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Hey, I've been at college and haven't been here in forever, this place still active?


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there is nobody here, only us bots


pol invaded a while back and we never recovered


Jesus still, p0l has always been a problem, but after a year...


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I've seen some people posting about lainchan on HN. Not sure what will come of that but it won't be long until this place grows a bit more.


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What exactly is "HN"? Pardon me if this is a dumb question.


'Hacker' News a.k.a news.ycombinator.com your number one resource for startup culture glorification and why software developers excel in any field by applying these crazy radical software (development) concepts. And you should check out this new JS-ism.

To be fair, interesting links do pop up and sometimes comments give great additional insight. Just like it is with any other big aggregation platform.