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A thread to share accomplishments or other things that you're proud or happy about, regardless of how big or small they may be.


I've finally gotten used to using cmus as my music player, bringing me one step closer to being less reliant on graphical programs for computing. Hopefully next week I can finally set up a window manager instead of relying on a desktop environment.


I managed to eat 2 full meals today.
Was hard going, but it's probably for the best.


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Unfucked a few small scripts i been having laying around broken for a good while.


I have rediscovered my passion for technology after four years. I'd say that's a pretty big step for me.



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Got my first job ever (as a web dev) at a small company last summer. Made me feel really independant and the future seems bright for the first time. While working is exhausting at times, it's great knowing you're needed and seeing your contributions are being appreciated.