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I play a sport (doesn't matter which) in a local team. I wouldn't say it is a big thing but it's important enough for me to care. I usually have one game per week.
After some time, I noticed that every time that I fapped before the game, my performance would drop drastically and I would play really bad.
It doesn't have a correct time, but usually if I fap anytime during the week of the game this will happen.
Of course this is bad for the reasons stated above, but also because I can't determine how I am really doing in the sport, or if I played worse because I had a bad day or because I fapped one/two weeks before.
Does this happen with anybody else or does someone know what causes this?

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>does someone know what causes this?
The chemical reward one's brain receives for engaging in a physical competition might register as a less compelling reward than a more chemically rewarding action.

The effect applies to all forms of highly rewarding sensory stimulation including visual, tacticle, aural, olfactory, and gustatory. This would also include any consumptive activities. Chemical reward responses to the purchase and use of all nearly all consumables have been well documented. It's some cases it's merely the act of purchase itself that provides chemical stimulation, rather than the result.


a) Moore's law is logistical, not exponential. It's already slowing down.
b)calculations per second is a terrible measure of mind capacity


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Just a note OP In the future you'll get more answers posting feel-things on >>>/feels/