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I just got an android phone for the first time in awhile.

What should I do with the default OS and apps?

I already installed Signal and F-Droid?



Depends. What do you want to do with it?


You should just accept the future, and let big brother put you on your new, aesthetic plastic body, Ran.


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Stop that.


It's a phablet, so maybe a bit of drawing or writing on it if I can. Something to take notes on too would be good. I encrypted it earlier today so that's a plus.




Copperhead only targets the Nexus line.

I got myself an LG Stylo 2.


try to get a custom OS really, that way you avoid nasty things like CarrierID and at the same time vastly improve your user experience. ive been having the worst headache trying to find one for my phone, i think its possible but its going to take some work to patch things together.. different carrier models and all.


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I'm using CyanogenMod, so far it's pretty good, install F-Droid to get other apps you need/want.

I've just been lacking a good browser, I'm using the default CM one, but since I don't really browse more than looking for address or something when I'm on the streets I couldn't care less.


That's one pretty raccoon girl. And I've thought about CM, but I don't like how commercial it's gotten as of late. But I'll keep it in mind if a better OS doesn't come out that supports my phone.


If you don't like Cyanogen because of that, just go with OmniROM.
It was made from former developers who were against Cyanogen going corporate.


Personally I would recommend Amaze file manager, as well as GBCoid, a gameboy color emulation app. Another thing I like to use sometimes is a hacked version of spotify, probably best to just obtain all of your own media instead of streaming all the time though.


That's because the Nexus line is the only one that gets security updates. If you care about security getting any other Android is foolish.


Root it and install a custom ROM. Try to limit your use of Gapps as much as possible. Accept that Android is a horrible perversion of GNU/Linux that is designed to track you for the state and advertisers, and that you're gonna have a bad time using it no matter what you do.

Article for reference. Android is pretty much inherently insecure without going to drastic measures in a very specific use case: https://blog.torproject.org/blog/mission-impossible-hardening-android-security-and-privacy


Ran is not for bulli.


Replace Chrome (closed source software maintained by a for-profit corporation) for Firefox (open source software maintained by a non-profit organization). Install the HTTPS Everywhere addon for Firefox.

Then install AdGuard and enable filters against malware and spam. Alternatively, if you have PIA, install that and enable their "PIA Mace" feature.


i think brave browser is better


not even incompetent administration can stop me from telling you that, in fact, the future cannot be stopped.

she was designed for bulli, though. in fact, a non-bulli ran is not a canon ran.


Dashchan is the best client for this and other chans I've found


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Ran is a dear and not for bulli. Trust me, I'm a doctor.


enjoy your spyware browser


Anyone got links or w3m working?

Is there a chromium based equivalent to cm's gello available for copperhead?


Daeshchan is non-free.
AdGuard seems really shady. uBlock Origin is trustable and verifiably lighter on CPU/memory usage and can be installed on Firefox for Android. I'd only use it for anything but Tor (Orfox) on ROMs that don't get guaranteed security updates to WebView/Chromium.
>Mozilla is a non-profit
Mozilla Corporation is decidedly a for-profit firm, only dressed up in the charitable face put on by the Mozilla Foundation.
CopperheadOS includes a patched version of Chromium, which gets updated through the OS update channel. You can also install Lightning through F-Droid which uses the Chromium WebView; thanks to CopperheadOS, WebView actually uses a multiprocess sandbox that's comparable but not equal to Android Chromium's.


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I don't trust doctors, but I do trust QTs and you certainly seem like one, Dokku.

Why not visit me at my place, hmm? We could dance in the disco, and you could check out my new (fifth) texhnolyzed limb and the technique it uses ;)


explain? its open source and blocks ads and scripts and fingerprinting


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That's weird.


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Install KWLP and make a neat interactive wallpape like pic related.


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instal windows 95 Lain <3

body was too short or empty


I'm a fan of the "puzzles" app in fdroid.


Wow! I'm a fan of this. How'd you do it? Is the start button or the Lain at the bottom functional? I don't use a smartphone, but my mom's getting an Xperia Z5 Compact in a few days.


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I'd definitely recommend Tasker. It's super useful and you can automate just about everything your phone does, even stuff you might think would normally be reserved for full-fledged applications. The possibilities are endless and it's pretty entertaining to just fuarrrk around with, too.


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the lain is lainchan.org :)
The start button IS functional!
I downloaded an APK of a program that allows total home screen customization and then got a large file that had all sorts of windows 95 icons. It was really simple Lain! I love you Lain :)


>Daeshchan is non-free.
No, it is.