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The golden age of ultra mobile computing will soon be upon us. There are currently devices that can support a full fledged desktop OS that fit in your pocket.

I'm waiting for the day when I can have a smartphone sized device with the power of a current day desktop. Maybe even with a graphene battery that I only have to charge every other week. Something I can pull out of my pocket, set on my desk and have access to a complete desktop experience.

Until then I'm trying to get as close to this as I can. I want something like the elite x3 but with a debian distro rather than win10, but I want to retain some smartphone functionality like phone calls and a touch friendly UI. Anyone have any ideas?

Also general portables thread.


How do you even use the keyboard on such a device? I'm thinking it'd be hell, it's awkward as it is in my little netbook, and I once tried a tablet hard keyboard, they really suck.
I like my HP calculator because it is a nice little computer with good buttons, even though it doesn't have a qwerty keyboard and it's use is very domain specific.


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>How do you even use the keyboard on such a device?


I mean, yeah, you push buttons, but they look too tight for the fingers, and they (the fingers) probably don't fit in the home row, I don't think it'd be comfortable enough to use it regularly, at all.


i really like the idea and how windows contunuum executes this, it's just a little early and microsofts mobile os needs to be fully x86 compatible to pull this off. and, of course, this goes for unixoid platforms as well.


I want a phone like Lisbeth Salander's.