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so here it is


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Water thread?


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Water is very important


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here are some more


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Okay, enough for now


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some beach pics


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Here is some dog


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first one is old water level meter in a dead lake
2nd is a little town river at night
3rd are some crabs in the sea


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create waves
reflect, refract
what you see.


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groovy pictures lainon!


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sincerely, a person who posted once in this thread.

btw, i agree, these are some really great shots. good eye for finding a nice scene, whoever else posted. saving some of these for sure. i always really appreciated the things one can make a camera do, the worlds they can create, when they aren't pointing them at one another every time. this is a perfect example of a conscious, integral application of technology as opposed to a self-absorbed, shallow one. elitist? maybe, but the best things in life usually require the most conviction..

here are some ducks. cyberpunk is duck.


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Here have some ducks also


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Some more geese


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Hard to see, but the 2nd pic has a turtle in it.


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File: 1483144017995-2.png (1.73 MB, 200x150, DSCN2820.jpg)

That is all for now.


I think these are brent goose and there's also a greater scaup.

Last picture: pacific black ducks maybe?


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sea slug in first pic


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Took alot of pics at the beach


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Some seagulls


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File: 1483820253823-2.png (1.74 MB, 200x150, DSCN2949.jpg)

Here are some lake pics
it is very deep