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Have any of you Lains given any sort of magic a try before? Don't know if this is the right board for it, but I suppose let's have a magic thread.
I'm thinking of attempting to make and use a curse tablet / defixio, any one done this before?


Them spirits'll be messing with your electronics lainon. Don't do it.


This will sound pretty autistic, but we're in a magic thread so it does go. I never really liked the idea of magic. There are multiple "kinds" of it, but the only one that does pass is anything but. Let me explain.

In the fairy tale sense, magic can do the impossible; it can take a situation that is not just seemingly, but truly and utterly hopeless without magic, and turn it around. This just makes achieving the goal easy, and while that may be sweet for a short time, it'll hollow everything out. The focus will gradually shift from the magic-wielder to the magic itself. Your entire life will soon be a fake by-product of the magic, which will eventually start a life of its own like The One Ring or whatever.

In another sense, magic is a shortcut. It's a more mature, fantasy-friendly thing where you can do things that ordinary men cannot. See, move, fight, survive, change, transform, influence, wield the world in ways that are impossible for just one person, but not for a mage. Replace an army or erase one, heal what no ordinary medicine can, control the minds of a villages population, turn iron to gold, whatever. The magic doesn't automatically solve the problem, but it is a tool that is clearly distinguished from non-magical, you can gain or lose it, and it may backfire if you wield it with the wrong plan in mind, or whatever. The keyword is still the shortcut, as this kind of magic gives some sort of unbeatable advantage unless your adversary also wields the magic. It's often borrower from some anthropomorphic god or "nature" or whatever.

A third kind of magic is "sufficiently advanced technology/technique is indistinguishable from magic". It just means you have a secret you don't let anybody in on, or you can do stuff with such skill/build machines so sophisticated that nobody can tell. Illusion. This obviously isn't magic and trying to fake it as such, or actually believing it's magic is just dumb.

The first two feel like an "unnecessary extension" to the world - "imbalanced" stuff that break the meaning of and simplify things utterly; they dumb down reality into a tale that a ten year old could write, with all the easy shortcuts and cheap metaphysics behind.
Occultism seems to mostly focus on the second type, and they produce thing from the third type if you ask them to show with your own conditions. If you have no conditions then they just tuck you into a psychosis or whatever. < ... >


This may haven't sounded too autistic yet, so here it comes: the image of magic they convey in MLP: Friendship is Magic seems to be the only acceptable thing for me. The message is pretty simple; any single skill, attribute, way of thinking, etc will only ever get you so far. While magic is almost always about searching for and obtaining the single most powerful, truest one thing that does/solves/replaces all other things, each and every such thing fails in the show. Every single strategy, tool, magic, character, law of nature, etc. and you always need to co-operate, or let others do a part they're better at. This Friendship thing does get to be the "one thing that solves all problems", but funny enough you can't own, force, or have the majority of friendship. At best you can be 50%, or less. Which kind of means that the better half of your "power" is external, and not under your control. Instead of finding the one magic that solves it all, you've got a buddy for every sort of trouble. Just look at the main main protagonist. She's supposedly magic herself, and she barely handle a few things on her own. When she does, it's mostly convincing someone else to help her do the job. She's a formless something in the middle of the network; they literally mean friendship = magic.

If we abstract this further, it kind of holds in the real world, too. Resources, skills, tools, people, time, energy, luck, organization... the whole world is a network of things and you always need to somehow use the network to get anything done. When trying to pull all the strings yourself, the more influence you want, the larger part of the world you have to pull with the strings; at one point it gets so big it pulls you apart. Moving together with the things on the other hand can get anything done, but you'll have to move more with them than they move with you. That's sort of the difference between shortcut-ridden impossible magic and real world stuff.


I like magic, mysticism, and anything supernatural, really. Over the years, I've sort of developed my own form of magic that I like to practice from time to time. Regardless of its legitimacy and despite the fact that I work with technology and am constantly surrounded by people who have no interest in magic, I think it has helped me maintain a healthy outlook on life. I like the unknown; things being ambiguous - I find comfort in it. And I fully admit to being a bit smug sometimes when I think I can view the world in a way that's totally unique to myself (or so I think).

Did the OP ever make his curse tablet? I'm curious to know how it works and if he had any results. I didn't notice this thread was a month old already.


If you admit that there is no truth, everyone is living day by day with a different perspective. What does that tells us? Everyone is living in his own universe, that universe is our brain's interpretation of reality. So we could do magic by changing our own universe. Of course, not everyone will experience the same things as you, because you are only altering your universe. With enought training you could do magick, this is called "caos magick", look for it :3


I'd not come near any magic, or people practicing magic.

I'm an aspiring Catholic, and you know, no other gods before me and so forth.


i was (technically still am) a year long member of dragon rogue and currently working on a new system with an international group, feel free to AMA.


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>let's have a magic thread.
You know why you're here?


In light of the large number of magicians/occultists/spiritualists we have around these parts a few lainons got together to make an IRC channel for us. If you'd like to learn or teach or just shoot the soykaf with people who won't think you're crazy, you can find us in #henosis on Rizon.


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lain-approved into to the occult when
pls i am a baby


An introduction to the occult.

First you must ask yourself why you're here? Seriously, stop for a moment and think about this and be honest with yourself, no one is watching. There are many answers to this question: Wisdom, compassion, control, power or a thousand more. All of them are legitimate, but if you do not know what you want, you are unlikely to get it. It may be, at this point, it becomes apparent to you that the occult isn't really the best way for you to pursue your goals. Great, step one was still a success, you know what you want and perhaps I'll see you again sometime. If not, keep reading.

Occult is a Latin word. It means secret or hidden. Some truths are obvious. Others are not and unearthing them is at the heart of what we do. Sometimes these are big truths. Is there a god above? What is the purpose of this world? Sometimes they are not. Why did you hesitate? Was there truly nothing you could do? But truth is truth and every inch of it is valuable and so very fickle. Always keep looking and question everything you know. No matter how smart or wise you are, there are vistas beyond what you've seen. "Trust in those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who have found it."

That, perhaps, is one of the more obvious truths but an important one none the less. On to more practical matters. It's common for beginners to ask what books they should read or what systems they should follow and the answer is whatever you like. The secrets of this universe are written on the backs of cereal boxes if you've the right eyes to see them. They're your eyes, you tell me what you should read. Shop around. You are seeking the truth and so you should trust in yourself. If it looks good, go with it. If it smells like bullsoykaf, it is. So long as you keep your mind open the worst that can happen is you'll learn from your mistakes. There are a thousand systems, each for a million eyes, but only one truth.

It would be remiss of me not to provide a little concrete direction. Learn to meditate. Again, there are many methods though here the differences between them are more relevant. Just sitting down and having a good hard think about your life is very useful and as much meditation as anything else but there's a specific technique I'd like to share. Get comfy and close your eyes. Thoughts will arise. When they do ask yourself why? Normally it will be an emotional connection. Try to stay detached from them and let them flow back into your mind. No matter how important these thoughts might seem when you're meditating nothing is more important than letting them go. Sometimes these thoughts will be "meta" thoughts. You'll think about the process itself. I need to let this go. Am I doing this right? Is this working? It doesn't matter. They're thoughts like any other, let them go. In time, thoughts will stop arising and wonders will reveal themselves. It took me more than a year of practice and frustration. Stick with it. Your doubts, your hopes, your frustrations, all of them, let them go.

Oh, and remember the first rule of magic. Never summon anything bigger than your own head. I mean, sorry, do not call up what ye cannot put down. Good luck.