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I've been lurking here for almost 2 years. I feel almost alien posting now, yet at the same time at home.

Any other lurkers here?


Wonderful artwork!


why you lurkin


Lurkers unite!


These days I try to post occasionally but I've been lurking for a long while now. Nothing wrong with lurking on an image board, it's all anonymous anyway.


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its more that i will come here every so often, make a flurry of really inspired posts, and then have nothing to say for a long time.

i'm trying to change my internet habits to slow down, and so more effectively bridge the gap between technology and reality. its really becoming too much nowadays, its not even enough to avoid social media anymore. i've been considering making an effort to come to places in this net-sphere and actually talk more, set up habits, you know. my issue with lurking is that im only consuming and producing nothing, and it eventually leads to information overload and everything just blurs together in the end. i think its probably alot better to reinforce thoughts, feelings and habits by talking about them..quality over quantity.. i think its becoming very important to slow down and carefully plan your time and actions, moreso now than ever these days, there is a war going on for our minds... but look at me, rambling.

i almost feel weird posting here as well, but thats probably because i am just used to my opinions and idealism being shunned or misunderstood by now and i feel weird talking in general. still trying. i think spending time around like-minded people instead of trying to fit in in places i probably dont belong would help, but even here i have been met with some pretty judgemental, confused and unkind people when i express certain sentiments, and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.. its better than most places though, and i guess its impossible to agree with everyone.


I want to add that most of you are really great and I love you, most of my experiences here have been pretty great, at least until I get confident and stop filtering my thoughts as much. Maybe people just don't like that in general, never bothered me though.

I've also decided to start capitalizing my sentences and stuff. Texting has made me pretty fuarrrking lazy, and it makes me look tacky.

Attempting sage.


Lurker reporting in. I'm very active in multiple communities that originated her on lainchan, but I have not been active on the site itself in a very long time


I lurk a lot more than I should, but at the same time I feel like I don't have all that much to contribute most of the time. feelsbadman.


I'm in the same boat. And when I do have input, it's generally against the grain, and I'm not always willing to put in all the time to get others to spin up to my knowledge or way of thinking.


maybe its just a sign that we need to add unique content of our own, after all, it would help grow the community if we can expand our knowledge on certain matters.


i lurk few days a week but i have no courage to post, because my typing is soykaf and according to other people my thoughts are hard to follow. i mean i dont really make much sense basically because im stuppid glitterboy


A website is only as healthy as the community is willing to contribute. Welcome friends! It's intimidating, but feel free to post.


Lurker here. Because of my chan I can not post. But I think lainchan is great and I want to thank appleman1234.


Also lurker, started posting random soykaf in IRC though, want to talk to people


I try to swing by like once a week or so. This place is my moment of zen.


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i have been here since about the second week of the start, that being said, i wish i would post or talk in irc more; but, im just not that talkative irl or online


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I lurk a lot just because it's comfy to stand back and read other people's thoughts. Although from time time I do get involved, just not on lainchan. Lainchan is my favourite chan, by the way.


Though I still don't feel like I belong on any particularly board, I do enjoy visiting.

I don't think I can go back to any other chan site.

It really helps that lainchan users try to beef up their posts and clarify their thoughts before they slam the Post button. Sometimes the posters turn into smartasses, but that's still preferable to the kind of mindless buzzing and auto-pilot soykaf posting that happens on other chans.


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I'm a lurker myself. Only recently did i make some postings, giving some advice where i think it could help.


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Lurkers of the board, unite! We can all love Lain together!