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Tell me about your fetishes lainanon


Monster girls and audioporn


Feet mostly, how about you?


Audio and Cuddling
Dunno why but I hate Sex


I love Lain


I want to hold hands.


Femdom :/




Being in 4 meter radius of my gf is enough to make me horny.
I don't even need visual or auditory notice of her, just the smell.
Cuddling with her after sex is better than sex itself tbh




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I'm the same way, I don't think about sex at all until I'm within arm's reach.
+ Whispering and ear kissing, oils and massage, shibari


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My 3dpd fetishes are:
-blonde, blue hair, and light tan
-muscle girls
-goth and/or punk chicks

My 2d fetishes are:
-futa(but I prefer not to mix yuri with that)
-muscle girls


tomboys in spats


Feet and traps


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"Zettai ryouiki", right? I love that the Japanese actually have a name for that, and it means "absolute territory".

Ooh, now you're talking. How about that King from Art Of Fighting? She also has a cummerbund, ROWR.


Androgynous people, fat/chubby women, thin men, intimacy, cum-swapping, people who lack the desire to follow social norms.


you and I would get along very nicely


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Boys. Teen boys.
**pls kill me**


Old, out of date list of kinks I had


>Whispering and ear kissing
the gf goes numb over that
I usually keep a deep voice and say something sexually provoking during the whispering so she goes completely numb




and hand-holding


Inflation. Hand pumped preferred. No orifice preference.

I also have extremely broad sexual tastes, I'll take just about whatever is consensually considered.


and then. crossdressing(not traps though, they aren't gay enough and i dislike sissies), ropes, bratty submissive boys, pain and blood.
and then. blowjobs


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File: 1492902922773-1.png (376.32 KB, 200x160, Webcam-1177486589.png)

Appleman, just, fuarrrk... look at him. *drools*


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You're like me but dominant, love ya lainon. I prefer dominant boys, cum(after getting cum in your ass it's the best feeling, the dirtyness of it), crossdressing (and not in the feminine trap sense), ropes and flogging etc. Also I'm a huge collar fan.

Blood however is a big no-go.


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Domination, watersports, traps, and ginger haired qts.


File: 1492904431371.png (52.11 KB, 200x143, depres.jpg)

p much same.
i like dominant violent guys tho who would make me bruised and bleed tho

funnily im pretty sure i have an attitude problem from some peoples perspective too



I'm bi with a preference of XX > XY .I like guys that would be gentle with me, but the opposite with girls.I prefer girls that are less "girly" as it's defined today.So sexually I guess gentle femdom stuff goes, but I try not to concentrate on this too much or to make my fetish a reality, and just go with however a person is.It's not like I can actually get something going with anyone being as autistic as I am.. but I still think it's not a great idea to make fetishes so important where it could negatively effect a perfect sexual/non-sexual relationship because you're so set on having things your way.I guess I could say I'm kink critical, but at the same time I recognize that I have kinks.I hope this makes sense.


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nigga be hacking the gibson instead of working on lainchan


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Pic related has all I like


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Feet, Leg Locking, Holding Hands, Cuddling, Pet Play, Gentle Femdom, Face Sitting, Knee Socks, Sweat, Ear Bitting, Nakadashi, Flat Chests, Animal Ears, Saliva

Way too many to name.


Just go to Germany where you can legally get with 15-17 year olds that had a decent education and are cuter. Everything will be fine lainon.

What if they made your butthole bleed from being so rough? Wouldn't that be dangerous?


Lesbians, anal. 2d lesbians, 2d anal.
I am a simple man.


pretty nice, my boi loves collars too. I kinda want him to do more stuff outdoors, but he's a massive pussy in that aspect
>but what if somebody sees us
so we didn't do it yet

other anon, bio student at that. your body is surprisingly resilient there, lots and lots of things that protect you. Of course something like massive bleeding is too much(for example if a horse tried to ride you) and perforation is also dangerous as fuarrrk. But other than that it's actually pretty "safe", you cause micro-perforations while doing normal anal anyways.

awww, my boyfriend is into most of them, maybe not feet and gfd




File: 1492992555233.png (311.18 KB, 142x200, 1480101022435.jpg)

D-do you think it's cute?

I also forgot to add /ss/.


anal, I like being called and playing daddy. I like black girls, and in spite of all this im also really submissive and want the girl to tale charge and have power over me/ hurt me. I take a lot of pleasure out of being scared.

I doubt il ever find somebody who can satisfy all these criteria.


it's cute because it reminds me of my boyfriend.

>anal, daddy without "real power" and painplay
this isn't really impossible, you know. I mean i knew a guy who was into tall(1.95m or more) dominant girls and he found a gf like that


Explain this 'daddy' soykaf to me and why you like it if you can. It seems so popular but i don't understand why this would even be likable. Control aspect i guess but i don't know.

I was never really one for submission or domination any way you slice it. With porn i guess i can take it or leave it if it is hot enough, but it generally makes things less enjoyable for me.


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Hello, fellow diaper user


wtf, f4g is autocorrected now?


Wouldn't you get poopy all around your butt if sitting around and go in the diaper?
Do you have someone remove the diaper and wipe you?
If you have a shower alone to clean up do you get naked and put the soiled diaper in the trash then go to the shower or leave it in the room with you as you shower then dispose of it when clothed? Since if the toilet and shower were in separate rooms you wouldn't be able to get between them clothed without getting poopy on your clothes unless you washed yourself with toilet water or had a bidet.
So many questions.