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Post your recent purchases here, or what you want in the near future.
Sandman Absolute Edition #1
Aphex Twin Cheetah EP
Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool
新しい日の誕生 by 2814
Some Vertigo and Image comic value packs


replicant phone
Libreboot T400
A beagleboard(?)
Also thinking of buying a cheapish AMD Phenom II x4 CPU cooler and fixing up my dusty tower that I don't use anymore.



I want a new laptop, and that Libreboot T400 looks interesting but I already have a Core 2 Duo machine and I would really love to have something more poweful.


i bought a 4-gig ram chip


I just bought a beer, not so cyber, but very punk


in terms of tech:
libreboot x200
other stuff:
beer, ketamine, marijuana, chicken and chips, irn bru


i like you :3


I just got an actual job so I've been buying a fuarrrkton.


got an old-ass glass plate camera for a partner
a sexy choker necklace for the same
got myself a nikon dslr
two pairs of my favorite sunglasses
lots of solid-color muted tshirts with pockets (my fav)
yubikey neo


a lot of drugs
a concrete desk. will probably have to build it myself though.
twin huge monitors
emacs-friendly keyboard (haven't decided the type)

>tfw you're finally done with school and you can make dat sweet sweet software money

you're what lainchan needs


I know this is going to sound a bit paranoid but am I the only other person ITT who feels like this is a perfect place to datamine for targeted advertising?


Exactly my thought when I saw this thread.

> Aphex Twin Cheetah EP
Thx, I didn't know that it already out!


so lainchan has 50 daily active users, about.

do you know how tiny that is?

literally nobody cares about us.

we are not trendsetters, we are not indicators of anything that's gonna be "hot", we are worthless to advertisers.

stop being paranoid. it prevents you from recognizing the real threats and having energy to deal with them.


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Books pictured above, beer.


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a lainchan hoodie


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>irn bru
hello fellow Scotlainder. Dare I ask where abouts you are?


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yep. can only add that the /cyb/ psyche is inherently paranoid.

[targeted_advertising]The only thing I've bought recently (besides the usual supplies to keep my household running) is this:
Ours To Hack And To Own: The Rise Of Platform Cooperatirvism, A New Vision For The Future Of Work And A Fairer Internet edited by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider
e-book only because convenience and evidently at the wrong time as it is currently on special[/targeted_advertising]


A few old games on steam that my old machine (a pentium 4 no less) can run


A Geforce 7600GS (AGP) so I can use a 1080p monitor and play (slightly) more recent games
A better sound card for my retro/DOS machine as the AWE32 in it now has sound distortion sometimes
Wine to stop being a worthless pile of soykaf so I do not have to resort to windows xp just to play games


i'm actually not from scotland but I tried it once in glasgow and liked it so now it's my go to soft drink


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>mfw googling libreboot

I think I just found my christmas present.


I really want a thinkpad x61 to muck around in Linux with.


2 Books:
>1. Jens Mühling: Schwarze Erde
The book is from an author who travelled through Ukraine (including crimea and donbass) and draws a portrait of the country, also explaining historical b*ckstory. Very interesting imhotep, however not translated
>2. Jürgen Todenhöfer - Inside IS, 10 Tage im islamischen Staat
Again a travel report. The author contacted the Islamic State and got some kind of visa from them and then travelled their lands. Todenhöfers views are pretty retarded tbh, however he is really good at doing interviews and afaik nobody has tried such a thing before. From writing style and information content and stuff, I rank it worse than the other one, however, it is more spectacular.


You have good taste my foreign friend, I'd share a munchie box with you any day.


> bought
Honda Wave 110i

> want

Honda CBR1000



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>using google


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Well I bought this knife recently for like $8 or something.
Its pretty nice, and just small enough. I got tired of hesitating to use my actual knife for mundane things, or having to re-sharpen it all the time. Got a pack of 50 blades for like 5 bucks or something online.. Having a razor sharp blade on hand comes in handy alot more than you might think. You can do anything with this thing. Maybe even take over the world. :-)

Also my friend gave me this book lol


Where did you get that knife? It's very simplistic and I feel like I should get one sometime.


'The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett.


I got it on amazon, yeah yeah I know, but I'm poor lol.
I have seen it in stores for a similar price though, but with no car I can't really get there on a whim..
Its the Gerber EAB Lite. I'd definitely recommend it. Pick up a pack of blades with it, and make sure you get the lite.


I recommend the non-LITE version, which has an even simpler appearence and a sturdier clip.


I actually know someone who has that version, and I recommended the lite because I find it to be much more ergonomic, it just feels better and more precise in my hand.
Really though the difference is trivial, both are good knives and it comes down to personal preference in the end.


Ruger AR-556
PocketCHIP that i'll use as a UMPC
SICP (fell for the meme)
The Little Schemer


Harem Pants
Some sort of SUV


Logitech g710
Logitech g602


New Desk
I'm using a soykafty cabinet desk, it's uncomfortable as fuarrrk, and I only have space for a soykafty 22" monitor
Currently using a FX6300, hoping Zen will be good.



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新しい日の誕生 by 2814 on CD
VA-11 HALL-A and Soundtrack
FunkyOtherHalf's Fairphone 2 back cover
9-cell X230 battery


An oscilloscope
A better multimeter, some proper Fluke thing maybe
A lathe
A milling machine
Lots of beer, cola, and new underwear
Having the lining on a couple of my coats fixed


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I recently repaired/upgraded the computer I destroyed in an overclocking disaster and am very satisfied with the new system. It is an Intel Core i5 4690K processor on a MSI Z97 gaming motherboard. I would definitely recommend these components to others.

Next up I want to replace my smartphone.

I'm eyeing an LG G5, but it seems that by every single metric it is a downgrade from my LG G3. It makes no sense whatsoever, but the CPU and GPU are weaker, the screen size is smaller, the screen-to-body ratio is worse, and yet the phone is somehow still heavier. The only improvement I can find is that it has 4GB of memory instead of 3GB, but is that really worth sacrificing everything else?

I honestly think I'm just going to buy another LG G3 on eBay for $150 instead of wasting money on a soykaftier phone just because the number is higher.


>sees ads on the internet