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West coast Lainons, have you felt anything yet?


oh man is this the big one where California finally snaps off into the ocean?


its going to happen but cali wont sink into the ocean just yet. it will just destroy everything. in vancouver were waiting for the 8-9 megathrust event which we are due for very soon. we know that it happens in 300 year intervals from tsunami records in japan and first nation oral tradition.


>it will just destroy everything. in vancouver


Eugene here, we scared


This is the final push California needs to finally secede from the union (by being physically separated from it) and also become a cyberpunk dystopia. It'll be just like Akira. Bay Area technocracy soon, fellow lains!


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Medford here, I'm happy to be further away from the cost but not looking forward to the estimated time for help to arrive here.


7.3 in fukushima just now, tsunami warning issued.


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>the earthqauke hits while theres a hockey riot
(sorry for mislabeling the files)


god im so screwed if the earthqauke happens. im so underprepared. (i'm a lazy procrastinating bastard, and i live with people who don't see the value in preparations)


>i'm a lazy procrastinating bastard


LAfag here, we'll be fine. We've had some really bad earthquakes so I'm not afraid of the big one. Stay safe though and store water.


well when the earthqauke happens, i probably won't disappoint you


For those who have no idea what's going on, can someone give summary or a link to a good explanation?


San Andreas fault along the southern area is expected to have a very large earthquake. Last time we had one was in '94 at like 6.7 on the richter scale. Earthquake scientists expect the big one to be around 7.0 or larger magnitude. We'll see what happens, its not the end of the world, and if anything it'll break highways so we can build better ones.


I see. How global is the effect supposed to be?
>>28005 seems to be talking about Japan , Vancouver... is that supposed to be a single event?


The chaos in LA will be interesting to watch. Wouldn't be surprised if the national guard gets called in.

One can only hope.

>if anything it'll break highways so we can build better ones.
Higher taxes and more debt. Yay! :D


I think they came in '94. I know for a fact theres a pararescue unit in NorCal so they might be zipping around in the aftermath. I dunno I think its gonna be a slighty worse northridge earthquake: Where tons of soykaf gets fuarrrked up but not a lot of people die.


Oh god, then all the Silicon Valley crazies will have their own little fiefdom..