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Here we put soothing things for people who don't care and don't want to think about the presidential elections.

All will be shit no matter who wins, brothers. Might as well have a good time while everything falls apart.


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Whenever elections occur (where we choose between a turd sandwich and a giant douche) I like to remember that our world, our life is mainly in our hands.
It is up to us to make it something worthwhile.


but what if you're poor


What.. what?!
Well for starters seek for a way to ensure your feeding needs. There exist ways to feed yourself that need little to no monetary resources.
When you have food then you have about 60% of what you need NEED in life.
What about it then?


thank god this shit is finally over. completely and utterly sick of the United States after a year of it.


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You think you won't be less sickened by them a year from now?


yeah but its easier to ignore during a year with no elections


I feel like living the good life just to spite the people who are panicking and the sore winners alike.


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is the desire to spite indicative of a good life?


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In retrospect, it's really not. I've been trying not to be such a spiteful person but I guess the election made me regress a bit on that front.


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I don't really blame you, Lain. Everyone riding this spaceship seems a bit fucked in the head right now.


I voted supreme. Although my mouth is ringed with soykaf, my hands and conscience are clean.