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JoJo is my second favourite anime. There was no JoJo thread here, so I decided to fix that.

Post JoJo memes and reaction pics here. References are also fine.


What's your first favorite anime?


Can I pick up the show now or is it something that's best watched in a linear fashion? Nyaa doesn't have any seeders for the first season.


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It's best watched in linearity, each season is a generation in the family.
You could also read the manga, which started in the 80s and is still ongoing, however a certain bay of media buccaneers will give you what you want on the first page if you query them.


You need to read the manga. Glorious Araki art and more content overall.


Code Geass
3rd is the *monogatari series
4th is Hidamari sketch
5th Steins;gate
If you want to see the anime, start with the 2012 series and then go upward. It can indeeed be binge watched.