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Since /w is still not resurrected.(and who knows if it ever will be)

Let's have an anime general.

What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?
What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

For me it was Shirobako.
It was unexpectedly dramatic and IMO the characters were interesting but realistic.


I really liked Sword Of The Stranger and Perfect Blue.
I really have to catch up on my Miyazaki, though.


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Shinsekai Yori.

Aku no Hana. Too bad moe-obsessed weebs hated rotoscoping so much 3/4 of the manga didn't get animated.

I feel like Sawa and the guy could've might as well been a freedom fighter instead of soykaf-eater piromaniac if the author were into computers and not poetry.


>Shinsekai Yori
Decent one, based on a book. My biggest complaint with this title is pacing issues towards the end, where 8 or so episodes from middle onward are somewhat bland. Otherwise it would be 9/10 title.


I recently watched KonoSuba but didn't like it very much.
It was like SAO, only boring.


>What is your favorite non-cyberpunk anime?
Aria and LoGH for different propose.
>What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?
Kemono Friends. Even with so many weak points, the show works in a wonderful way.

Also, Durarara is one of new faces of cyberpunk?


>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?
I seriously have no idea. I have seen so much stuff I can't really decide.

>What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

Youjo Senki was dope. A good combination of military thriller and action. My only complaint is that the main character can be a bit too OP at times.


Durarara is IMHO not tech enough to be cyberpunk.


Kino no Tabi was very good. It was about exploring the world, but I thought I could also see antiauthoritarian meaning in most episodes. Very relaxing yet interesting most of the time.


>favorite non-cyberpunk
FLCL or Kino
>last anime that impressed you
I haven't watched anything new in the past few years.

Aku no Hana's manga was incredible, I felt kinda let down with the show.


No, an American quasi-subculture from ten or more years ago that no longer exists did not cause the commercial failure of Aku no Hana in the Japanese market in 2013. Nor was the failure caused by "moe obsession."

Westerners are incapable of talking about anime in a non-retarded way. Nobody knows anything, nobody watches anything, nobody likes anything, nobody wants to learn anything, nobody wants to think about anything. There is only perfect, everlasting retardation.


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Currently watching Outlaw Star. Not particularly cyberpunk though. The last anime I watched that I really truly enjoyed was probable Ergo Proxy which many of you may be interested in.


Favorite non-cyberpunk show has to be Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji, or maybe Gurren Lagann for nostalgia reasons. The last show that really impressed me was Mob Psycho 100, I loved the animation/style especially.

In terms of what I'm watching currently, I am trying to slog through the last few episodes of Jojo DIU. I fell behind as it was airing, and I don't know what happened-- Part 4 is my favorite, but I guess I'm too inattentive for the pacing of the show or something. After that I really want to watch some older classics, like Initial D or YYH.

I liked Aku no Hana, and the rotoscoping was very unique imo. I think I remember seeing it get hate on /a/ and not understanding why, but then again I haven't read the manga



Thirding Kino. That and Cowboy Bebop. The have a similar theme/approach that I always have difficulty putting into words.


As was mentioned already, Kino and Kaiji are really good shows, with Kino beating out Kaiji for me.

I'm more of a manga person, so it's hard for me to think of a show I watched recently that I was impressed with that wasn't an adptation.


Currently following Little Witch Academia and My Hero Academy. Cutesy junk food I guess.

>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?

Hard call. Tatami Galaxy, probably.

>What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

Steins;Gate was a pleasant surprise when I saw it last year. All I knew going in was dr pepper memes.

Outlaw Star is a riot. It deserves more love. Hope you're enjoying it.


>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?
I don't know, maybe the first OVAs of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, it only has two chapters, and of course it's very incomplete respect to the manga (which I love too, of course), but man, I really really love it. And the music is it's stronger point, it's beautiful, the soundtrack album is in my top 5 and everything.

Another series I love is FLCL, and even if you don't get a soykaf it's really fun to watch.

>What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

Right now I'm watching Little Witch Academia and I'm loving it so far. I also watched Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and it was surprisingly nice.


Does Werwolf (AKA Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, stupid translation but I understand why they did it) count as non-cyberpunk? I recently rewatched it and while I've always been a bigger fan of the live-action ones I was incredibly impressed with how well it held up next to them. It's not as technically interesting since Oshii wasn't allowed to direct but I have to wonder if Oshii's absence also benefited the story. It's definitely the most human of the trilogy and I have to wonder if that's just down to how Oshii wrote it or if his style is too clinical and weird to really handle emotions in a strong and simple way.


>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?

It's difficult to point favorite one. There's different genres, you can't compare them.
But I really like things like Monster, Mushishi, Darker than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, etc. For shounen, Shigatsu, Plastic Memories and Sakurasou is really good too.

>What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?

Black Lagoon.

Perfect Blue is great. You haven't watched yet, I recommend other work from Satoshi Kon called "Paprika" and also "Memories".
If you're into animated film, I suggest also the work from Makoto Shinkai and the work "Only Yesterday" from Isao Takahata.

Ergo Proxy is fantastic.


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I understand all of the evangelion series.


I have some fond memories of watching Kino with friends back in the day. Have you seen the new manga?


File: 1492337799717.png (3.99 MB, 200x113, gZYFu7V.gif)

Shirabako sure was a pleasant surprise. Went into New Game expecting it to be as good but got sorely disappointed.

Last anime that impressed me is most likely Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari. Top comfy. Also recently watched Nourin and had a really great time. The kind of juvenile humor featured in that series is right up my alley. Reminded me a bit of Hen Zemi, even though it was more toned down.

There have been a few good series here and there, but mostly as of late I have been disappointed with anime in general.


I don't really think it's fair to compare Shirobako and New Game. Shirobako is a (relatively) realistic workplace show with a pretty strong storyline and characters and New Game is more of a gag comedy. They're both great in their own way.


I can see how my disappointment could stem from imposing my (false) expectations upon New Game. Doesn't change the fact that I did not enjoy it nor would I recommend it. I feel like the series tricked me into watching yet another cute-girls-doing-cute-things series with absolutely no substance to it.

In the end it's all subjective though and perhaps if I was in the right mindset and with different expectations while watching it my opinion would also differ. Maybe I've just been burned one too many times by series which have an interesting setting but in my opnion fail to capitalize on it.

I guess this was mostly a rant about how I see the current state of the anime industry and how it clashes with what I consider constitutes a good anime.


I hate picking favourites so I wont ; the last series that I really enjoyed were Ping-Pong and Kemonozume.
Both by the same director, who also did Kaiba.
Really enjoyed all three of those, would definitely recommend if you seek non-standard art.
Ping-Pong had very HYPE moments too.

I will also mention Revolutionary Girl Utena since nobody did.
Do watch it.
It starts great, and it gets better (weirder) as it goes along.


File: 1492341920998.png (157.19 KB, 200x150, Outlaw Star.jpg)

>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?
Waaaay too many to pick. We have great taste in this thread, definitely a lot of good titles here. Anime is too unique to really pick favorites. My suggestion is if you haven't already seen many of the famous feature length films, check them out before anything. I mean check out everything satoshi kon and miyazaki, watch Ghost in the Shell. Definitely AKIRA as well if not for the sheer amount of animators working on the thing.

Some of my favorites, some of which i wouldnt have liked at all until i started watching more anime. It really does take some time to 'get into' anime, A lot of these shows i tried watching way back when i wasn't used to the language or nuances and dropped them only to pick them back up and fall in love with them. - Lain duh. Black Lagoon (dub is seriously SO good), SPACE DANDY DUB, Samurai Champloo, Tatami Galaxy (god that atmosphere), FLCL, Evangelion (when it finally grew on me it GREW on me), Outlaw Star, Nichijou, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ping Pong, Bakemonogatari (first season best), Steins;Gate, GUNBUSTER. If you like things you should like all of those shows. But they are pretty damn different from eachother.

Some less technically impressive shows that i really enjoyed are Welcome to the NHK, Elfen Lied, Clannad, Angel Beats, Aku No Hana, Spice and Wolf, Detroit Metal City and many others i forget.

What is the last anime you watched that really impressed you?
Not sure. Space Dandy surprised the soykaf out of me. I mean that show was silly but seriously good, and a looot of budget was put into it. Gotta watch the dub, i haven't laughed so hard at an anime in all of my life i think. Think i may watch shirabako soon because you guys seem to like it.


No the same guy but, analyzing your comments, pick one of the following that you haven't watched yet and I assure you'll not be disappointed:

- Grave of the fireflies
- Black Lagoon
- Darker than Black
- Psycho-Pass
- Monster
- Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
- Perfect Blue
- Paprika
- Ergo Proxy
- Texnholyze
- Princess Mononoke
- Fullmetal Alchemist (2004)
- Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995 + The End of Evangelion - the new movies is not worth it)
- Serial Experiments Lain (obviously)
- Ghost Hound
- Elfen Lied
- Mushishi
- Barakamon
- Hotarubi no mori e
- No. 6
- Only Yesterday (1991)
- Mayoiga
- Shigatsu

For something lighter:

- Natsume Yuujinchou
- Shingeki no Kyojin (c'mon, it's good. Hyped, but good.)
- Spirited Away
- Totoro
- 5 centimeters per second
- Your Name. (2016)
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Kiznaiver
- Sakurasou
- Plastic Memories
- Ano Hana
- Angel Beats


I forgot to add Aoi Bungaku, Akira, Memories and Steins;Gate. Dumb me.
Thank to bring it to my memorie >>534 . You have a good taste too. Some of these you mentioned I haven't watched yet... already on my "to watch" list, thanks.


File: 1492345193609.png (4.24 MB, 200x113, pp2.webm)

Steins;Gate was already mentioned twice here, and I see it praised all the time, so I have to get this out of my chest :
What on the earth is supposed to be good about this show ?

I had high expectations when I started to watch it, and I wasn't just disappointed, it was one of the few shows that I actively disliked.
Characters ? Cringe-y to watch. especially the two male leads, but also the red-haired tsundere and the idiot in blue. Didn't care when they lived, didn't care when they died.
Plot ? Just the standard changed-the-past-can't-change-fate paradox. No idea what is supposed to be interesting about it if you have read even one time travel story before.
Animation, music ? Left no impression on me.

So, did I miss the good bits because I watched it at x4 speed after the first few episodes, hoping for it to get better later ?
Is it just not for me ?
I would appreciate any explanation, it's always a great frustration to me to see it praise when I enjoyed it so little, I really feel like I missed something.

To offset the negative tone of the post, here is a webm of what I meant by HYPE.


Thanks for the recommendations! Most of those I have already watched (and liked), but I'll be sure to save the rest and check them out asap. Actually just rewatched Lain last month with a friend who hadn't seen it before.

Might also be a good time to rewatch some anime I watched ages ago and liked back then (like Tatami Galaxy, Kino no Tabi, Spice & Wolf, Gankutsuou etc.).

Also good, although these I've already seen. Even have 2/4 of these in my tiny collection.


Now that I really think about it, I can't actually come up with any solid reasons as to why I liked it. I do remember liking it though and caring for the characters. Perhaps it was a combination of the aesthetics and the characters for me.

I do on the other hand remember disliking Chaos;Head (can't be bothered to check the proper spelling) and Robotics;Notes which I believe are by the same author as Steins;Gate.


File: 1492353425306.png (61.19 KB, 200x137, kino.jpg)

I'll admit, I'm pretty new to animu. But I've seen some really good stuff so far.

>What is your favourite non-cyberpunk anime?

As a shut-in hikki myself, Welcome to the NHK was very interesting to watch. Ultimately it just helped reassure me that I am the only person who's going to improve my soykaf life. There's no Misaki and everyone is just looking out for themselves.

Actually I like to alternate between serious and non-serious Anime often so before NHK I watched Kino No Tabi, which was very relaxing.


That is, in my experience also, the best way to watch anime without getting (too) burnt out. Applies to pretty much all media consumption in fact.

I also recommend you check out the NHK manga and maybe even the light novel. The anime, while good, is a bit toned down compared to the source material.


I might be no-fun, but I won't kill myself over it.
Are you saying that S;G was supposed to be a comedy ?
While there was light-hearted moments, it felt more like a serious drama over-all, with the girl getting killed at the very start and the guy having to question his own sanity.


Try to read "Ouyasumi punpun". It's more realistic than "NI Nhk Youkuso", but there's very little humour in it. It's very depressive but one of my favorite manga, i'm not sure if there's an anime adaptation.


Everything by Inio Asano is worth reading, but I don't think any of it has been adapted.


It sounds like you just don't like CGDCT, which is fine. Personally it's one of my favorite genres and I loved New Game. You're right that it has no substance, though. Considering it comes from a 4-koma that's not surprising. I'll admit I was initially a little disappointed with said manga because I wanted Shirobako about gaems.
That new show, Sakura Quest, from the creators of Shirobako seems pretty good so far.


That's not necessarily the case, as earlier today I watched Nyanko Days and liked it. Bitesized (12 episodes of 2 minutes each) cutesy anime like this usually is enough for me to get my fix for a really long time. A similar format seems to work for me regarding gag/comedy anime too as I really like series such as Plastic Neesan and Ai Mai Mii.

I guess my dislike for New Game is amplified by the fact that I enjoy gamedev as a hobby myself and have seen almost every programming/gamedev anime there is. So many tropes being repeated over and over again. Didn't know New Game was based on a 4-koma, I usually try to go into stuff as blind as possible. Didn't know about Sakura Quest either, will definitely check it out (while keeping my expectations under control).

Started tonight with Perfect Blue, good stuff. Got a real bad case of deja vu at the end, but maybe I've just seen a similar ending elsewhere. At least it wasn't marked on my list of anime I've watched. The recommendations on MAL for this are spot on too; really brought things like Paranoia Agent, Millenium Actress, Paprika etc. to mind.

Watched Paranoia Agent when I was just getting into anime oh so many years ago, so a rewatch might be in order. All I really remember about it is the opening.


>really brought things like Paranoia Agent, Millenium Actress, Paprika etc. to mind.
Yeah, 'cause it's all by the same director, Satoshi Kon ;)
(And I vaguely disliked all of it, for some reason that escape my grasp.)


Could you recommend some anime about gamedevs that you liked? As I alluded to before, that's what originally interested me in New Game.

>disliking satoshi kon
I primarily love his stuff for how trippy/mindfucky it is (although I think Perfect Blue functions well as a thriller), so I could understand not being into most of his work if that's not your thing. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but I remember Tokyo Godfathers being a much more straightforward story than most of his movies. You might wanna give that a watch.


File: 1492400047985.png (86.67 KB, 199x139, [fong] Kanashimi no Belladonna [R2JDVDrip.10bit] v3.mkv_snapshot_00.47.53_[2016.07.25_15.37.23].jpg)

Tezuka's entire 'Animerama' trilogy is fantastic but 'Belladonna' stands above the other two. Osamu Dezaki was a key animator on it before he started directing a lot of his own stuff.


>plastic nee san
Was going to put that in my list but i didnt... Glad you did. YAHOOOOOOO YAHOOOOOOOOO *pelvic thrust*


File: 1492405876281.png (2.75 MB, 200x113, loversembracegundam.webm)

I just finished Gundam 00 Season 1 and am now watching Season 2. Still loving it. It's really great how Sunrise bounced back after Seed. Everything about 00 feels so unique and fresh. Everyone in 00 is really likeable. I was torn between whether or not I wanted Celestial Being to win or the UN forces. The production values are really high with great animation and music.

It's just solid.


File: 1492446898905.png (323.57 KB, 200x113, liked_anime.jpg)

Might be easier if I just go trough the list of stuff I've watched that has to do with gamedev and try to write down my thoughts on it. Based on that you can decide if you feel like checking them out or not. The order is from most recently watched to least recent.

- Stella no Mahou: High school girls in a gamedev club working on their second game. From the point of view of a freshly recruited artist. Was hoping it wouldn't be about another visual novel since they mentioned their first game was a puzzle game, but sure enough they decided that their second game should be a visual novel. Characters are likeable enough, but shallow and generic. Includes allnighters, the selling of the game in an event and not much else. CGDCT with a gamedev setting. Felt hollow. New Game: Doujin Edition.

- New Game places here. Gonna skip it.

- Shoujo-tachi wa Koya wo Mezasu. Based on a light novel afaik. High schoolers (both girls and boys) working on a visual novel to sell. From the point of view of a writer who hasn't worked on games before. Some plot and drama thrown in there, as well as some talk about the video game industry. Didn't really like the characters in this one. As trope filled as it gets. Covers all areas of making a visual novel. Made for some good screenshots.

- D-frag!: Once again about a high school gamedev club with a fresh recruit. This time they have a competitor though. Super light on the gamedev parts but also expands it to tabletop etc. Somewhat generic characters (although the mix is pretty original), but I found them likeable. Had a few laughs with this, and also made for a few gamedev screenshots.

- Saekano: Highschool girls along with a single boy making a visual novel. My mind seems to mix this one and Shoujo-tachi together for some reason. Characters are decent and likeable enough. I think this was much more about GCDCT than gamedev. I think the second season is currently airing. Will not be checking it out.

- Yuyushiki: Not about gamedev, but the main characters are in a computer related club. Really liked it both as a GCDCT and a comedy/gag anime.

- Honorary mention also to NHK ni Youkoso, since it had that bit about Satou and Yamazaki "working" on their visual novel/eroge.

At this point it gets too old for me to remember, but I don't think there were too many gamedev focused series before this point. Some programming related stuff though, like Battle Programmer Shirase and Golden Boy (had a programming theme in one of the episodes, so not a main focus by any means). I guess I could recommend Golden Boy in general.

TL;DR: Just watch Shirobako or Bakuman and pretend they arent making anime/manga but games instead. Gamedev isn't well represented in anime, and maybe it's for a good reason. Anime about making anime or manga is usually better, as the team behind it usually knows that stuff more intimately.


I saw Stella no Mahou, and feel about the same about it as you do. D-Frag sounds pretty good. Saekano was already on my list (apparently) so I'll check it out too, one of these days. I've seen Welcome to the NHK, but it's been so long I don't remember much about it. I'm actually planning to read the novel in the near future. Yuyushiki looks cute as hell.
Thanks for recs.


File: 1492460177907.png (105.17 KB, 200x113, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

I've been watching the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter and it's pretty incredible.
The beginning of the anime isn't all that great, though, so I'd recommend starting with the manga and switching over to the anime for the Chimera Ant arc, if you're looking to get into it.


> Aku no Hana's manga was incredible, I felt kinda let down with the show.

I watched the show first and then the manga felt a bit childish at first. The show's director was awesome at pacing. Reading the manga and interpreting it with the appropriate pacing from the show after finishing the the show was the best thing I ever did.

> weebs
> There is only perfect, everlasting retardation.

While I agree, I think there are enough of Japanese "moe-obsessed weebs" too. I used "weeb" as a derogatory term for "otaku", not as a specific reference to western audience. I didn't even think about the western audience when I was writing that comment.

> but then again I haven't read the manga
You should.


I found the characters likeable specifically because they were cringe-worthy. They're all terrible at everything they do. They're possibly the worst time travelers I have ever seen. The second half of the series is spent trying to undo all the stupid soykaf they did in the first half. I can see why some might find this irritating but I found it endearing.

The plot actually has very little paradox. It's pretty logical. They do haphazard time travel experiments. Each one has side effects which accumulate into an unwinnable situation. So the solution is to undo the experiments, but of course they lose any good results of the experiments as well. It's less 12 Monkeys and more Butterfly Effect (or Back to the Future 2?). Still not entirely original, but I do think that time travel stories where they ruin the past and methodically fix it are not as common as ones where they become their own grandpa or create Hitler instead of killing him.

I will also admit that I ate up all the John Titor references. I am probably a sap. Sorry.

Animation and music were completely forgettable. No argument there.

Now some general advice: if you've already checked out on a show but keep watching to see if it gets better, it won't. Even if it does you won't really notice or care. Just save yourself the time and move on to something better. Not criticizing or anything. I've just wasted too much time myself slogging through crap that other people like. Not worth it.