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So lains, how does your country and it's government fuarrrk you in your ass every night? And how do you fight against it?

In my case, there is a mandatory draft of 21 months(24 for air force), and all able bodied men(not women) are required to serve unless face time in prison. During service, we get paid about 140$ per month and we get to eat disgusting food and go on runs every morning at 6am, all the while working 12+ hour shifts and living in cramped barracks.

Right now, I need to register for a physical examination by the end of this month, after which I'll have a chance to postpone service till I graduate uni. But obviously, if I had the chance(or the money), I would never want to get a physical examination nor do I want to be some grunt in another persons war. I would rather forfeit my citizenship if I could but it's not like I can just pack up and leave either.

Anyway, apart from all the other soykafty things being forced apon me, the draft feels so much more soykaftier and fuarrrked up compared to the rest of them.


I could tolerate a draft if my country was neutral and not fellating america's dick militarily for the last 70 years.

My problems aren't related to things forced on us but rather services not provided or being axed. The provincial government decided that closing more than half the libraries here is a convenient way to save money and there is a one or two year waiting list to see a psychiatrist unless you failed a suicide attempt or something.