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What is the cheapest way to host a website for free that doesn't suck ass? I've already registered a free domain name at freenom but none of the websites that I want to host on will allow me to do that. Basically, I want to dick around with a website and learn HTML in the process, but I don't want to spend any money up front. Any suggestions?


If you only want to play with HTML, CSS and JS then neocities.org can be useful. You would have 100MB total size and you wouldn't be able to do anything backend related (Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc..)


Use neocities my dude. Most lains do.


Do you have a valid reason to need to host it, instead of using services like glitch.io or codepen.io?

If you really need hosting, github pages is free.


I should have clarified: I want to duck around with vichan code. A lot of it is in php but I'll learn some HTML in the process.


Why do you need to host it in the first place if you only want to play around with vichan?


Run a machine on a spare computer?