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/g/ was the first board i generally went and was where i indulged into chan culture, free software philosophy and general technology. today i dont go there anymore or any other chans than lainch. Either its me getting more knowledgable or me falling for the nostalgia meme but it feels like the place has really hit rock bottom. It used to be the place for technology and free software philosophy, where some people would actually install gentoo. Now its all consumer electronics bought with moms credit card dominated with generals and their dedicated discords where people try to emulate the dispersed chan culture.

Its like the place of your childhood being torn down and having a shopping mall built over it.


I hate the Chink soykaf General. It's the epitome of retarded kiddies charging to mommy and daddy's credit card.


No, its not just you, OP. /g/ lost it's culture and its redeaming aspects. There's only ever inane brewing soykaf and consumerist discussion as you said. I think a large portion of that is from /v/ kiddes who migrated over to /g/ and fuarrrked it over.


I started into computerstuff about 4 years ago and didn't get to know the old /g/ or /prog/. So I don't know what it was like, but today's /g/ is absolutely disgusting. Even if a nice thread with some potential were to appear, it immediately gets raided by a bunch of 12 year olds and their bullsoykaf. I can't stand that place.