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I suck at making online friends. I want to have people to work on projects with.

What do you like to do lains? Program at all? Play any vidya?


Just beginning to learn computer science/programming in Python now, getting an IT degree. I spend most of my time reading science fiction, watching documentaries, and playing games. W-what do you do?


>I want to have people to work on projects with.

What kind of projects, lain?

I've been thinking the same thing recently.


I work a lot with media but I have been learning programming and want to work on something tech related. Some program or website or application that can be established and grown.


I want to construct a project that Lainchan can represent. Some sort of program we can be accredited for. I'm not sure exactly what I want, but I feel anyone on this site with any interest should be able to contribute.


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I'm working on my own basic FPS using the Unreal Engine 4. Basic stuff works - i.e. shooting enemies, reloading, moving, simple enemy a.i. etc.

However, it looks like soykaf since I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Pic related is a level WIP.


Dry looking grass bothers me, otherwise doesn't seem all that bad? You should make the sky pretty. A pretty sky comes before functionality.



Yeah I should definitely add a Skysphere.

Sage because not related to the original topic.


You could participate in this E-Mail thing a few people do on this site.


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Making online friends is easy Lain. Just find a community that interests you and lurk a bunch until you feel comfortable talking to them.


>this E-Mail thing
What is it?




Music production. any bros to collab??


I will collab on music with someone.


I'm currently at uni going for a computer science degree. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go into cyber-security, so I'm currently trying to make a team to do a neat project with. I got some advice from a guy in the business, and he said that building street cred was the best approach.
As for programming, I'm really only doing what's assigned to me. C/C++ is still my favorite, so I may look into doing some Python scripting in the near future
I didn't bring any powerful PC to uni, so it's been a long time since I've really played anything


I'm finishing up an Associate's Degree in programming(specializing in Java/app-building), and trying to figure out what to do next. I never got too good at programmong, but I'm trying to learn/re-learn on my own now. I don't play too much vidya anymore and pretty much just watch LPs.


>play any vidya?

If anybody is up for some GTA Online on the Xbox 360 (Jesus Christ long-fuarrrking-shot, I know), feel free to hit me up. Gamertag QWERTY531.