law enforcement, or to the blog site operators themselves?


https://crashoverride.ml/lainons.html is what he is talking about. He also runs https://lainon.photos/ wew

Make hidden service then if you want "anonymously" and lrn 2 opsec


I guess the optimal level of anonymity would be to be anonymous to the site's hosts.
Now that I think about, I don't really want anonymity as much as very strong pseudonymity that can't be tied to my real identity.



That's really tricky. A TOR hidden service is one of the least-bad options, but even that's vulnerable to correlation attacks.



File: 1492133434594.png (48.51 KB, 200x125, 2_1.png)

Buy a cockbox (box.cock.li) with bitcoin and run a hidden service there. I'd suggest using pelican to generate static sites.


interesting spread of topics
this reads like schizophrenia: the abridged version


Learn to write my friend. >>250 is right this is straight up schizophrenia.


>Buy a cockbox (box.cock.li) with bitcoin and run a hidden service there.

No, no, no. Never ask or listen to other people about the choice of hosting and location for a "Hidden" Service, especially on public imageboard...


If someone intercepts his traffic to lainchan though, wouldn't they also be able to intercept his communications with his 'cockbox', which would make him screwed anyway?
How deep does the rabbit hole go, exactly?
Should I be worried about methane explosions?


I wanted to start a blog, but very rarely do I have something to talk about.



this is my problem too. originally i started writing one for my competitive interests as a journal of sorts, but im not really interested in improving anymore so it means i dont have much to say.


Everyone has something to say, you just need to find a way to put it down.
I'd suggest having a blog even if you just host it locally. (or a journal) it helps to structure thought is such a way that means that you can explain to others which is an important skill in life.

If you can teach a 5 year old about whatever subject you'd like, you know you understand the topic well.
If you can answer questions about that topic on the spot, you know the subject well. etc.

I just feel that structured writing helps give structures to my thoughts whether written or not.