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I had taken to running my block every day. Sometimes 5 or more laps a day just to lose a little weight and for fun. I got a job a few months back and got rid of my Asics shoes because they got holes in them.

Can Lain maybe point me to a good brand of running, exercise shoe that will last me awhile?



yesterday i met a guy who completed Marathon des Sables in 2012, really impressed by his performance.


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I usually go with a decent pair of New Balances, but lately I've been using 361 that I got for $30 at a local shoe store. They've been fine for the 4 months since then, with me typically running 40 miles a week on asphalt (5'11'' 180lb).


I thought you meant you had taken up running lainOS again and I got excited. Aw


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LainOS was a pipedream. They should have used GNU/Linux instead of a fledgling BSD as the base to work from. Just my personal opinion on it. Would be cool to see it resurrected though.