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Does anyone here enjoy /fringe/ topics?
or just general spooky topics?


i like conspiracy theorys, but occultism is 2weird4me


I prefer various conspiracy-related reads, though avoiding occult stuff.

Nag-Hammadi Library has some good bits, was reading it past few weeks, its an interesting piece of early Christian literature.


Yep, occultist from a family/order of them here.

I'd add The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion as a great book, especially for those of a more scientific bent of mind.


your from an order/family of occultists?


Do you have any family members in secret societies?

I was always curious how people get selected for those. Especially ones that are fairly out-in-the-open about their existence like Freemasons.


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Ayy lmaos or whatever might fork from us in the future.

Interest followed circumstances.


I do not avoid occult stuff on the ground that they are just stuff. Everything else is stuff, too. Missing out on any kind of stuff means your view will be lacking (although you should not miss out on missing out either). I don't particularly have the patience for any serious reading though, it like the many activities I see no point in, am not motivated to do.
I think full-on weird out of touch with reality occult is better than trying hard to sound scientific occult - this latter remind me of commercials.



I enjoy reading about fairy sightings over the years and plan on making some kind of information repository about it since most fairy websites are stupid newage wicca bullsoykaf. It's a pretty common topic in some european countries you know


Yes. That is to say about half of my family are members of the order and about half of the order is my family.

>I was always curious how people get selected for those.

It depends on the society. You can go and sign up for the Freemasons but frankly they're not the nicest of people and won't treat you very well. However, if your father was a member, you're guaranteed to get in and, if he was a well respected member, you will be well respected yourself.

For smaller societies, of which there are more than you might expect, it's normally a fairly natural thing of people inviting others who they think might be appropriate. Though you have to remember we're quasi-religious and this shows through in the recruiting process. We're much more likely to invite people if there are weird coincidences or similar.

Recruitment via tests is also considered appropriate for occultists of our sort though you won't see it practised very much. Cicada is probably an example but I think they erred in advertising their intentions too explicitly.


I'm just gonna come out and accuse you of posting all this weird occult soykaf to /r recently. And state you only really need one thread. However I am down with the spooky. Conspiracy theories and aliens mostly.


Does Hegel count?


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I enjoy it because I'm weird

Dabbling in chaos magick and ayylmaos recently


> Fairy sightings
Pls tell me more.