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hi, my usual search methods turned up with nothing
so, my laptop has a touch screen and i like to use it in the portrait orientation
does anyone know if such a thing (pic related) exists for laptops? i know you can get something for tablets but my laptop is 14 inches and weighs ~3lbs


Check out guitar stands.


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Maybe something like an adjustable book stand? They're usually made to support a fully opened book, most laptops don't open flat though. Also, on the top part you need 2 points of support or a plate thing, with just 1 point the laptop will flop back. And some kind of soft padding so that the case doesn't get scratched.


Sorry for linking Amazon of all places, but it's the first place that came to mind:

Basically when you do well at Rodeos you win belt buckles, the better you do/more money you make, the fancier the buckle. Some get to be easily over 2 or so pounds, so you might be able to find a display stand for belt buckles that'd do the trick.


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based amazon 1-day pickup

yep, this worked thanks for the suggestion

(~: good to know, love the creativity behind your post


Thanks for providing closure on this thread too! Definitely going to check this out.


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Is that a buttplug?

>what I want


I, too, want an X Wing


Are you a cowboy




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I doubt you would get much use out of plate stands for your laptop given the weight and it's distribution.


How would the distro affect the stand usefulness?
Any distro can be modified to be used in that orientation.