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Any ways to better woman pleasure?
Some ideas to put in practice:
>hitachi magic wand
>pumping clitoris
>"g-spot" massage
>melanotan agonists
>PDE4 inhibitors
>prolactin inhibitors
>oxytocin agonists
>stimulants (meth)
>psychedelics (LSD)
>vasoconstrictors (poppers)
>DHT cream on clitoris

I think penetration is something really secondary. Any woman here to confirm? Don't be shy to express yourself, it's a anonymous imageboard. I think massage is the way to go.


Are you fkn serious?


>I think penetration is something really secondary
it doesn't really work that way; things are


well, it seems like when guys do sex stuff they get all hyper-focussed on orgasming and PENNISS and whatever, but sex is more a state-of-being, like taking into account your situation in its entirety, with who is where and what's touching your or not touching you in different places, like the "thing that sets you off" can be a fan that turns and sends a light breeze across your chest at just the right moment.

obviously clitoris stuff has a stronger multiplying effect, but it's not goin' do anything on its own any more than just being penetrated.

as for the rest of your post, can't really answer because no sexing under anything but weed/alcohol. from the former, though, know that mind-altering things can either help or hinder, depending on how they hit you and, again, more situational stuff. just got to be comf and, like, "intrigue" at the same time, somehow. balance balance

>DHT cream on clitoris
what the hell X_X


As previously mentioned, males and females have different types of stimulation.

A man may have great orgasms without any emotion attached to it (even though the best experiences are always emotional).
A woman, on the other hand, needs context. Context doesn't imply passion or love, but just the right context for her personality.
In my experience most women need above all to feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Without safety the rest is irrelevant.

Assuming safety as a prerequisite, it all boils down to receiving input and experimenting. You try different things and see how she reacts, she will most certainly do the same to you.
In my experience each person responds differently to different stimuli, just try to be natural and pay attention, experiment, listen and watch. Don't assume some technique will work or that the person will enjoy something you enjoy, it's not mathematics or programming.

I'm not necessarely a sex expert, i've had roughly 3 partners in my life, hopefully my experience can be helpful to you, Lain.


>roughly 3
how do you lose track of such a small number? Can you not count?


>muh it can't be comprehended
>you can't understand woman
>it's not mathematics or programming
I don't think so. Human behavior is predictable. There must be some pattern or structure that will generally work. That's what I'm looking for. I do understand what you're saying, but you can't say that the "magic wand" will not feel good for most of woman, for example... it will. I'm looking for these "generally work" stuff.

>never tried chemsex

the prolactin inhibitors with LSD is a must try with a parter you really like. Don't use it with someone you don't really like, will do no good for you.

>DHT cream

yeah, it seems to augment the pleasure for woman when testosterone cream is used. Might be even better if with DMSO.


what i already said, making things comf first of all, and then interesting for people who sex more often, is what you have to aim for. that emotional state.

there is a lot of variety between people too, though; as you mentioned, hormones make a difference, and women have a wider range of common hormone levels than guys do, so things vary from person to person more.

not trying to be all "you don't get it, maaan", so not sure where you're reading that out of it. but yeh, doing the exact same physical things can have wildly different results because that emotional state matters a lot.


>There must be some pattern or structure that will generally work.
I never said it could not be comprehended, don't talk like you were on 4chan.
The clitoris provides pleasure, also the vagina.
That's the general, after that it depends. The general for my area might not be the same for yours. Just like men do not always prefer to be in a dom position.

You can create generalities, as with anything aka "women like to be slapped", every women i've been with enjoys rough sex/slapping/choking, but it's idiotic to imply that as a general advice. You discover that they also like that, the same way they will discover things about you. That's the problem with generalities, it depends on the person, without an instance of a person to discuss, barely anything can be discussed.

Both for women and men.