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Hey lainanons. Christmas/Hanukkah/kwanzaa/snowflakeday is coming up. What's on your present list?


I'm going to buy myself a GA144 evaluation board:


I'll probably also buy some computation or mathematics books for myself, but I've already many I still need to read.


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Thinking about dropping like $600 on a NAS

Or maybea UPS...

Or maybe a Pi3.. I don't even know, damn.


buy a pocketchip


Which NAS is that cheap? Wanted the FreeNAS mini but that price tho...
PocketChip is a solid bet.

Yeah I always get overambitious with that stuff.

What I REALLY want is a nice little rack for all my network gear to sit in.


I'm going to get a Sony Smartwatch 3 and flash it with AsteroidOS and get an FSF membership so I can use that for email since riseup.net got compromised.


A rope strong enough to hang myself with.


I'm probably going to buy myself some music, books, and anime. However, what I would really like is to see some of my close friends. I haven't seen any of them since they all started college.


I have a good group of friends who I spent $15 on each present for, mostly things according to what they do musically... small things, sticks, guitar strings, etc. Some got books..

Personally, I kind of want to ball out on an Ultrawide monitor, but I'm not sure what I'd do with my two current ones then. I don't really know what I want anymore... I got a Pi and I've been playing RetroPi, so it fulfills my gaming needs.

tfw still miserable even though i have all the tech i want


New drive shafts for my car... will be a pain in the ass to put them in.

I'd like to upgrade my laptop with an illuminated keyboard. soykaf's expensive though.


Comics or furry stuff


If Ryzen compares to Skylake when non-in house benchmarks are in Ill probably get that shortly after Christmas.


>furry stuff
**What kind**


kill urself d.egenerate


Just some prints, or maybe a book or 2


Some sci fi books. I don't really ever read, but I read Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep on a whim earlier this year and enjoyed it, so I reckon I might like some similar things.


My wife got me a really nice set of pajama's and a smoking jacket. They make me feel fancy.

If Dragons Dogma is still on sale next week I'll probably buy it.


Meh. Some books. Some fuarrrking old games (I wasn't gaming in the 90s). Maybe a PS4 (I've been on PC - Linux actually - for the last few years, but I was a Sony devotee in my youth. And it looks like they've actually got a few good games).

And some retrocomputing soykaf: I have a weird fascination with old computing hardware.


Asimov is the best, IMHO. But Dick is good as well.


I've resisted the temptation to buy random soykaf since Black Friday, it's kinda insane. At most I'll just buy a cheap Steam game, there isn't much else right now.


Nothing. fuarrrk consumerism. Its destroying wild earth and humanity.


Don Hertzfeldt! What are you doing here?