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Did the fight to free knowledge die after Swartz's death?

There are still paywalls for non-uni students or researchers who desire to read most research material out there. I know there was a 35GB dump of pre-1923 documents (which are supposed to be under public domain by now) a couple years ago, but there isn't even an easy way to browse them. It's not much use to liberate knowledge if it's not even easily accessible to the public.

And what about modern papers? Anyone hosting them on the clearnet would get a call from the feds but it should be easy enough to set up an onion domain where people could donate papers like the PACER recycling bin. Right?



That answers a whole lot. Thank lainon!


This has been done on both clearnet and tor

sci-hub [Glory be to Elbak-san]
>Working mirror: sci-hub.cc

>Working mirror: gen.lib.rus.ec

See also reddit.com/r/Scholar, especially mega-thread


search has been temporarily down for months now on sci-hun. sort of useless.


>What are DOIs

Saved my soul numerous times as it is.


You should only be using DOIs to directly access what you want as >>28156 said.

Searching is very much unneeded bandwidth-usage when the searching and finding of papers can be done elsewhere then access of exact papers on on sci-hub


Thank you!